R d globalization solutions a romanian perception
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R&D Globalization - Solutions? A Romanian Perception - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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R&D Globalization - Solutions? A Romanian Perception. Dr. Octavian Buiu CPhys, CSci, MIEEE Honeywell – Sensors Lab. Bucharest. Introduction. Globalization defined using the “Wave” approach; adopted in World Bank analyses, Phenomenon originated in the 1870s:

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R&D Globalization - Solutions? A Romanian Perception

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R&D Globalization - Solutions? A Romanian Perception

Dr. Octavian Buiu

CPhys, CSci, MIEEE

Honeywell – Sensors Lab. Bucharest


  • Globalization defined using the “Wave” approach; adopted in World Bank analyses,

  • Phenomenon originated in the 1870s:

    • international flows of capital, labour, and merchandise first began to converge and to grow at a noticeably rapid pace.

  • The second wave is defined as the years following World War II (1945–80), while the third and current wave is identified as beginning in the early ‘80s.

Context (I)

“Overall spending on R&D and innovation in

the Union should be increased with the aim of

approaching 3% of GDP by 2010. Two-thirds of

this new investment should come from the

private sector.”

European Commission, "Presidency Conclusions: Barcelona European

Council, 15 and 16 March 2002," SN 100/02, Brussels

Context (II)

  • Economic and technological development depends less on where one resides than on how well connected and ultimately how intelligent, responsive, innovative, and inventive one can be.

  • Work goes globally and around the clock (in all aspects)

Why and How?

  • Raising productivity in terms of R&D implies either:

    • Increasing the incidence of innovation output per invested euro

    • Decreasing R&D expenses for any given innovation output

  • Solutions:

    • Favour in-house R&D;

    • Buy the results of R&D in the market (licensing, M&A’s, etc.)

    • Re-organize R&D; develop partnerships, outsource, smartsource, global / virtual lab.


  • Main purpose for investing in R&D abroad is

    • to acquire technology and/or

    • to be near to an industry’s innovative centre in order to keep the frontrunners of the latest technological developments.

    • serving parent company interests or needs of the local-market,

    • access to foreign R&D labs and pools of highly skilled labour

Drivers and Barriers

  • Technological knowledge

  • Business management knowledge

  • Resources

  • Organisation / infrastructure

  • Culture

Technological innovation (I)

  • R&D investments are likely to happen when a supportive environment for technological innovation exists and is fostered over time.

  • Developing new high-tech development zones or “science parks” designed to attract researchers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists from around the world.

Technological innovation (II)

  • Integrative model for high-tech development—i.e., the clustering of high-tech enterprises near leading universities and areas with technologically advanced infrastructures

    • Research Triangle Park (NC, USA)

    • Cambridge Park (Camb, UK)

    • Silicon Valley…

Challenges …

  • Educate for innovation starting with HE

  • Identify the right environment :

    • regional,

    • industry dependent..

    • Long/medium/short term perspectives

  • Keep the structure simple and flexible

  • How to run it?

  • Have the get access/retain the right people/expertise

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