describe the use of technology in the marketing information management function
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Performance Indicator 4.08

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Describe the use of technology in the marketing-information management function. Performance Indicator 4.08. Technology. Identify ways that the use of technology impacts the marketing-information management function . Makes it easier to collect and store certain information

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  • Identify ways that the use of technology impacts the marketing-information management function.
    • Makes it easier to collect and store certain information
    • Information can be analyzed using specialized software
    • Many more details can be tracked
  • Describe how the use of the Internet for marketing-information management tracks and monitors customer website activities.
    • Use of “cookies”
    • Accurate count of hits to a website
  • Discuss how customer-to-business communications on the Internet can be used in marketing-information management (e.g., email reminders, popup notices, online focus groups, etc.)
    • Computers track details well and software can provide reminders to customers
    • Customers can choose to go to company websites and/or join online groups and submit their opinions and suggestions
      • What is an example where people are encouraged to provide feedback?
  • Describe how the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) can facilitate marketing-information management.
    • Because customers aren’t always stationary and some move from one area of the state or country to another, GPS helps companies understand who is making the buying decisions

Define the following terms:

  • Self-Regulation– The company or industry enforces its own rules for interacting with its customers
    • There aren’t any specific laws or government regulations concerning that company’s or industry’s products
    • Selling Under the Guise of a survey (research) - a product marketer falsely pretends to be a market researcher conducting a survey, when in reality they are simply trying to sell the product in question
    • Fundraising Under the Guise of a survey - a product marketer falsely purports to be a market researcher conducting a statistical survey, when in reality the "researcher" is attempting to solicit a donation
survey must be
Survey Must Be….
  • Valid: Questions asked must measure what was intended to
  • Reliable: Research technique produces nearly identical results in repeated trials.
  • Types of questions:
    • Open-Ended: Respondents construct response
    • Forced-Choice: Respondents choose response from list of answers.
  • Create a survey on any topic (problem) of your choosing
  • Survey must include the following format:
    • 2 Questions : Demographic
    • 2 Questions : Yes & No
    • 2 Questions: Multiple choice
    • 2 Questions: Rating Scale Question
    • 2 Questions : Level of Agreement
    • 2 Questions : Open ended
  • Give your survey to five students
  • Tabulate responses
  • What conclusions / recommendations can you make from it
survey tips
Survey Tips
  • Give your survey a Title
  • Provide directions
    • Explain purpose of survey (Can be done verbally)
  • Good, Clean Formatting
  • Be Concise / Brief
  • Keep your rating scales consistent
  • Don’t ask leading questions or questions that have kids guess
    • Why do kids prefer to wear black shirts?
    • How many students drive to school? 50 100 150 200