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Alabama A&M University Business School Huntsville, AL, USA. Tavrida National University Management Faculty Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine.

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Alabama A&M University Business School Huntsville, AL, USA

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Alabama A&M University

Business School

Huntsville, AL, USA

Tavrida National University

Management Faculty

Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Partnership:"Strengthening Teaching and Outreach Capabilities in Business and Management Education at Tavrida National University, Ukraine, Under a Market-Oriented Economy“2000-2004Between:

Extending Educational Project Benefits through Its Effective Web-site

Andrey Martovoy

Project Communication Coordinator

TNU Management Faculty

Purpose of the Presentation:

  • To explore possibilities and ways of extension of educational project benefits by constructing an effective website


  • To define what project benefits can be extended by mean of its website

  • To study current situation of website usage by educational partnership

  • To present briefly structure and content of AAMU-TNU Project website

  • To analyze the effectiveness of website of educational partnership (giving as an example AAMU-TNU Project website)

  • To present findings and recommendations

NISCUPP Long-term Goals Are to:

  • Support the ability of academic institutions to contribute, through their curricula and applied research capacities, to the creation and maintenance of democratic institutions, rule of law, and an environment hospitable to foreign investment.

  • Advance mutual understanding between the U.S. and the foreign partner countries by supporting on-going partnerships characterized by significant mutual benefit.

  • Diversify and expand international educational exchanges by:

    · Supporting linkages involving a variety of academic institutions;· Deepening relationships initially established through individual lectureships, research and graduate study fellowships, and training programs available under Fulbright and other Department of State sponsorship.· Reaching out to the next generation of academic leaders across Eurasia.

  • Expand U.S. government/private sector cooperation

Possible Benefits of a Partnership :

  • For Ukrainian Partner:

    • development of new and revised curricula

    • development of outreach programs

    • development of research capacities

    • development of teaching skills

    • professional development of faculty members

    • increase in number of student enrollment

    • increase of image and prestige

  • For U.S. Partner:

    • development of enhanced regional expertise

    • participation in economic globalization process

    • internationalization of educational curricula

    • development of inter-culture knowledge and tolerance through knowledge with people of Ukraine through collaboration with teachers and student

Key Aspects of a Web-site*


(Rational Aspect)



(Visual Aspect)



*by Powell T.A. (2000)

Some Possible Objectives of Educational Project Web-site:

  • To inform target and broader audience about a Partnership

  • To represent partners on the Web

  • To promote partnership and program

    (as stated in “Eurasian Project Directors' Handbook” at

  • To extend partnership knowledge and practice

  • To extend results

  • To increase an image of partner university

  • To be as a tool of communication (forums, discussions …)

  • To be as a tool of distance learning

Current Web-site Usage by the Partnerships in Ukraine

  • There are 28 Rolling Partnerships in Ukraine

  • There are only nine web-sites of rolling U.S.- Ukraine Partnerships

  • Two of them are hosted and supported by Foreign Partner (non-US)

Websites of U.S.-Ukraine Partnerships Provide the Information Like:

  • Databases and Resources on a subject covered by the Project

  • General information on project, partners, activity, outreach programs, useful links

  • Calendar or Plan of Work

  • Forums for Project Participants

  • News

  • Annual Reports

  • Pictures

  • Contact information

Allocation of Pages in the AAMU-TNU Project Web-site

  • Project Profile7 (+13 docs)7 (+13 docs) 14 (26)

  • Participants33 6

  • Background11 2

  • News11 2

  • Curricula Revision6 (+21 docs) 6 (+21 docs) 12 (21)

  • Summer Institute2725 52

  • Procurement11 2

  • Photo-gallery3333 66

  • Contact us11 2


EnglishNon-English Total

(June 11, 2003 – October 11, 2003)

Overall Statistics on AAMU-TNU Project Web-site Visits During Last 4 Months

Tracking Visitors of AAMU-TNU Web-site(June 11, 2003 – October 11, 2003)

Tracking Hits of AAMU-TNU Web-site(June 11, 2003 – October 11, 2003)

(June 11, 2003 – October 11, 2003)

How Do Visitors Find Us?(What Web-sites Do They Come From)

317 100%

English Speaking Versus Non-English Speaking Visitors of the Web-site (% of all hits)

Which Country Do Visitors of the AAMU-TNU Website Come From?

In total, visitors of the AAMU-TNU website represent 44 countries!

What is the Most Popular on the AAMU-TNU Web-site

Comparison of Popular Sections of the AAMU-TNU Web-site Among English and non-English Speaking Visitors (% of all hits)

100% 100%


In appropriate conditions Educational Partnership Web-site can be as an effective tool for project benefits extension to larger audience interested in the field covered by a project


  • In order to build an EFFECTIVE Web-site of an Educational Partnership it could be advisable:

    • To define a target audience (-s)

    • To think about the purpose of a website

    • UTILITY for users is a PRIORITY No 1

    • USABILITY for users is a PRIORITY No 2

    • The Web-site must comprise of at least 50 pages

    • For broader exposure the Web-site must to have AT LEAST two language versions: Ukrainian and English

    • English version of a web-site should focus on:

      • Information about participants

      • Photo-Gallery

      • Project Profile

Recommendations (continued)

  • In order to build an EFFECTIVE Web-site of an Educational Partnership it could be advisable:

    • Ukrainian version of a web-site should focus on:

      • Project Results (like curricula, course outlines, databases, other educational resources)

      • Outreach Programs (resources, services …)

      • Project Profile

    • The information on Project procurement is not popular in English language version

    • Project Background information is not popular in non-English language version

    • There are visitors who are interested in 2/3 of all information available on a web-site

    • The web-site must be registered at most popular search engines

    • The link from U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs should be established

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