welcome to second semester
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Welcome to Second Semester!!

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Welcome to Second Semester!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Second Semester!!. Everyone begins this semester with an A . It is your choice whether or not you maintain it. . What we will cover this semester. P repare for the CAHSEE – March 18 th !! “The Stranger” an ABSURD NOVEL by Albert Camus

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welcome to second semester

Welcome to Second Semester!!

Everyone begins this semester with an A.

It is your choice whether or not you maintain it.

what we will cover this semester
What we will cover this semester
  • Prepare for the CAHSEE – March 18th!!
  • “The Stranger” an ABSURD NOVEL by Albert Camus
  • Existentialism - philosophical movement centered on individual existence – the meaning of life, questions about faith, and individualism
  • CCSS Ipad unit (we are guinea pigs)
  • The Hero’s Journey
honors what we will cover this semester
Honors - What we will cover this semester
  • “Fahrenheit 451” - Dystopia
  • “The Stranger” – Absurdism, Existentialism, Absolute Individualism
  • “The Myth of Sisyphus” – Essays
  • “Frankenstein” – CCSS Ipad Unit (we are the guinea pigs!)
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Some CAHSEE prep – You really shouldn’t need it. (Or rather you better not need it). I expect 100 % passing rate for this class.
things to remember
Things to remember
  • Passing periods are now 3 minutes long. Door shuts as the bell rings. Be on time or don’t attend class.
  • No gum. No food. Water bottles only.
  • Saying “Shut up” or swearing will cost you 5cents. The F-bomb will cost you 25cents. No credit.
  • Don’t disrupt my class.
you are responsible
You are responsible
  • Students are RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL WORK MISSED DUE TO ABSENCES.  It is the student\'s responsibility to learn which assignments were missed while they were not in class and complete them by the date given by the me.   Contact me in person or by email.   It is hard to make up class work and in-class discussions, so please be in class.  Excessive absences and tardies may result in a lower grade. 
tardy tank or in school suspension
Tardy Tank or In-school Suspension

It is YOURRESPONSIBILITYto find out what you missed.  In-school suspension and Tardy Tank are NOTexcused absences.

no late work will be accepted
  • Seriously. I mean it. Unless there is a note from your parents I will not accept late work.
  • And don’t “What if?” me to death. Learn how to ask a question without it please.
  • Don’t make excuses. I hate excuses.
  • You’ve known me for a full semester and you know what I expect of you. You also know how to get and keep and A in my class.
be selfish with your education
Be selfish with your education
  • You make your own choices. Do your homework to prepare for the upcoming class. The more you do, in class and as homework, the better prepared you will be for the CAHSEE.
  • I want 100%passing rate this year.
  • Oh! BTW, PERFECT SCORES IN BOTH PARTS OF THE ELA CAHSEE and you get $50 from your favorite English teacher.
any essay you are given on a test or will be a 5 paragraph essay unless specified
Any essay you are given on a test or will be a 5 paragraph essay unless specified.
  • Anyone who did not write 5 paragraphs on the last Benchmark writing exam received a 1. If you summarized instead of explained you received a 1. (And some of you were lucky the rubric didn’t include grammar and spelling. Jeeesh.)
all typed essays
All TYPED essays
  • Will be doubled spaced, in the Times New Roman font, size twelve and it WILL BE IN MLA FORMAT WITH MLA CITATIONS.
5 strands of cahsee writing once a week
5 strands of CAHSEE writing – once a week
  • Persuasive (Argument)
  • Narrative (First and Third Person)
  • Expository (Explanatory)
  • Response to Literature
  • Business Letter
do not write the following words on your essays
Do NOT write the following words on your essays





  • I think…
  • This quote means…
  • In this essay I will write about…
  • My point is…
  • Honestly…
  • In conclusion…
and never start a sentence with
And never start a sentence with...
  • Well So
  • But And
  • Since Or
  • Like Because

Answer questions (written & verbal) in COMPLETESENTENCES with CONNECTEDPRONOUNS.

that s it
That’s it.

The more you do the homework, the more you listen to what I am trying to teach you, the less you disrupt the class with annoying behavior,

the more fun we will have, the more you will learn and then you will be ready not only for CAHSEE but for freakin’ college.