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welcome. AGENDA Welcome Student panel Obama Scholars Program overview Financial aid overview Mentor component Scholars success component Wrap up. Obama Scholars Program Committee. Alonzo Jones Amy Golden Ken Hollin Maria-Elena Coronado Olivia Diaz. Rhoshawndra Carnes Sharon Smith

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  • Welcome

  • Student panel

  • Obama Scholars Program overview

    • Financial aid overview

    • Mentor component

    • Scholars success component

  • Wrap up

Obama scholars program committee

Obama Scholars Program Committee

Alonzo Jones

Amy Golden

Ken Hollin

Maria-Elena Coronado

Olivia Diaz

Rhoshawndra Carnes

Sharon Smith

Troy Melendez

Veronica Hernandez

Wadell Blackwell

The purpose of the obama scholars program the sun devil way

the purpose of the Obama Scholars program:the sun devil way

The sun devil way

the sun devil way

  • Achievement

  • Engagement

  • Responsibility

Who are obama scholars

who are Obama Scholars

  • Meet ASU Assured Admissions by March 1


  • Are Arizona residents

  • Enter ASU immediately after graduating from high school

  • Applied for FAFSA by March 1 (free of errors)

  • Submit all required documents to Financial Aid by June 1 (free of errors)

  • Have a total family income of $42,400 or less on the FAFSA

Who are obama scholars1

who are Obama Scholars

  • 434 Obama Scholars (at time of print)

  • 56% are merit scholars

  • Average high school GPA = 3.47

  • Average college credits = 15.5 

Who are obama scholars2

who are Obama Scholars

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native…1.6%

  • Asian……...…………………………8.3%

  • Black/African American……..….….6.5%

  • Hispanic/Latino……………………41.7%

  • White………………….……………38.7%

  • Not available……………………..…0.5%

  • Two or more races…………………2.8%

Obama scholars program how it works scholars success component financial award component

Obama Scholars programhow it works:scholars success componentfinancial award component

Your mentor

your mentor

  • Mentors provide guidance and support to Obama Scholars throughout their first year at ASU

  • Mentors play key role in helping students make smooth transition into university life

    • Direct connection to campus resources and services

  • One-to-one mentoring on a monthly basis

What a mentor does

what a mentor does

  • Listens

  • Asks questions

  • Helps student set semester goals

  • Encourages involvement

  • Offers referrals

  • Discusses challenges and ways to help

  • Connects students to campus resources

Insert homepage screen shot

Insert homepage screen shot

Scholar mentor contact log

scholar/mentor contact log

  • Tracking tool for you

  • Take notes of your meetings with your mentor

  • Submit contact log immediately following your meeting with your mentor each month

  • Entries can be made any day of the month

  • Archived previous months for reference

First mentor meeting

first mentor meeting

  • Contact your Obama Scholar Mentor to schedule your 1st meeting for early September

    • Introduce yourself as their Obama Scholar

  • 1st meeting expectations

    • Get to know each other, give mentor your contact information

    • Share your goals for the semester as they relate to academics, family, jobs, etc.

    • Discuss your transition to ASU so far

    • Confirm with your mentor you understand the requirements for renewal

    • Schedule next month’s meeting

Scholar success activities

scholar success activities

  • Campus activities, events, services

  • Suggestions provided on a monthly basis

    • Discuss with your mentor

  • Purpose of scholars success activities are to engage students

    • Connect to campus

    • It is the sun devil way!

Financial award component

financial award component

  • Obama Scholars program is designed to meet estimated direct costs through three sources

    • Scholarships and grant aid

    • Work-study

    • Expected family contribution (EFC) as determined from the FAFSA

  • The sum of these three sources will equal your estimated directs costs

How it works

how it works

  • Estimated direct costs include:

    • Actual tuition and mandatory fees

    • Standardized allowances for room, board and books/supplies

      • Special class/college fees, study abroad program fees and academic program fees are not covered

      • Summer tuition/fees are not covered through the Obama Scholars program

How it works1

how it works

  • You may still have a relatively low bill

  • Do not forget to factor in your estimated family contribution (EFC) and your work study earnings (FWS)

  • Understand standard allowances and estimated costs

How it works2

how it works

  • Program is funded for up to 8 consecutive semesters, fall and spring

    • Obama Scholars must maintain full-time status

    • 24 ASU credit hrs by end of spring semester

    • Maintain a 2.5 CUM GPA by end of spring semester

      • AND 2.75 CUM GPA each spring thereafter

    • Apply by March 1 FAFSA deadline (no errors)

      • AND submit all required documents by June 1 (no errors)

    • Have a demonstrated total family income of $42,400 or less on FAFSA

    • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress


You are an obama scholar

you are an Obama Scholar

  • Not all Obama scholars will receive a book grant or an award titled “Obama Scholarship”

  • However, for those who do…

    • The amount of the book grant awarded will be refunded to the student for the purpose of buying books

    • Students are Obama Scholars regardless of receiving an award titled “Obama Scholarship”. This means that their estimated direct costs are being met by other aid

Work study


  • How to look for a job

    • students.asu.edu/employment/search

  • Part-time job alerts

    • This will show 15+ offered positions

    • students.asu.edu/employment

Next steps

next steps

What happens from here

what happens from here

  • Submit your scholars agreement electronically

  • Who is my mentor

  • When do I first meet with my mentor



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