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Demonstrators. Overview. Adaptive multilink streaming Broadcasting LiveTV – Boosting the Uplink Capacity MACP "Multilink Aware“ Content Provider. Adaptive multilink video streaming. Multilink support added to a media distribution system Targeting interactive real-time applications

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  • Adaptive multilink streaming

  • Broadcasting LiveTV – Boosting the Uplink Capacity

  • MACP "Multilink Aware“ Content Provider

Adaptive multilink video streaming
Adaptive multilink video streaming

  • Multilink support added to a media distribution system

  • Targeting interactive real-time applications

    • Video conference

    • Remote operations

  • Application requirements

    • Low delay

      • Limited buffering

      • No retransmission

    • Some of the data is more important that other

      • Good audio more important than good video

      • In scalable video (H.264/SVC) base-layer is more important than extension layer

Adaptive multilink video streaming5
Adaptive multilink video streaming

  • We use multilink for both

    • Increased throughput

      • Load balancing

      • The least important streams or sub-streams

    • Resilience

      • Duplicate data on several links

      • The most important streams or sub-streams

  • Multilink support is added to middleware

    • At top of existing IP based interfaces/links

Adaptive multilink video streaming6
Adaptive multilink video streaming

  • H.264/SVC implementation problem

    • Crashes on lost packets in extension layer

    • Demo work on whole streams, not sub-streams

  • In demo

    • Important audio stream

      • Duplicated on 2 links

      • Will be also load balanced when using more than 2 links

    • Video is less important

      • Load balanced among the available links

Adaptive multilink video streaming7
Adaptive multilink video streaming

  • Lessons learned

    • Increased complexity

      • How do react and adapt to packet loss is much more complex

        • Out of order packets becomes common case

      • Heterogeneous links

        • Harder to make a good packet scheduler

    • Avoid having one newly added (bad) link destroy the QuE

  • Future work

    • Improved packet scheduler

    • More experience with different networks

    • Better support for existing applications

      • Don’t need to be programmed against ML middleware

Setup of multilink streaming demonstrator
Setup of multilink streaming demonstrator








MARCH & EW-2 Workshop, Fornebu

Broadcasting livetv boosting the uplink capacity
Broadcasting LiveTV – Boosting the Uplink Capacity

Telenor LTE

LiveU provides a high-BW, redundant “super access network” by bonding multiple networks, including cellular, simultaneously together


Telenor #2

Other cellular?

Telenor access: WiFi/DSL/Cables/BGAN

LiveU – Confidential

Hd60 the ultimate choice for professionals
HD60 - The Ultimate Choice for Professionals

Proprietary Antenna ArrayExtends cellular range

High-Definition VideoUp to 1080i

Worldwide RoamingDual SIMs per Modem

Supports Industry InterfacesVideo: SDI, HDMI, Analog ; Power: Anton-Bauer, IDX

LiveU – Confidential

Lu40 the ultimate bonding super modem for security prosumers
LU40 - The Ultimate Bonding Super Modem for Security & Prosumers

Bonds cellular modems4 inside + 1 external

High-Definition VideoTransmits Up to 720p60

Top Video ResiliencyFrom Moving vehicles, trains, even helicopters

Security solution4x4, Broad data link, encryption

Universal operationVideo: SDI, HDMI, Analog

Power: Internal, vehicle

LiveU – Confidential

Telenor LTE

LiveU provides “super access network”,

Gravity provides “IPTV distribution”

IP TV System

Telenor #2

Other cellular?

Telenor access: WiFi/DSL/Cables/BGAN

LiveU – Confidential

MACP”Multilink Aware“ Content Provider

Macp objective
MACP Objective

  • The MACP demonstrator aims to show an application level use of the multilink architecture technology

  • The objective is to move the decision making from the network level to the content provider level providing (among others)

    • An updatable/upgradeable business logic.

    • A device/hardware independent implementation

    • A portable architecture

  • This demo shows a possible use ofthe network status and multilink capabilities information to decide what content to provide, improving QoS and QoE

Macp campus 3d viewer
MACP: Campus 3D Viewer

  • The real-time 3D viewer of the MARCH project demonstrator is an interactive multimedia application where the user moves and interacts within an scenario that simulates an university with virtual class-rooms.

  • The user will move within the scenario on third person perspective, being able to observe and learn through different videos that will be show on the scenario screens. During this process he will be allowed to move freely in the scenario and choose within all the possible options that are available.

  • This kind of application improves significantly the learning curve, the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and the QoE

Macp campus 3d platform
MACP: Campus 3D Platform

  • The 3D platform (3D Campus Platform) of the MARCH project is a web application that allows the user to manage the learning contents of the 3D Campus. It also manages how the 3D Campus is, defining elements such as buildings, classrooms or courses, with which the user may interact using the Campus 3D Viewer.

  • On the other hand, the platform will have an interface that will enable it to query and test the business logic core involving the MARCH project. This core will be responsible for choosing the content and to provide it straightforward to the 3D Viewer, basing its decision on the network conditions.

Macp mlg api

  • public interface MLGStatus

    • This interface provides a basic definition of a Mulitlink service to interrogate the network status in order to get an idea of the capabilities and therefore, adapt or provide the right content to the client.

  • public intgetNumberOfNetworks()

    • Returns the number of available networks

  • public ArrayList<String> listAvailableNetworks()

    • Returns the list of the names (tipically the type of the networks) of the networks available in a precise moment.

  • public intgetAggergatedBandwidth()

    • This method provides the actual agregated bandwidth in a precise moment. This information is a sum of all the available bandwidths of the available networks.

  • public intgetBandwidth(String intrface)

    • This method is provided to enquire a network bandwidth