s4 nss elective module popular culture
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S4 NSS Elective Module Popular Culture

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S4 NSS Elective Module Popular Culture. Advertisements. Advertising. Who are these people? What kinds of products are they promoting?. 1. Roger Federer Rolex watches. 2. Yao Ming Visa Card. 3. Michael Phelps Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. 4. David Beckham Emporio Armani Underwear.

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  • Who are these people?
  • What kinds of products are they promoting?
discuss the following questions with your partner
Discuss the following questions with your partner
  • What is the target market of the product?
  • Why are these people chosen to represent the products?
  • What’s a slogan? Can you give some examples of the companies/ products and their slogans?
  • What are the features of the slogans you found in question ii.?
what is the target market of the product
What is the target market of the product?
  • The target market of these products is usually teenagers or middle/ upper-middle class people
  • These people are fond of sports like basketball, football, tennis …
  • These groups of people love to keep abreast with the trend and are more open-minded to accept/ learn new things
  • They have a substantial amount of disposable income
why are these people chosen to represent the products
Why are these people chosen to represent the products?
  • These are celebrities/ famous people
  • They are good at a particular field

e.g. Roger is a former World No. 1 Tennis player and has won 13 Grand Slam titles like Wimbledon, US Open…

e.g. David Beckham, who is a famous football player, has been the former captain of the English National Team, and he is the first Englishman to score in three separate World Cup tournaments. He has led Manchester United to win many trophies such as English Premier League Championship, UEFA Cup...

  • They are idols of many teenagers
  • A slogan is a distinctive, and usually short phrase used by groups or companies to advertise their products or activities, e.g.
  • ‘I’m lovin’ it’ (McDonald’s)
  • ‘Impossible is nothing’ (Adidas)
  • ‘Let your fingers do the walking’ (Yellow Pages telephone directory)
  • ‘Just do it’ (Nike)
  • ‘I love this game.’ (NBA)
a slogan can
A slogan can …
  • Be an imperative
  • Be a well-known saying (complete or incomplete)
  • Be an idiom
  • Rhyme
  • Use Exclamation mark/ other punctuation
  • Have repetition
  • Can you recognize a logo from the shape of Tiger Woods’ mouth?
  • Can you sketch an example of a logo?
  • Why is a good logo important?
a good logo is important because
A good logo is important because…
  • People can recognize the company easily
  • It is a symbol of status for customers
  • It is a symbol of pride and identity for employees
  • It informs customers of the quality of the product
other advertising techniques
Other Advertising Techniques
  • Appealing/ shocking image(s)
  • Recognizable/ Simple image
  • Awards obtained
  • A long history/ prestigious status of the company
  • Irresistible price
  • Celebrity
  • Scientific information
  • Enormous/ powerful functions/ performance
  • Statistics
  • Comparison
  • Experts’ recommendation
  • Humour