samuel l jackson s all natural motha fuckin hair grow serum
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Samuel L. Jackson???s All Natural Mutha F%#@n Hair Growth Seru

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Samuel L. Jackson???s All Natural Mutha F%#@n Hair Growth Seru - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is my take on Samuel L. Jackson if he had a hair growth treatment on the market. You’ve all seen the Hair Club for Men and Bosley Medical Group and Medical Restorations commercials or informercials. As a person who is also follically challenged (Losing his hair follicles) I have been seeking out affordable solutions to my problems as well. In all the movies Samuel L. Jackson has been I, he has never had the same hair style twice. He’s been bald a few times but bald is not a hair style. I think that he uses a special proprietary blend that allows him to keep his mane in tack and now he is making it available to the public for a small fee. Seriously I’m looking for donors to help me with the cost of my hair transplant surgery cost, please e-mail me.

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Presentation Transcript
samuel l jackson s all natural motha fuckin hair grow serum

Samuel L. Jackson’s All Natural MothaFuckin’ Hair Grow Serum

If Samuel L. Jackson had a hair growth treatment…

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

what have you done to stop your hair loss
What have you done to stop your hair loss?

What is not a country. Say what again muthafucka…..

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

you tried all the other mothafuckin shit
You tried all the other mothafuckin’ shit,

with no results, now try Samuel L. Jackson’s All Natural MothaFuckin’ Hair Grow Serum, NOW mothafucka!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

you ve seen me in the mothafuckin movies
You’ve seen me in the mothafuckin’ movies

and I never had the same mothafuckin’ same hair style twice.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

i ve gone from having my mothafuckin hair fucked up
I’ve gone from having my mothafuckin’ hair fucked up

and went from mothafuckin’ bald to receding back to bald to a mothafuckin’ full head of hair, and you mothafuckas can too!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

i use special mothafuckin all natural mothafuckin herbal supplements
I use special mothafuckin’ all natural mothafuckin’ herbal supplements.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

in as little as 90 mothafuckin days
In as little as 90 mothafuckin’ days,

Now your mothafuckin’ hair can change from your shit to my shit mothafucka!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

for only one mothafuckin dollar per day you can grow your mothafuckin hair back
For only one mothafuckin’ dollar per day, you can grow your mothafuckin’ hair back,

with Samuel L. Jackson’s MothaFuckin’ All Mother Fucking Natural Hair Growth Serum.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

you mothafuckas can order right mothafuckin now
You mothafuckas can order right mothafuckin’ now

Call 1-800-MOT-HER-F.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

call now cause mothafuckin supplies are limited
Call now cause mothafuckin’ supplies are limited.

Order now mothafuckas!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

this product comes with a 100 mutha fucking money back guarantee
This product comes with a 100 Mutha Fucking % Money Back Guarantee

No muthafuckin questions asked.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

what the fuck do you have to lose
What the fuck do you have to lose?

What the fuck are you waiting for, mothafuckas?

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

look muthafuckas
Look muthafuckas…

You can even grow muthafucking dreadlocks if you want.

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

it also works on your motha fuckin beard and moustache
It also works on your mothafuckin’ beard and moustache

It works for women too!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

and keeps snakes off the mothafuckin plane too mothafuckas
and keeps snakes off the mothafuckin’ plane too, mothafuckas.

Order today mothafucka!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

not bought to you by
Not Bought to you by

the same people who made Samuel L. Jackson Beer muthafucka!

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy

coming soon www hairclubfortim com
Coming Soon….

Help a Brotha out, visit my website for details!

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

By Timm "Yanz" Yancy