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We Invite You to Join Us Why Join a Professional Association? As a student, you are eligible for reduced membership fees. (The information you will learn will be worth ten times what you had to pay to be involved.)

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We Invite You to Join Us

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We invite you to join us l.jpg

We Invite You to Join Us

Why join a professional association l.jpg

Why Join a Professional Association?

  • As a student, you are eligible for reduced membership fees. (The information you will learn will be worth ten times what you had to pay to be involved.)

  • Attending conferences and participating in professional organizations improves your business skills and your professionalism.

  • Membership provides you with a great opportunity to network. This means there are several people out there to help you with your self-development and career advancement.

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Why Join a Professional Association?

  • Attending meetings and conferences give you the opportunity to attend lectures by the foremost experts in your field.

  • Most organizations have a publication devoted to issues and developments in your area that comes free with membership.

  • Associations offer other valuable resources and industry publications in your area.

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Why Join a Professional Association?

  • Future employers appreciate knowing that you are interested in keeping abreast of current issues and developments.

  • Being a member allows you to take advantage of student leadership possibilities that not only help you develop your skills, but also prove useful on a resume.

  • Organizations often provide vendor discounts on products, services and educational programs.

  • Many organizations provide industry advocacy information

Why join l.jpg

From IT Tech Pro to IT Biz Pro

Why Join?

Why join aitp l.jpg

Why Join AITP?

  • AITP has been around awhile, since 1952:

    • Access to seasoned professionals

  • AITP has a large and diverse membership

    • CIOs/Executive IT leaders

    • Middle managers

    • Non-management professionals

    • Students majoring in the IT field

  • AITP provides local chapters that provide:

    • Face to face networking

    • Education programs

    • Career opportunities

    • Community involvement

  • AITP offers national and regional resources:

    • Publications

    • Conferences

    • Career Resources

    • Education and training programs

Why join aitp7 l.jpg

Why Join AITP?

“Staying involved in a professional society is important for your career”. It is because of involvement in peer groups found in professional societies like AITP and DPMA that helped me get to where I am today”.

Prestigious IT leaders who are Lifetime Members of AITP

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, Ross Perot, EDS Founder

Why join aitp8 l.jpg

Why Join AITP?

  • Meet People Working in Your Field of Interest

  • Learn About Job or Internship Openings

  • Understand Trends in the Field

  • Polish Your Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Prove Your Future Career Really Matters to You

  • Stay Connected!

Why join aitp9 l.jpg

Why Join AITP?

Benefits at all levels – national, region & local:

  • Access to Professional Members - your valuable resource

  • Networking with other IT professionals - learning the business “ropes”

  • Internship Opportunities - from “campus to real world”

  • Special Events - Collegiate Conferences

  • Career Connections - Path your career

  • Peer to Peer Networking - Student Chapters nationwide

  • Leadership Opportunities - Student Leadership Council

  • Scholarships

  • Interim Membership (from student to professional)

Invest in yourself l.jpg

  • Hone your soft skills

    • Communications

    • Leadership

    • Read, read, read and continue to educate yourself

    • Be a generalist – learn about more than just your career

  • Volunteer

  • Give back to your community

  • Pay it forward to the future generations

  • Guaranteed heartfelt results

  • Join a professional society

    • Make an impact in your profession

    • Great leadership opportunities

    • Great networking opportunities

    • Continuous education

Invest In Yourself

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Sign Up Today


To start a Student Chapter on Your Campus and become

the next generation of leaders, contact aitp_hq@aitp.org

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