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Sagittarius Full Moon. Why are we here?. The time of the full moon is a time of celebration. We celebrate the energy of the SUN. The reason is that when the Moon is full it is the furthest from the Sun, thus the Sun’s energy is the strongest.

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Sagittarius Full Moon

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Sagittarius full moon l.jpg

Sagittarius Full Moon

Why are we here l.jpg

Why are we here?

The time of the full moon is a time of celebration.

We celebrate the energy of the SUN.

The reason is that when the Moon is full it is the furthest from the Sun, thus the Sun’s energy is the strongest.

Thus we celebrate the energy of the Sun through meditation and reflection.

All is energy l.jpg

All is Energy!

For those of you who are not familiar with esoteric philosophy – or do not know it well – I will remind you that all is energy. Thus you should simply relax and try to feel the energy rather then concern yourself with understanding everything.

During the lecture you can ask questions or make comments. After the meditation you may also ask questions.

Sagittarius presentation l.jpg

Sagittarius Presentation

  • The Sign of Sagittarius

  • The Labour of Hercules in Sagittarius

  • The Sagittarius Full Moon Chart

    - Short Break -

  • Meditation

The sign of sagittarius l.jpg

The Sign of Sagittarius

Which sign is the sun in l.jpg

Which sign is the Sun in?

The Sun is in Sagittarius.

And which sign is the Moon in?

The Moon is in Gemini.

Why should you learn about sagittarius if you are not one l.jpg

Why should you learn aboutSagittarius if you are not one?

You may have another planet - or the Moon – in Sagittarius.

Even if you do not the Sagittarius energy will still affect you - and, perhaps, as importantly those around you.

If you are a Sagittarius you may not display all of the characteristics of Sagittarius as you have other planets and energies which also affect you.

What mode is sagittarius associated wit h l.jpg

What mode isSagittarius associated with?

Slide9 l.jpg



What do we know about the mutable mode l.jpg

What do we know about theMutable mode?

concerned with changing things into something else.

emphasis is on adaptability

a sign of fire

Sagittarius brings about the end of ignorance by discovering the truth

What element is sagittarius associated wit h l.jpg

What element isSagittarius associated with?

Slide12 l.jpg


What do we know about fire l.jpg


What do we know about Fire?

Fire cannot truly be confined

Associated with spirit

Raw energy

Sun and Stars

What about fire people l.jpg

What about Fire people?

vitalising energy

High Spirits






Why they must do what they must do!

What else about fire people l.jpg

they are generous but egoistic

What else about Fire people?


the most daring and capable inspiring natural leaders

They are always "on stage"

energies can stimulate others

but they can also overpower and exhaust them

that they fail to notice the powers and abilities of others

So what happens when we put the mode of mutable together with the element of fire l.jpg

So what happens when we put the mode of mutable together with the element of fire?

We get sagittarius l.jpg

We get Sagittarius!

As the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius represents the ninth stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. As Scorpio seeks to understand and control with emotional power, Sagittarius seeks to understand and control with knowledge. Most Sagittarians have an intellectual curiosity that covers a wide range of subjects. Never try to present Sagittarians with facts because they already have an unlimited supply which they gladly recite in rapid succession. They become bored and restless when surrounded by people or circumstances in which they have no interest. At such times, they find ways to disappear physically or mentally.

Sagittarius l.jpg


survival mechanism

makes them vulnerable

usually quite talkative

adapt to changes

Sagittarians react physically to everything they experience in life l.jpg

Before they take physical action, before they sort out the Before they assess the practicality or worth of what they are doing, before they sort out their true emotions, and before they take time to reason things out intellectually, their tendency is to shoot first and ask questions later.

Sagittarians react physically to everything they experience in life.

Communication-oriented Sagittarians are forever running around with energy and enthusiasm.

They are independent and hard to pin down for long, and indeed, this is the sign of the bachelor. In one way or another even married Sagittarians seek to maintain some aspect of personal independence.

