Unit 10
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Unit 10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left. Section B. Warming up. Write down the words’correct past tense and past participle. ring go leave start be take run begin get. rang rung. went gone.

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Unit 10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.

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Unit 10

By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.

Section B

Warming up.

Write down the words’correct past tense andpast participle.










rang rung

went gone

left left

started started

was/were been

took taken

ran run

began begun

got gotten




By the time I got up, my sister had already washed all the clothes.

by the time 意思是 “到…的时候”,

相当于 when , 后接过去时的句子

时, 主语的谓语动词用过去完成时态.

By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.


The Past Perfect Tense过去完成时

  • 过去完成时的构成

  • 助动词 had (用于各种人称和数) + 过去分词

When I got to school, the bell hadrung.

2. 过去完成时的用法:


The Past Perfect Tense过去完成时

3. 常用的几种方式:

用介词by, before等构成的时间短语.

用连词when, before, after或者短语by the time


We had learnt 20 English songs by the end

of last month.

The plane had taken off when I reached the


By the time I got up , my brother had left home.

Can you do it?

1. We ___________(learn) two thousands words by the

time I went to Middle School.

had learned

had known

2. I ___________him when I was a student. (know)

3. When we _______(arrive) at the station, they

__________(wait) for more than twenty minutes.


had waited

had broken

4. One of the men didn’t move, because he __________

(break) his legs.

had written

5.By yesterday evening he _______________ that important letter.(write)

6.I thought I _______ the man before.(meet)

7.By six o’clock they ____________ for ten hours.(work)

8.I went to Nick’s house,but he ____________ out.(go)

had met

had worked

had gone

Listening practice 2a

Dave,Nick and Joe are talking about April Fool’s Day. Listen and write each person’s name under the correct picture.

Keys :a: no name b: Joe c: Nick d: Dave

2b: Listen again . Who says each of the phrases below? write D for Dave, N for Nick and J for Joe.

Keys: 1 D 2 N 3 J 4 J 5D 6 N

Tell the April Fool’s Day stories. Use the information from 2a and 2b.



By the time I got home, she had already gone to bed.


I didn’t go because I had already seen the film.

3. 到了学校之后,我发现我把书 落在家里了。

After I got to school, I found I had left my book at home.


We reached/got to/arrived at the cinema late, the film had already begun/started/been on.

Thanks !


Which of these stories is the most believable? Why? Which is the least

Believable? Why? Would you be fooled

by any of the stories?

In 1938, a radio program by actor Orson Wells Announced that aliens from Mars had landed on the Earth. He described where they had landed and told how they were moving across the United States. Welles was so convincing that hundreds of people believed the story, and panic set off across the whole country. By the time the authorities revealed that the story was a hoax, thousands of people had fled from their homes.

One April Fool’s Day, a reporter in England announced that there would be no more spaghetti because the spaghetti farmers in Italy had stopped growing spaghetti. Many people ran to their local supermarket to buy as much spaghetti as they could. By the time people realized that the story was a hoax, all of the spaghetti across the country had been sold put.

A famous TV star once invited his girlfriend onto his show on April Fool’s Day. He asked her to marry him. She was thrilled, because she really wanted to get married. However, when she said “yes”, he replied, “April Fool!” That little joke didn’t have a very happy ending. The TV star lost both his girlfriend and his show.

Write a magazine story about Nick in

2a and 2b. Use the notes below.


  • What happened first: alarm went off / got up / took a shower / got dressed / went to school

  • What happened next: got to school / school was empty / an hour later / other kids showed up

  • What he realized: his brother / fooled him


Write about a joke you played on

someone or a joke someone played on

you. Tell what happened first, what

happened next, and what you realized.

4 Can You Believe It?

Tell your funny story from 3c to the class. The class will vote for the:

  • funniest joke

  • most embarrassing joke

  • most creative joke

4 Can You Believe It?


Do the other exercises in this part.

Thank you!

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