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2. Why Sell Business Checks?. $1.5 Billion MarketNo manufacturer or distributor has market dominanceOver 50% of BTB checks are sold by distributors or forms professionalsFormats are traditional continuous, unit set, and cut sheetValue add security features, packaging, encoding (and now image com

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2004 Quality Park

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2. 2 Why Sell Business Checks? $1.5 Billion Market No manufacturer or distributor has market dominance Over 50% of BTB checks are sold by distributors or forms professionals Formats are traditional continuous, unit set, and cut sheet Value add security features, packaging, encoding (and now image compliance) require expertise and specialized equipment Less competition and less price sensitive

3. 3 Market Considerations for Check Distributors Increased concerns over fraud and the need for security processes and features Bank’s concerns over the costs of processing and handling checks Bank’s concerns over product that does meet ANSI standards Check 21 legislation

4. 4 What is Check 21? Legislation signed into law by President Bush Will become effective October 28, 2004 Allows banks to create “substitute documents” or IRDs Substitute documents are considered the legal equivalent of the original paper check The Act does not mandate receipt of check images or electronic checks However, banks who wish to take advantage of the Act will need at least some level of image technology

5. 5 What are the benefits of Check 21? Allows any institution to truncate all paper checks without agreements with any other party Does not force the acceptance of electronic records (images) by creating a substitute document The substitute document can be created from the electronic image The significance of the Act is that it encourages the use of technology to improve the overall efficiency of the check payment system Eliminates many costly processing steps for financial institutions A depositary bank could image capture a check at the earliest point of entry and never handle the original check again

6. 6 Check 21 does not provide guidelines or requirements for the printing or creation of the original check However, documents must be “image friendly” in order for banks to comply with Check 21 Requirements for image compliant documents are outlined in ANSI X9.7, X9.90 Requires that areas of interest (CAR, micr line, signature line, etc.) have defined print contrast levels that allow scanning of the handwritten or printed data Requires that background print not interfere with handwritten or printed data in areas of interest

7. 7 Areas of Interest Date CAR — Courtesy Amount Recognition Payee and Legal Signature areas

8. 8 ANSI guidelines for image compliance Background reflectance for Date, Payee, Legal and Signature areas is 40% or greater and the paxel count is less than 12 Background reflectance of the CAR area is 60% or greater, Print Contrast is .3 or less and paxel count less than 12

9. 9

10. 10 Distributor Concerns Background inks, especially void pantos in these areas may not be compliant Redesign of stock and custom products may be required Distributor’s understanding of Check 21 and Image Compliance to provide education for their check customers Access to manufacturing expertise and compliance guarantees

11. 11 As a distributor, how can I ensure that my customer’s checks are image compliant?

12. 12 There is no way to determine compliance through a visual inspection. The document must be tested through an image qualifier PrintXcel has invested in RDM image qualifiers for all forms production facilities RDM qualifiers are the only equipment that meets the requirements of ANSI X9.7

13. 13 PrintXcel Services to Ensure Your Checks are 21 Ready

14. 14 Testing of all new and repeat check products at the time of quoting Pre-production testing of all new and repeat check products Certification documentation on all image compliant forms Design recommendations for products that are not compliant

15. 15 Additional Information Additional information about Check 21 is available at this site ECCHO (Electronic Check Clearing House Organization) has posted additional information at their web site For document testing, contact your sales service representative For detailed questions, contact Deanna Day at 800-767-3743, ext. 306

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