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Hookah smoking the past and future of tobacco
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Hookah Smoking: The Past and Future of Tobacco? Brian Primack, MD, EdM, MS Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics May 2008 Terminology Hookah Waterpipe Shisha-Pipe Narghile Bong Hubble-bubble www.hookah-bars.com Hours Sunday – Thursday: 4 PM – 12:30 AM

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Hookah Smoking: The Past and Future of Tobacco?

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Hookah smoking the past and future of tobacco l.jpg

Hookah Smoking:The Past and Future of Tobacco?

Brian Primack, MD, EdM, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

May 2008

Terminology l.jpg


  • Hookah

  • Waterpipe

  • Shisha-Pipe

  • Narghile

  • Bong

  • Hubble-bubble

Www hookah bars com l.jpg


Hours l.jpg


  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 PM – 12:30 AM

  • Friday – Saturday: 4 PM – 2 AM

Flavors l.jpg







Bubble gum

Chocolate mint



Piña colada


Slide17 l.jpg

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Slide20 l.jpg

Superior Quality Regular $9Large $12

Apple, Strawberry, Grape, Rose

Slide21 l.jpg

* Make your Hookah Cool with adding ice for $1

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** Bring your own bottle $2 cork charge **

You Must Be 21 to bring your own alcohol bottle

Also have l.jpg

Also Have

  • Fruit Smoothies (e.g. Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Guava)

  • Ice Cream

  • Coffee and Tea

  • Milk Shakes

  • Desserts

  • Games (Mancala, Dominoes)

Apple shaped 35 l.jpg

Apple Shaped, $35

Silver crane 120 l.jpg

Silver Crane$120

200 it rotates l.jpg

$200(It rotates!)

Slide27 l.jpg


13 for 250 gm l.jpg

$13 for 250 gm

20 sampler l.jpg

$20 Sampler

16 coals for 4 l.jpg

16 Coals for $4

Smoke exposure l.jpg

Smoke Exposure

  • 30-60 minute sessions

  • Each session ~100 inhalations

  • Each inhalation ~500 mL in volume

  • Total volume

    • Waterpipe session: 50,000 mL

    • Cigarette: 500-600 mL

Smoking topography l.jpg

Smoking Topography

1Shihadeh 2003; Shihadeh 2004

2Breland 2005; Djordjevic 2000

Known harm l.jpg

Known Harm

  • Waterpipe smoke contains ...

    • Carcinogens

    • Carbon monoxide

    • Nicotine

  • Waterpipe smoking associated with ...

    • Cancer

    • Cardiovascular disease

    • Decreased pulmonary function

    • Nicotine dependence

Waterpipe cigarettes l.jpg

Waterpipe > Cigarettes

  • Tar

  • Nicotine

  • CO

  • Heavy Metals

Shihadeh 2003; Shihadeh 2004; Djordjevic 2000; Hoffman, 2000

Growing u s prevalence l.jpg

Growing U.S. Prevalence

  • 200-300 new waterpipe cafés opened in the U.S. between 1999 and 2004

  • Particularly in college towns

  • Convenience sample surveys suggest high current use (past 30 days)

    • 411 first-year college students: 15.3%

    • 744 introductory psychology students: 20%

Holes in literature l.jpg

Holes in Literature

  • Random sample

  • Associations between waterpipe smoking and

    • Demographics

    • Beliefs (e.g., harm, addiction, popularity)

  • Populations outside college

Study 1 college l.jpg


Purpose l.jpg


  • Determine the 30-day, annual, and lifetime prevalence of waterpipe smoking in a random sample of college students

  • Determine associations between outcome variables and sociodemographic and predictors

Design l.jpg


  • Cross-sectional survey

  • Random sample of students at the University of Pittsburgh

  • Collect data via web-based version of the American College Health Association’s (ACHA) National College Health Assessment (NCHA)

  • Added items related to waterpipe use

Approvals l.jpg


  • University of Pittsburgh Institutional Review Board

  • University Vice Provost

Procedure l.jpg


  • April 2007 during a three-week period

  • Avoided the 30-day period following Spring Break

  • Email invitation sent to 3600 randomly selected Pitt students

  • Incentive: lottery to win cash prizes ranging from $25 to $100

  • Three reminder e-mails sent to students during the three-week period

Demographic measures l.jpg

Demographic Measures

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Race

  • Residence (on-vs. off-campus)

  • Undergraduate vs. graduate

  • Membership in a fraternity or sorority

  • Self-reported academic achievement

Theory of reasoned action l.jpg

Theory of Reasoned Action





Behavior measures l.jpg

Behavior Measures

  • Have you ever smoked tobacco from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile), even one or two puffs? (Yes/No)

  • During the past year, have you smoked tobacco from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile), even one or two puffs? (Yes/No)

  • During the past 30 days, have you smoked tobacco from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile), even one or two puffs? (Yes/No)

Attitudes l.jpg


  • “Would you say that smoking from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile) is more harmful or less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes?” (“waterpipe more harmful” / “waterpipe same harm” / “waterpipe less harmful”)

  • “Would you say that smoking from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile) is more addictive or less addictive than smoking regular cigarettes?” (“waterpipe more addictive” / “waterpipe same addictiveness” / “waterpipe less addictive”)

