Dr muhammed al mulhem march 1 2009
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ICS 415 Computer Graphics Introduction. Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem March 1, 2009. Topics. Graphics Concepts Modeling transformation, viewing transformation, hidden surface removal, illumination / shading / textures, scan conversion / clipping OpenGL Morphing, curves and surfaces, animation

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Dr muhammed al mulhem march 1 2009

ICS 415Computer Graphics


Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

March 1, 2009

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem


  • Graphics Concepts

    • Modeling transformation, viewing transformation, hidden surface removal, illumination / shading / textures, scan conversion / clipping

  • OpenGL

  • Morphing, curves and surfaces, animation

  • Not a course about graphic design, using graphics tools like PhotoShop or Maya

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Assignment honor code
Assignment - Honor Code

  • When in doubt…

    • Don’t use resources other than class notes and textbook

  • Typically…

    • Using examples from the web is a great way to learn and it is encouraged… reference what you use

  • Never

    • Share code with another student or debug code together

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Impact of computers
Impact of Computers

  • Moore’s Law

  • Power of a CPU doubles every 18 months / 2 years

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Impact of video games nvidia

Lee Majors

Impact of Video Games (Nvidia)

  • Number of transistors on GPU doubles each 6 mos.

    • Three times Moore’s Law

      • Good article on Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.07/Nvidia_pr.html



$5.6 Billion Man

$7 Billion Man

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Future of consoles
Future of Consoles

  • 33 million PS2s (in 2002)

  • 3.9 million Xboxes (in 2002)

  • Predicted 200 million PDA/Cell game players in 2005

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications
Graphics Applications

  • Entertainment: Cinema

Pixar: Monster’s Inc.

Square: Final Fantasy

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem


Final Fantasy (Square, USA)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem


A Bug’s Life (Pixar)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications1
Graphics Applications

  • Medical Visualization

The Visible Human Project

MIT: Image-Guided Surgery Project

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications2
Graphics Applications

  • Everyday Use

    • OS use graphics seriously

    • Graphics visualizations and debuggers

    • Visualize complex software systems

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Everyday use
Everyday use

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Everyday use1
Everyday use

Window system and large-screen interaction metaphors (François Guimbretière)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications3
Graphics Applications

  • Scientific Visualization

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Scientific visualization
Scientific Visualization

Airflow around a Harrier Jet (NASA Ames)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications4
Graphics Applications

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications5
Graphics Applications

  • Training

Designing Effective Step-By-Step

Assembly Instructions (Maneesh Agrawala et. al)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Graphics applications6
Graphics Applications

  • Entertainment: Games

GT Racer 3

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Polyphony Digital: Gran Turismo 3, A Spec


Circus Atari (Atari)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem


Outside In

(Geometry Center, University of Minnesota)

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

The basics
The Basics

  • Computer graphics: generating 2D images of a 3D world represented in a computer.

  • Main tasks:

    • modeling: (shape) creating and representing the geometry of objects in the 3D world

    • rendering: (light, perspective) generating 2D images of the objects

    • animation: (movement) describing how objects change in time

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem

Why study computer graphics
Why Study Computer Graphics?

  • Graphics is cool

    • I like to see what I’m doing

    • I like to show people what I’m doing

  • Graphics is interesting

    • Involves simulation, AI,algorithms, architecture…

  • I’ll never get an Oscar for my acting

    • But maybe I’ll get one for my CG special effects

  • Graphics is fun

Dr. Muhammed Al-Mulhem