Cooperation among administrators of registry systems
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Cooperation among administrators of registry systems Consultations on registry systems prior to SBSTA 22 Bonn 13-14 May 2005. Andrew Howard UNFCCC secretariat [email protected] Overview. Evolution Principles Scope Activities Implementation Future steps.

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Cooperation among administrators of registry systems

Consultations on registry systems

prior to SBSTA 22


13-14 May 2005

Andrew Howard

UNFCCC secretariat

[email protected]







Future steps

Evolution of cooperation
Evolution of cooperation

COP 8 adopted general requirements for the data exchange standards and stressed need for further cooperation

COP 10 stressed importance of effective, long-term cooperation

  • National registries and the CDM registry

  • International transaction log (ITL)

  • Supplementary transaction logs (STLs)

    Objective: Facilitation and promotion of accuracy, efficiency and transparency in the operation of registry systems

Principles of cooperation
Principles of cooperation

  • Minimize interruptions in operations

  • Ensure data accuracy and quality

  • Promote fairness and transparency of operations

  • Ensure proper operation of registries (code of conduct)

  • Ensure consistency with Kyoto Protocol rules

  • Ensure efficient and timely processing of transactions

Scope of cooperation
Scope of cooperation

Common operational procedures

  • Reconciliation

  • Change management

  • Ongoing review

  • ITL communications (including initialization support)

    Recommended practices

  • Systems and data recovery

  • System availability

  • User access and agreements

  • Technical improvements

    Other cooperation

  • Operational best practices

  • Information sharing


Procedures for use of the technical reconciliation process

  • Frequency of scheduled reconciliation (and determination criteria)

  • Procedures and criteria for triggering unscheduled reconciliation

  • Manual intervention procedures, documentation, timing, data needs

  • Procedures for further action in cases of persistent failure

Change management
Change management

Procedures for ongoing development of the data exchange standards

  • Guidelines and procedures

    - receipt and management of proposals

    - Categorization of change type (critical/non-critical)

    - Fast track for critical change

    - Initiation process

  • Impact analysis (justification, criticality, costs, feasibility)

  • Approval of change (conditions, timeframe, communication)

  • Implementation plan (schedule, testing, version determination)

Ongoing testing and assessment
Ongoing testing and assessment

Procedures for ongoing assessment of registry systems

  • Test and reporting schedules

  • Test protocols

  • Assessment report formats

  • Teams of administrator experts or independent auditors

  • Coordination with Article 8 review teams

Itl communications
ITL communications

Procedures for initialization and suspension of ITL communications

  • Initialization planning and schedules

  • VPN purchase/configuration support for registries

  • Further guidance on initialization documentation

  • Suspension types (partial or full)

  • Procedures, criteria and timing for suspension and reinstatement

Rsa cooperative forum
RSA cooperative forum

  • Informal nature, forum convened by ITL administrator

  • Address technical and management issues

  • ITL, registry and STL administrators

  • Experts from non-Annex I Parties

  • Full meetings at least twice a year (starting in Sep 2005)

  • Working groups to be established as necessary

  • Principles and modalities need to be determined

  • Funding through core funds and RSA fees


  • Annual ITL report to COP/MOP

  • Data exchange standards

  • common operational procedures

  • Independent assessment reports

  • Meeting documentation

  • Information documents

Facilitation by itl administrator
Facilitation by ITL administrator

  • Coordinating and scheduling forum work

  • Convening forum meetings

  • Providing documentation and information

  • Providing substantive products, such as draft common procedures

  • Providing authorized version of standards

  • Repository of info on procedures and testing

  • Implementing info system and secure communications

  • Capacity building for national registry administrators

  • Provide input to Article 8 review process (assessment reports)