Concerning liberality and meanness
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Concerning Liberality and Meanness PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Concerning Liberality and Meanness . By: Morgan F. , Savannah A. , Cody S. , Kevin S. , and Kamin M. What Does Machiavelli Mean By “LIBERALITY”? .

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Concerning Liberality and Meanness

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Concerning Liberality and Meanness

By: Morgan F., Savannah A., Cody S., Kevin S., and Kamin M.

What Does Machiavelli Mean By “LIBERALITY”?

Machiavelli uses liberality in a way as if to compare it to generosity. He talks about how you have to tax the people to get money to be generous with the people. The people wont like you for it but you need the money to be a generous. If you pull back from taxing then you wont have any money to give to the people because you don’t want to give away any of your own wealth, so the people wont like you that way either. So you have to tax the people to be generous.

What Does Machiavelli Mean By “MEANNESS”?

Meanness is pretty much the exact opposite of liberality. Greedy, ungenerous, and selfish.

What is the danger of trying to appear too liberal?

You may appear weak because it shows a lack of resolution towards the punishment of criminals and losing control of your country.

Should a prince fear the reputation of being mean? Why or why not?

No, It will keep the enemies, or the people in fear of disturbing society and this shall keep order.

Why would Julius Caesar have fallen from power if he was not murdered?

Losing money and ill-advised ideas. Meaning that he would have destroyed his government and country.

What can a prince be liberal with? Why?

The money of those that are conquested because it doesn’t damage your reputation because it is not YOUR subjects money.

Do you agree or disagree with Machiavelli's reasoning? Explain.

Our group agrees because you do need to appear generous but you also need to appear mean when you have to be. There needs to be a good balance, but if you had to choose it is better to be feared then loved.

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