Normative beliefs l.jpg

Normative Beliefs

  • “Among your peers, how socially acceptable is it to smoke tobacco from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile)?” (“not acceptable” / “somewhat/moderately acceptable” / “very acceptable”)

  • “What percentage of college students do you think has ever smoked tobacco from a waterpipe (hookah, shisha, narghile)?” (0-100%, collapsed into tertiles

Analysis l.jpg


  • Multivariate logistic regression models

    • Dependent variables

      • 30-day waterpipe smoking

      • One year waterpipe smoking

    • Independent variables

      • Perception of harm

      • Perception of addictiveness

      • Acceptability

      • Popularity

    • Covariates

  • Sensitivity analyses with stepwise regression

Response rate l.jpg

Response Rate

  • 61 emails undeliverable

  • Response rate 660/3539 = 18.6%

  • 647/660 (98.0%) had outcome data

  • Compared with non-respondents, respondents were:

    • Younger (20.9 vs. 21.4, p<0.001)

    • Female (65.6% vs. 50.5%, p<0.001)

    • Caucasian (85.4% vs. 80.7%, p=0.004)

Sample l.jpg


Smoking data l.jpg

Smoking Data

Past year waterpipe tobacco smoking l.jpg

Past-Year Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking

Harm addictiveness l.jpg

Harm, Addictiveness

Acceptability popularity l.jpg

Acceptability, Popularity

Other factors associated with 1 year wpts l.jpg

Other Factors Associated with1-Year WPTS

  • Younger age

  • Off campus

  • Fraternity membership

Major findings l.jpg

Major Findings

  • Lifetime use >40%, similar to cigarette lifetime use

  • Current use 9.5%

  • One year use 30.5%

  • Associated with lack of concern for addictiveness (and harm, less so)

  • Associated with sense of acceptability and popularity

Cigarettes vs waterpipe l.jpg

Cigarettes vs. Waterpipe

  • Many waterpipe smokers had never smoked cigarettes

  • In non-cigarette smokers

    • Problematic

    • Introducing nicotine to previously naïve population

  • In cigarette smokers

    • Substitution?

    • Augmentation?

Rate differences l.jpg

Rate Differences

  • 30-day rate (9.5%) much lower than annual (30.6%) and ever (40.5%) rates

  • Sampling period: we avoided Spring Break, fraternity rush, etc.

Limitations l.jpg


  • Response rate: 18.6%

  • Demographic differences between respondents and non-respondents

  • May have inflated our results since younger population more likely to smoke waterpipe

  • Cross-sectional design

Conclusion l.jpg


  • First random sample

  • Ever use common in this sample

  • Further research

    • Longitudinal designs

    • National samples (NCHA)

  • Educational/interventional efforts

    • Major educational gaps

    • Worthwhile to start now

    • Focus on addictiveness, acceptability, popularity

Study 2 high school l.jpg


Purpose66 l.jpg


  • Determine prevalence in statewide sample of high school students

  • Determine associations with waterpipe use in high school

No high school national data l.jpg

No High School National Data

  • Monitoring the Future

  • Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey

  • Others

Arizona 2005 l.jpg

Arizona 2005

  • Youth tobacco survey

  • Added 2 items dealing with waterpipe tobacco smoking

    • Ever

    • Past 30 days

Participants l.jpg


  • Statewide representative sample

  • Grades 6-12

  • All students enrolled in public and/or charter schools

Procedure70 l.jpg


  • Schools chose to use active or passive consent forms (89% used passive)

  • Spring semester 2005

  • 45 minute class period

Measures l.jpg


  • Tobacco

    • 30-day waterpipe smoking

    • Ever waterpipe smoking

    • Other tobacco smoking

  • Sociodemographic data

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Race

    • Type of school (charter vs. regular)

    • Plan to attend college

Analysis72 l.jpg


  • Sociodemographic trends

  • Multivariate analyses

Multivariate analysis ever use l.jpg

Multivariate Analysis: Ever Use

Multivariate analysis 30 day use l.jpg

Multivariate Analysis: 30-Day Use

Major findings78 l.jpg

Major Findings

  • History of waterpipe tobacco smoking

    • 6% of all 6th-12th graders

    • 15% of 12th graders

  • More common than 5 other methods of tobacco smoking

  • Associated with age, gender, race, SES

Slide79 l.jpg


  • High school: older

  • College: younger

  • Surrogate for alcohol use?

Experimentation vs addiction l.jpg

Experimentation vs. Addiction

  • May lead to increased uptake of various types of nicotine

  • Gateway to cigarette smoking?

Surveillance l.jpg


  • National studies (MTF, YRBS) should track this form of tobacco use

  • Likely to increase

    • Less harsh

    • Flavored

    • Educational gaps

    • Policy issues

Anything national l.jpg

Anything National?

  • ACHA including 2 items in NCHA in 2009

  • Random sample of 7619 college students

National pilot data l.jpg

National Pilot Data

Conclusion84 l.jpg


  • Waterpipe tobacco smoking represents a major potential threat to public health

  • Threatens to undermine successes from cigarette smoking

  • Surveillance and further research are necessary

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