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Presented by: Robin Huskey, LCSW, CEAP, Manager of Education and Outreach, FSAP. Managing Financial Stress. (404) 727-WELL. Financial Stress. Impact of Financial Stress. Emotions. Physical. Job. Family. Objectives.

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Robin Huskey, LCSW, CEAP, Manager of Education and Outreach, FSAP

Managing Financial Stress

(404) 727-WELL

Impact of financial stress
Impact of Financial Stress






  • To learn the FOCUS model: strategies for managing financial stress more effectively

  • To identify resources for support

Strategies for managing financial stress
Strategies for Managing Financial Stress

Manage the Stress …

or the stress will

manage you.

Strategies for managing financial stress1
Strategies for Managing Financial Stress

  • Face your fears

  • Observe yourself

  • Create opportunities

  • Utilize resources

  • Share your action plan

F ace your fears
Face Your Fears

  • Recognize and normalize your emotions

  • Accept uncertainty and change

  • Monitor the fight-flight response

  • Communicate your concerns

  • Write down your challenges

O bserve yourself
Observe Yourself

  • Challenge your negative thinking

  • Practice positive behaviors

  • Minimize media exposure

  • Keep life in perspective

  • Stay in the moment

C reate opportunities self care
Create Opportunities: Self Care

  • Maintain healthy eating and sleeping habits

  • Exercise regularly

  • Practice relaxation, meditation, prayer, and positive affirmations

  • Enhance your organizational and professional skills

  • Make time to play – play is a state of mind!

C reate opportunities financial care
Create Opportunities: Financial Care

  • Budget, budget, budget

  • Eat out less – pack a lunch; make dinner and take leftovers

  • Offer handmade gifts, personalized coupons, e-cards

  • Plan free or inexpensive family activities and vacations

U tilize resources
Utilize Resources

  • “Sparkfly” Discount Program

  • Fitness facility discounts

  • The WorkLife Resource Center

  • Emory & the Economy FAQ’s

U tilize resources1
Utilize Resources

  • Emory Alliance Credit Union –

    Member Express Emergency Loan

  • Emory Hardship Fund

  • Zero-Tier or low cost medications

  • Free or subsidized alternative transportation services

U tilize resources2
Utilize Resources

  • FSAP - counseling and coaching

  • Workshops - financial education, stress management

  • Community resources

  • Online budgeting tools –(,

  • Family, friends, colleagues, advisors

S hare your plan
Share Your Plan

  • Put your FOCUS plan in writing and make copies!

  • Communicate your plan to others

  • Ask others to help hold you accountable


Face your fears

Observe yourself

Create opportunities

Utilize resources

Share your action plan

Start your focus plan today
Start Your FOCUS Plan Today

  • Focus Plan goals

  • Potential Barriers to success

  • Strategies to overcome barriers

  • One strategy you plan to start today