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1. OUTLINES ON THE LATEST CHINA’S S&T DEVELOPMENT XINGJIJUN Director for Europe Dep’t of International Cooperation Most,China

2. Major S&T Activities recently The national conference of S&T was held in 2006-1-8. The National Long and Middle Plan for S&T Development (2006-2020)was initiated and announced. Setting up the target of strengthening the indigenous innovation capacity and building up the innovation-oriented country. Preparing and issuing the applicable policies in accordance with the National Long and Middle Plan for S&T Development .

3. CHINA’S DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY OF S&T TOWARDS 2020 Prepared and drafted from 2003 to 2005 With a Leading Group headed by the Premier and State Councilor Nearly 2000 Experts Participated Guidelines of the Strategy and Blueprint for China’s S&T Development Towards 2020

4. Topics of this Presentation Innovation is Strategic Decision for China’s Future Development Key Points of China’s Innovation Strategy And The General Goal Guidelines for China’s Future S&T Development Priorities of China’s Future S&T Development National Innovation System and Policy Measures Prospects of China-Europe S&T Cooperation

5. 1.Innovation is Strategic Decision for China’s Future Development China’s Objective to 2020: a well-off society in an all-round way, per capita GDP from present $1200 to $3000 in 2020 S&T progress is critical to reach this objective

6. New Trends of S&T Development : S&T continuously extend knowledge boundary and trigger new revolution Industrialization and commercialization cycle of R&D results shortened New scientific theories leads the direction of emerging technologies and manufacture Innovation becomes one of the most important factors to national competitiveness

7. Features in the 21st Century: A Knowledge-based Society International Environment under Globalization Sustainable Growth pattern National Strategies Worldwide: Setting S&T innovation as national strategy Taking S&T expenditure as strategic investment Planning and developing strategic technologies and industries at a long term vision

8. Sound foundations to make further S&T Progress in China : Established R&D system which covers all disciplines with rich S&T human resources Innovation capabilities keep enhancing, and high tech industrialization is advancing at a miraculous pace S&T system reform has gained profound headways. Enterprises are becoming backbones of technological innovation

9. Building up an Innovation-oriented Nation is China’s Strategic Decision : Actual demand for building a well-off society in an all-round way Basic means to address bottleneck and constraints imposed by large population, resources and energy shortage, environment deterioration

10. 2. Key Points of China’s Innovation Strategy And The General Goal Two major development plans issued by central government: ---The 11th Five-Year National Plan of Economic and Social Development (2006-2010) ---National Long and Middle Plan for Science and Technology Development (2006-2020) Innovation has been highly considered by the top leadership and adopted as a national strategy.

11. General Goal: To become an innovative country by 2020. This implies that China’s development quality and competitiveness will be upgraded to a new high level, and the gap with the existing innovative countries such as the United States, Japan and some EU member countries will be narrowed in terms of a range of innovation indicators.

12. 3.Guidelines for China’s S&T Development in the Future From now till 2020, based on the people-oriented idea and national conditions, the guidelines will be: Sticking to innovation; Making breakthrough in some key areas; Providing supports to social and economic development and Leading future R&D development

13. People-oriented S&T Development: To meet people’s needs as prerequisite To seek, nurture and mobilize S&T talents as fundamental task To prioritize science popularization and public understanding of S&T

14. Implications of innovation : Highlight original innovation and make efforts to achieve more scientific findings and inventions Highlight integrated innovation and integrate relevant technologies to develop products and industries with market competitiveness Highlight full use of international scientific and technological innovation resources, and accelerate digestion, absorption and innovation based on introducing advanced technologies from abroad

15. Five Shifts for China’s S&T Development in the Future : Development path: from follow-up and imitation to innovation Innovation pattern: from individual technology breakthrough to integrated innovation Innovation system: from reform of research institutions to overall development of national innovation system Development deployment: from focusing just on R&D to laying equal stress on scientific and technological innovation and science dissemination International cooperation: from exchanges to active collaboration in an all-round way

16. 4.Priorities of China’s S&T Development in the Future Implementing a batch of key programs of high tech strategic products and engineering programs, in an effort to make breakthroughs in key technologies, so as to propel leapfrog development of productivity Identifying some key fields and developing certain key technologies to enhance overall competitiveness of China Keeping the orientation of scientific base and frontier technology and enhancing capabilities of sustainable innovation to respond to challenges of future development

17. National Innovation System of China in the Future : Technological innovation system with enterprises as the core hub, and combine industry, university and research institution Knowledge innovation system closely combined S&T research and higher education Commercialized S&T intermediaries service system Regional innovation system with specific characteristics and advantages

18. 5.Policy Measures for China’s S&T Development in the Future Supporting and encouraging enterprises to develop into principle force of technological innovation Increasing S&T expenditure, improving efficiency of expenditure, and strengthening the build-up of platform for S&T facilities Developing regional innovation system with specific characteristics Fostering innovation talents Opening wider to the outside world and making use of global S&T resources

19. Sound Development Achieved by China-EU Cooperation in S&T : Both China and the EU have common interests in cooperation. In response to the joint efforts, China-EU cooperation has gained a considerable achievements, and has developed an improved cooperation mechanism, and enjoyed gradual growth of cooperation with fruitful results since 1981. China-EU cooperation in S&T IS becoming key component of China-EU strategic partnership.

20. 6.Prospect and Proposal for China-EU Cooperation in S&T Taking the formulation and implementation of S&T development strategy of China and the EU as a turning point to enhance overall cooperation in S&T between China and the EU, and establish knowledge-based strategic partnership.

21. Specific Proposals : Initiating strategic study on China-EU cooperation in S&T Establishing a consultation mechanism for S&T cooperation on the ministerial level Promoting cooperation in key S&T fields Building sound platform and environment for China-EU cooperation in S&T Carrying on activities of S&T Year in Europe Adopting measures to encourage enterprises to participate in China-EU cooperation in S&T

22. China-EU S&T Year 2006-2007 Launching Ceremony, Oct. 11-12 EU IST Conference, Nov. 21-23 Workshops on China-EU cooperation in China End,Thank you !

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