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Global News. Meeting 7. CNN: Godfather of global TV news. 1980 Vernon Jordan shot in Indiana Tiananman Square - Bernard Shaw, live coverage on own satellite dish Persian Gulf War - Peter Arnett in Baghdad 1987 World Report for international distribution and foreign broadcasters

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Global news

Global News

Meeting 7

Cnn godfather of global tv news
CNN: Godfather of global TV news

  • 1980 Vernon Jordan shot in Indiana

  • Tiananman Square - Bernard Shaw, live coverage on own satellite dish

  • Persian Gulf War - Peter Arnett in Baghdad

  • 1987 World Report for international distribution and foreign broadcasters

  • Merger with AOL-Time Warner

Bbc quality programming
BBC:Quality Programming

  • Radio in 1922, TV 1936

  • 1955 ITV competition

  • 1964 BBC Two with in-depth programming

  • 1991 launched World Service TV

  • 1999 BBC Prime for global entertainment

  • Government funding cuts may cause consolidation of news and WSTV reporters

Other global news
Other Global News

  • Deutsche Welle, German short-wave system for worldwide radio and TV all 24 hours

  • EuroNews is expanding to Russia and Middle East; funding from various countries and advertising revenue

  • Channel News Asia since 1990

  • Voice of America simulcasts in 6 languages; viewed as propaganda arm of US

  • Radio Marta broadcasts to Cuba from Florida; declining audiences

Global news agencies
Global News Agencies

Wire service problem areas:

  • News services are based in London

  • Coverage of peripheral nations focuses on negative news

Reuters first wire service
Reuters: First Wire Service

  • Known for speed, accuracy, integrity and impartiality

  • Constantly developing comm network and product line of breadth and quality

  • Comprehensive financial databases

  • Proven reputation for reliability and technological innovation

Other large wire services
Other Large Wire Services

  • AP distributes news and photos to 8500 international subscribers; audio and video feeds, Internet online

  • UPI sold broadcast to AP in 1999, losing clients and power

  • Agence France Presse has bureaus in 165 countries, third largest

Wire services
Wire Services

  • Bloomberg and Dow Jones have financial focus

  • Xinuha China tightly controlled by govt. officials

  • InterPress Services linked to nongovernmental organizations; development journalism (Rome)

  • ITA, former TASS, central information agency; competition from Interfax with more credibility in Russia

  • Supplementary services at LA Times-Washington Post & NY Times

Global print media
Global Print Media

  • NY Times, London Times & Guardian, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times (London)all have global distribution

  • Time, Newsweek, Economist largest news magazines

West to east news flow
West to East News Flow

  • Developing nations get Western views

  • Western information dominance and stereotypes prevail

  • Flow of news imbalanced

  • West has ‘soft power’ of strong appeal of cultural products in developing countries to detriment of local cultural traditions

Questions for discussion
Questions for Discussion

  • How will the Internet affect wire services and traditional news agencies?

  • Will Internet foster a more equitable flow of international news? What direction will that flow take?

Internet news distribution
Internet News Distribution

  • Best hope for developing nations

  • Access to uncensored news

  • No telecommunications infrastructure for many nations

  • World Bank has $520 million fund to help set up companies for Internet in 140 developing countries

Personalized media
Personalized Media

  • Individuals went from passive recipients to ‘information seekers’

  • Hotels provide copies of home country papers for guests

  • Fax fosters interaction

  • Cassette recording enable free choice for developing countries


  • More compelling than traditional news media

  • People share ideas on a global network

  • Personal commentary serves as news

  • Will public pay for news that has been free?

  • Will advertising be able to make money on the web?

Relevance of foreign news
Relevance of foreign news

  • Before 9/11 Americans were disinterested

  • Public craves engagement in world’s crises and issues that affect their daily lives

  • Sensational model preference

  • After 9/11 foreign news assumed equal weight

  • CNN back in news leadership

  • Boom in 24/7 coverage

  • News from BBC and other sources important

Censorship and information control
Censorship and information control

  • 2002 public getting fewer facts and more opinion from news media

  • American information from global TV and government agencies

  • Incorporation of propaganda into messages

  • Cell phones, Internet/email news dissemination

Trends for international journalism
Trends for International Journalism

  • Unit cost of global comm will drop

  • Technology ensures 2-way comm

  • More consumer choice of what they receive

  • Unlimited sources of news content

  • Personalized comm presents challenge for authoritarian governments and control

  • Uncertainty about effects of comm flow on global audiences