Values in the czech media
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Values in the Czech media PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Values in the Czech media. Olga Angelovska Michaela Smidova Centre for social and economic strategies, Faculty of social sciences, Charles University in Prague. Goals of presentation.

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Values in the Czech media

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Values in the Czech media

Olga Angelovska

Michaela Smidova

Centre for social and economic strategies, Faculty of social sciences, Charles University in Prague

Goals of presentation

  • to give a short review about contemporary research of the „values in media“ issue in the Czech Republic (topics, some results);

  • to describe some methodological problems and to look for relevant methods and starting points for our research (our example will be a case study: „violence“ in the Czech TV);

  • to present some researches of „values in media“ that are planned by our team

Approaches to „values in media“ research (basic levels)

  • fixation and presentation values in media (alone)


  • perception and acceptance or rejection (refusal) values by audience (viewers, listeners, readers)

  • Above all: values – what we consider that they are?

Problems with media analysis

  • Lack of general instruments for media analysis, there are only specific instruments

  • Impact of media is not „straightforward“, not a causal relation

„Values in media“ research often mirrors „popularity“ of topics in the research generally (examples)

  • Gender in media and advertisement(TNS Faktum)

    (women are reflected in more positive way × stereotypical picture of women: predominantly with traditional roles – family, children, house care, etc.)

  • Foreigners(Kostlan, Szepanikova, Bitrich and Palecek)

    (low qualified „gastarbeiters“; and illegal employment; very often with negative undermeaning; headline xenophoby; foreigners × asylum seekers)

  • Seniors(Sedlakova, Vidovicova)

    (simplified,unbalanced view of TV and newspapers; stereotype: „old people as unsatisfied with advantages of social state“ or „vulnerable and affable grandmums and grandfathers“

  • Violence(Suchy)

    (Dependence between TV watching time and aggressiveness of children)

Document analysis of periodic press (Slunicko – Small Sun)

  • magazine for pre-school children, with long tradition, roots from socialistic period

  • (always one release in the selected years 1980, 1990, 1997, 2007)

  • parameters as the proportion of words per page, the proportion of pictures per page (in cm²)

    Results: change in genre, distinctive decrease of poetry, slight decrease of prose, big increase of advertisement number and advertisement became part of tasks, narration and comics (!),

    type ofprevailing values – tolerance and considerateness

Document analysis of the Czech TV broadcastingI.

  • We continue work of Lucie Slavickova – „Children, youth and problem of violence in media“

  • Verification and eventually partial changes in methodic, is it useful for repeated research, is it possible to broaden it for other theme or „values“ ?

  • Hypothesis: programmes of private TV (NOVA) is more risky then public TV (CT1) (i.e. violence in an inadequate context is more often on private tv)

  • Document analysis (quantitative andqualitative) ofprogrammesof ČT 1 a NOVA

  • an usual Saturday (no special program influenced by f. e. elections, public holidays etc.)

Document analysis of the Czech TV broadcasting II.

Basic unit = a violence scene (max. 5 seconds)

Analyzed high-risk factors :

  • characteristic of originator→ a positive hero;

  • absence of punishment;

  • reason of violence → violence justification;

  • presence of weapon;

  • measure and plasticity of violence;

  • level of reality violence (methods and instruments for violence);

  • violence consequences;

  • violence context → with humor

    Risky violence scene (1 or more high-risk factor) or neutral violence scene (no high-risk factor)

Document analysis of the Czech TV broadcasting III.

  • Some results from research: 1. analyzed violence scenes – mostly risky !; 2. very depended on program scheme of tv´s repeating of research

    VS= violence scene

Document analysis of the Czech TV broadcasting IV.


Document analysis in progress

  • values messages in articles at Lidove noviny (right political orientation) and Pravo (left political orientation) in days before and after November 17th at years 1990, 1994, 1999, a 2004 – anniversary of Velvet Revolution)

  • Reflection of media and their pressure and influence on youth through the view of young people (students)

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