Ch 8 section 1
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Ch.8 - SECTION 1 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch.8 - SECTION 1. 1800. How does the French Revolution spread to the Caribbean ?. How was the class system throughout Latin America reflected in the government ?. Which class spearheads the drive for independence?. How did events in Europe open the door for Latin American independence?.

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Ch.8 - SECTION 1

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Ch.8 - SECTION 1


How does the French Revolution spread to the Caribbean?

How was the class system throughout Latin America reflected in the government?

Which class spearheads the drive for independence?

How did events in Europe open the door for Latin American independence?

Describe the events that led to South American independence.

How was Mexico’s independence movement different?

How was Brazilian independence unique and how was this possible?

What were the negative effects of Latin American independence?

Ch.8 - SECTION 2Which three political ideologies battled for control all over Europe?

Which ideas of the French Revolution were still prominent throughout Europe?

How does nationalism influence events in the Balkans?

How does nationalism evidence itself throughout Europe in the 1830’s and 40’s?

How do reform and revolution continue to dominate France?

Do the Revolutions of 1848 succeed in their goals?

What is Russia’s “wake-up call”?

How do reform and reaction dominate Russia?

Ch.8 - SECTION 3What is the greatest weakness of the Austrian, Russian, and Ottoman Empires?

Describe the political make-up of Italy in the early 19th Century.

How are Mazzini’s, Cavour’s, and Garibaldi’s approaches to Italian unification different?

What challenges did unified Italy face?

What advantages does Prussia have over Austria in the German Confederation?

Why does Friedrich Wilhelm side with the conservatives over the liberals in 1848?

Describe Otto von Bismarck’s concept of realpolitik.

How does Bismarck use “blood and iron” to expand Prussian power and unify Germany?

How did Bismarck “manufacture incidents” to suit his purpose?

How did Europe’s balance of power shift

Ch.8 - SECTION 4How did art follow politics during the 19th Century?

What are the characteristics of romanticism?

How did romanticism influence literature?

How did romanticism influence music?

How did romanticism influence art?

Why does Europe shift toward realism?

How did realism influence literature?

How did realism influence art?

Describe impressionism.

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