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Data Front Solutions Team. James McKenna Group Role: Project Manager. Angela Decker Group Role: Stakeholder Liaison. Lauren Nearhood Group Role: Creative Consultant. Linda Levan-Mowery Group Role: Technical Writer. Problem Statement. {.

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Data Front Solutions Team

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Data front solutions team

Data Front Solutions Team

James McKenna

Group Role: Project Manager

Angela Decker

Group Role: Stakeholder Liaison

Lauren Nearhood

Group Role: Creative Consultant

Linda Levan-Mowery

Group Role: Technical Writer

Data Front Solutions

Problem statement

Problem Statement


South Hills is moving away from their current School Management system to a system called Top School. Top School currently has no system to track and manage possible internship sites for all its programs. The current system varies from school to school and program to program. Design an Online system that will meet the needs of all programs and schools to better control and maintain possible Internship sites.

Data Front Solutions

Cipher system


Comprehensive Internship Placement Handling & Employer Relations System

Data Front Solutions

Contributing Authors:James McKenna, Angela Decker, Linda Levan-Mowery, Lauren Nearhood

Project objectives

Project Objectives

  • Develop a system to better manage organizations that host student interns.

    • Assist in the placement process

    • Decease total time spend

      • Organizing

      • Tracking

      • Documenting

    • Document who, what, where

  • Don’t stop at the basics; include the bells & whistles

Data Front Solutions

The old the new

The Old & The New

Current System(s)


Centralized database

Web-based interface

Intelligent reporting

Built-in search & student placement

Cross-site sharing

Accessible to all parties

  • Not centralized

  • Hand-written forms

  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  • Access databases

  • Web-based applications

  • No cross-site sharing

  • Limited visibility

Data Front Solutions

Simplified workflows

Simplified Workflows

Data Front Solutions

Database design

Database Design

Data Front Solutions

Information rich interfaces

Information-Rich Interfaces

Data Front Solutions



Data Front Solutions

Soft benefits

Soft Benefits

CIPHER will allow advisors to manage internship placement efforts

  • Tracking student success

  • Increase staff and faculty productivity

  • Straighten business relationships with internship site partners

  • Draw in new students through word-of-mouth advertising

  • Strong community reputation, and alumni referrals.

Data Front Solutions

Schedule budget

Schedule & Budget

Budget Information

Schedule Information

Project deadline 9-1-2011

Date is attainable if:

Project team begins 6-17-11

Two programmers working on the project

Multi-tasking feature design is required

  • Currently no allotted budget

  • If contracted programmers

  • This estimate breaks down

    • $50 per hour

    • 40 Hours per week

    • Total cost would be: $22,000

Data Front Solutions




The current site management techniques in place vary from campus to campus and program to program. After speaking with advisors and South Hills staff involved in internship placement, we (Angela Decker, Linda Levan-Mowery, Lauren Nearhood, and James McKenna) conclude that substantial changes in site information tracking, contact relationship management, and students’ placement processing are required in South Hills School of Business & Technology’s Student Internship programs. CIPHER is the solution.

Data Front Solutions




Data Front Solutions

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