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All in one & Friday success. All In One. These reports are used as a self audit to make sure you are inputting your numbers correctly You must create a folder on your desktop and label “ ALL IN ONE ” do not print

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All in one
All In One

  • These reports are used as a self audit to make sure you are inputting your numbers correctly

  • You must create a folder on your desktop and label “ALL IN ONE” do not print

  • Theses reports must be reviewed daily ie. bank deposit, till, production and edit check

How to save the all in one reports
How to save the All In One Reports

  • Navigate to the All-in-One Report (reports>All-in-One, click go)

  • When the All In One print screen comes up click on the drop down at Select Printer, choose the

    Microsoft Office Document Image Writer

    3. Make sure the date you need to print is in the serve date, click print

How to save the all in one reports cont
How to save the All In One Reports (cont.)

  • The Save As screen will come up, choose Desktop, then double click on your “My Reports” folder. Change the file name to the report name and date (for example: till report June 1,2011 click Save). You will have to do this 4 times, once for each report in the All in One (bank deposit, edit check , till report and production record).

Bank deposits report
Bank Deposits Report

  • Review, make sure daily deposit and bank deposit match

  • Any discrepancies must investigate and corrected

Edit check report
Edit check report

  • Look to see if you are out of compliance

  • If you are out of compliance figure out why and put in a peregrine ticket

Production records1
Production records

  • It is critical to look at all the tabs to ensure the information is correct

  • Make sure portion size is correct, ie. each or serving not case or basket

  • The portion size will affect your cost

Till report
Till report

  • Till report should be balanced

  • If your till is not balanced go to the cashier and resolve discrepancy (note on till report & file with bank deposit)

Friday success routine
Friday success routine

  • The Friday success routine is a self audit done in order to make sure all of your reports and numbers for the week are accurate

Shopping list audit
Shopping list audit

  • Go to reports > procurement > shopping list audit > go > select week range

  • This is a report that shows if you have any missing shopping lists

  • If you have a missing shopping list please complete it

Receiving and stock transfers
Receiving and Stock Transfers

  • Go to back of the house > Inventory management > receiving and stock transfers > Select the weekly date range and open

  • If any pop up, please open and receive the order

Meal counts report
Meal counts report

  • Go to Reports > point of service > meal counts report > go > select week date range > all terminals

  • Looking to make sure all terminals have communicated to the managers computer

Production audit
Production audit

  • Go to reports >production > production audit > select week range > select all serving periods> select all sites

  • In this report you are checking to make sure all of your production records for the week are complete

Profit and loss report
Profit and loss report

  • Go to reports > production > production profit and loss > select a week date range > preview

  • In this report you are looking at meals served and your total cost per meal

Physical inventory
Physical inventory

  • Go to reports > inventory > physical inventory date > go >select pervious month > preview

  • In this report you are looking to make sure your inventory is complete and the price is in line with your products on hand

  • This should be done monthly