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Microsoft Office 2007. Paradigm Publishing. Author -Nita Rutkosky Very well known author in Business Tech world Clear and concise writing style (easy to follow) Tab – Marquee (inside cover) You will also find this in the Benchmark books For your knowledge

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Paradigm publishing
Paradigm Publishing

  • Author -Nita Rutkosky

    • Very well known author in Business Tech world

    • Clear and concise writing style (easy to follow)

      • Tab – Marquee (inside cover)

      • You will also find this in the Benchmark books

  • For your knowledge

    • Major competitor – Cengage (a.k.a Pearson)

    • Very well known in the BT world

    • Sonja Brown will be going over competitors later

Operating system





Operating System

Windows = Operating System

Versions of the OS:



The software program that is installed onto your OS = Microsoft Office





Versions of MSO:

Microsoft office books



Microsoft Office Books

Refer to Applied Catalog:

  • Breakout books on the back covers of your books!!!

In both series
In both Series

  • Information Technology Overview

  • Section 1 (O3 & 07)– Overview of Operating Systems





Major Differences



Marquee series


Marquee Series

  • A visual approach to learning office

  • Designed specifically for introduction to computers & computer Literacy courses

  • From Middle School to High School

  • 2 page spread

  • Short introduction (little reading)

  • Offers computer concepts section

Marquee features
Marquee Features

  • Please see handout

Marquee series1
Marquee Series

  • Starts off with a Introduction for each discipline

    • Word, Excel, PP, Access

  • Sections inside starts off with a briefing on the activity.

  • Note:

    Point & Click instruction pares reading to a minimum and focuses on visual learning!!

    Teachers love this!!!

    Marquee features1
    Marquee Features

    Each Section begins with a list of skills to be taught

    Provides an overview of projects completed in that section

    Marquee series2
    Marquee Series

    See Page: 144 Marquee

    Problem Boxes – Troubleshooting hints

    Screen captures correlated with exercise steps provide instant reinforcement

    Benchmark series
    Benchmark Series

    • Good to achieve master-level competency and prepare forMicrosoft certification

    • Students learn Office suite integration

    • Open-ended, realistic chapter case studies challenge students to solve authentic information problems

    • Has Project based exercises > similar to what they will encounter in the workplace

    • Good for Students at a higher level (11th & 12th grades but can be used at different levels…it is important to ask the teachers what reading level and what they are trying to achieve)


    Breakout books are categorized this way….

    Benchmark features


    Benchmark Features

    • Please see handout

    Ideal study reference

    Workplace scenarios

    Encourages Critical thinking

    Benchmark Series

    Unit Openers: Introduction of concept/feature

    • Concept/feature is described: Why? How?

      Guided practice

    • Stepped exercises with visual reinforcement

      Comprehension check

    • End-of-chapter short answer concept questions

      Skills check

    • End-of-chapter semi-guided exercises

      Critical thinking case study

    • Multi-part scenario with limited instruction

    • Includes communication and internet research

      Unit Performance Assessments

    Teacher Courseware

    Curriculum Planner

    and Resources Binder (CPR)

    • Only for 2007

      Instructor’s Guide CD

    • Student CD included for SE

      Internet Resource Center

      Exam View Test Generator

      and Test Bank

      Class Connections

    Teacher Courseware

    Curriculum Planner & Resource Center

    Planning Resources (syllabi, lesson plans, planning for ELL students)

    Presentation Resources (PP slides, teaching tips)

    Assessment Resources (Overview of venues, test bank printouts)

    Also located on our Recourse center

    Teacher Courseware

    Create your own tests or use predefined, ready-to-activate tests

    Use any combination from hundreds of multiple-choice items

    Teacher Courseware

    Class Connections

    Manages class on the Web for scheduling, evaluating, and for threaded conversations and conferences.

    Paradigm Class Connections come pre-built with:

    • Course syllabi

    • PowerPoint slides

    • Reportable quizzes

    • Course tutorials and materials

    • Web power links

    • Lecture notes

    • Test Banks

    Web based training assessment
    Web-based Training & Assessment

    Teacher Courseware

    • Web-based - Access 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection

    • Easy to use interface

    • 100’s of Interactive Training Tutorials & 1000’s of Assessments

    • Document Checker (Great selling point)

    • They will ask you about firewall compatibility & Price

      • Speak to manger about price

      • We do offer not web based

    Snap online
    SNAP online

    • Go to website:

    • Click on company information

    • Click from drop down box; click on product tours for Business ed

    Teacher Courseware

    SNAP Logo & Tutorial Titles on Chapter Openers

    (Vista & XP Reprint)

    Correlations in CPR

    SNAP Tutorials, Assessments available for both 2003 and 2007 editions

    Check off list
    Check Off List

    • It is imperative when you are talking to a teacher to ask:

      • Series

        • Benchmark

        • Marquee

      • Book

        • Office

        • Word

        • Excel

        • PPT

        • Access

      • Year

        • 2003 (Note: These do not come in Hardback)

        • 2007

      • Operating System

        • XP

        • Vista (Note: 2003 is not offered for this OS)

    Marquee Only!

    Benchmark Only!

    Major questions from teachers
    Major Questions from Teachers

    • Compatibility – which we discussed

      • Always encourage them to upgrade their systems 2007

      • Might have to tell them to talk to districts about their needs

  • They don’t know Paradigm

    • Focus on small company mentality – better customer service

  • Integration when they are using other applications that support their books right now…for instance (SAM)

    • We have the ONLY application on the market right now for 2007 (SNAP or EMC interactive)

  • Questions

    Thank you for your time!