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Fairy Tales as Metaphors

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Fairy Tales as Metaphors

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Metaphors in Fairy Tales

Reminder definition of metaphor l.jpg

Reminder: Definition of Metaphor

  • A metaphor is a writing strategy

  • In a metaphor, something represents something it would not usually represent

  • Metaphors DO NOT use the words “like” or “as.” Similes DO use those words.

Metaphor skills check l.jpg

Metaphor skills check

  • Which of these is a metaphor? (Please raise your hand when you know the answer, do not blurt it out.)

    • The goalkeeper was steady as a rock.

    • All the world’s a stage.

    • The phone rang as a dog barked outside.

    • It was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

A new kind of metaphor l.jpg

A New Kind of Metaphor

  • We have been talking about metaphors at the sentence level.

  • Now we are going to look at metaphors at a story level.

    • Fictional objects or characters are used to represent real-life things.

    • These representations usually have a specific message or lesson to convey.

For example l.jpg

For Example…

My brother is a busy beaver.

Once upon a time, there was a beaver who had no home for the winter. He worked very, very hard to build a dam. That winter he was warm and cozy while other animals were outside in the cold.

Metaphors in the three little pigs l.jpg

Metaphors in The Three Little Pigs

  • House of sticks/straw

  • House of brick

  • Wolf

  • Overall message

Your metaphor mission l.jpg

Your Metaphor Mission

  • Fill out the heading on your worksheet with both partner’s names.

  • Write “Metaphors in [Your story]” as your title.

  • Read your story together.

  • Discuss the story with your group.

  • Take turns writing your answers on your worksheet.

  • You will turn in ONE worksheet for your group.

  • As a group:

    • Pick out three characters, objects or events in the story.

    • Identify what they could stand for (like we did for the Three Little Pigs)

    • Write down the message that they tell

    • Stack your group’s papers and put the pile at the front of your table.

  • Take out your copy of Briar Rose.