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Mice target modelling
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MICE Target Modelling. Ben Shepherd February 2011. 2D Modelling. A 2d axisymmetric model takes seconds to run (compared to hours for a 3d model) Limitations: PMs modelled as rings (not 8 wedges) Can’t introduce an offset. 3D and 2D models. Results – 2D model.

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MICE Target Modelling

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Mice target modelling

MICE Target Modelling

Ben Shepherd

February 2011

2d modelling

2D Modelling

  • A 2d axisymmetric model takes seconds to run(compared to hours for a 3d model)

  • Limitations:

    • PMs modelled as rings (not 8 wedges)

    • Can’t introduce an offset

3d and 2d models

3D and 2D models

Results 2d model

Results – 2D model

y is the distance between bottom edge of PM and bottom edge of coils

Force evaluated at r = 8mm, 0.5mm away from PM outer edge

Maximum force: 52.0N at y=9mm

Effect of increasing pm size

Effect of increasing PM size

PM outer radius: 7.5mm

PM outer radius: 8.6mm

Pm size variation results

PM size variation results

15mm diameter  16mm diameter: 22% increase (52.0N  63.5N)

PS claims a 6% increase in mass (here, page 14) but I’m not sure of the derivation

Effect of increasing coil size

Effect of increasing coil size

Coil outer radius: 15mm

Coil outer radius: 25mm

Coil size variation results

Coil size variation results

We see a ‘saturation’ effect at large radii

Force is increased by 18% at r = 25mm (relative to 15mm)

Adding steel bobbin

Adding steel bobbin

  • Added steel cylinder (0.3mm thick) to inside of coils

  • Shunts some of the field produced by the coils

  • Reduces force by ~33%

  • (In reality, mild steel used with low µ - so would be OK)

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