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Israelites (During Biblical Times) clipart45.htm Geography Major joint boundries Archeological Eras Early Bronze approximately 2900 - 2300 BC Middle Bronze approximately 2300 - 2000 BC Late Bronze 1550 - 1200 BC

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Israelites (During Biblical Times)

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(During Biblical Times) clipart45.htm

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Major joint boundries

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Archeological Eras

Early Bronze approximately 2900 - 2300 BC

Middle Bronze approximately 2300 - 2000 BC

Late Bronze 1550 - 1200 BC

Iron age: early, late, and middle – 1200 -600 BC

Theories on existence:

1. Israelites came in gradually, adopting the Canaanite culture as their own.

2. Israelites were a submerged culture in the Canaanite era and revolted against their rule and then fled to the hills and later returned to conquer the lowlands.

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Archeological Sites

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This is the wilderness where the Israelites wandered for 40 years!

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Mt Sinai

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Steps leading up to the Mt Sinai

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Top of Mt Sinai

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Ezion Geber

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Ancient Kadesh

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Archeology and Artifacts

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Tamar Biblical_Tamar_Park.htm

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Tamar: four room settlement

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Settlement during bronze age

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Hasar Palace in Late Bronze Age

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13th-10th centuries BC (an Israelite city)

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Bronze figurine of a Canaanite nobleman

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Middle Bronze Age tablet sent to a Canaanite king of Hazor

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800-586 BC

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8th cent BC

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Horse and Rider. Iron II. Israel.

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Assault on Lachish, 700 -692 BC, Nineveh SW Palace, room 36 pannel

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Desert Animals

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