Sagittarius s astrological symbol l.jpg

Sagittarius’s Astrological Symbol

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer—half-man, half-horse. This symbolizes the Sagittarian’s attempt to free itself from man’s animal nature. The centaur is thought to symbolize the development of the human soul. It symbolizes the animal natures and desires of man, as well as its spiritual aspirations.

Sagittarius s constellation l.jpg

Sagittarius’s Constellation

Sagittarius s constellation22 l.jpg

Sagittarius’s Constellation

Sagittarius s astrological glyph l.jpg

Sagittarius’s Astrological Glyph

The glyph for Sagittarius is a straightforward one—it depicts the archer’s arrow slung in a bow. This glyph symbolizes the desire for direction, a higher purpose, and abundance. 

The sagittarius myth l.jpg

The Sagittarius Myth


Slide25 l.jpg

the kindest and gentlest of the Centaurs

Chiron was accidently shot with a poison arrow

Prometheus made Chiron mortal so he could end his earthly existence and enter the heavens

Chiron was immortal, with a wise and caring nature and a great ability to teach

How does this myth relate to the sagittarius characteristics l.jpg

How does this myth relate to the Sagittarius characteristics?

Chiron’s wound is really the gap between the mortal, animal side of him and the immortal, god-like side. The reality of tangible, physical life is always imperfect, always in a way poisoned when compared to the vision he sees. He may try to avoid his wound, and throw himself into an endless running bout of escape from one excitement to another, striving always to avoid being alone with their thoughts. The Sagittarius who has the courage to face both his vision and the reality of his life is rare; but should he succeed, he is in truth the wounded healer, for he has learned compassion—a quality which the more naïve or blind Sagittarian utterly lacks.

Slide27 l.jpg

We’ll now mention some of the challenges of Sagittarius. Remember though we are talking about the energy of Sagittarius and there are many types of energy.

Sagittarius non challenging energies l.jpg

SagittariusNon-Challenging Energies

  • Frank

  • Enthusiastic

  • Stimulating

  • Optimistic

  • Generous

  • Candid

  • Impulsive

  • Open and Honest

  • Fair

  • Eager

  • Sensual

  • Carefree

  • Sincere

  • Good-Judgement

  • Adventurous

  • Positive Thinker

  • Desired by Everyone.

Sagittarius challenging energies l.jpg

SagittariusChallenging Energies

  • Irresponsible

  • Careless

  • Frivolous

  • Blindly Optimistic

  • Aloof

  • Blunt

  • Rigid

  • Overly Critical

  • Impatient

  • Over-confident

  • Boastful

  • Demanding

  • Domineering

  • Tactless

  • Unrealistic

  • Restless

  • Outspoken

Who are some sagittarians l.jpg

Who are some Sagittarians?

  • George Eliot

  • Charles De Gaulle

  • Rodney Dangerfield

  • Billie Jean King

  • Jamie Lee Curtis

  • Sri Athya Sai Baba, William F. Buckley, Andrew Carnegie, John F. Kennedy Jr., Tina Turner, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Jon Stewart, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Woody Allen, Bette Midler, Randolph Hearst, Donny Osmond, Sinead O'Connor, Sammy Davis, Jr., Kim Basinger, Emily Dickenson, Lee Remick, Patty Duke, Tim Conway, Jane Austin, Margaret Mead, Steven Spielberg, etc.

The exoteric ruler is jupiter l.jpg

The Exoteric Ruler is Jupiter

Benevolent Jupiter in Sagittarius seeks truth through exoteric expression, recognizing how the spiritual manifests on the material.

“When the human Hierarchy is fully awakened to spiritual and not simply material possibilities, then the work of Jupiter will immediately intensify and this beneficent ruler will lead the human family into the ways of peace and progress.” (Esoteric Astrology, Pg. 264)

The esoteric ruler is earth l.jpg

The Esoteric Ruler is Earth

“The Earth itself is, on a small scale, also an intermediary or a relating planet, because it is found ruling both Gemini and Sagittarius and is potent, therefore, only within the line of this dual relationship, existing between this particular pair of opposites. In the Earth a great balancing process is going forward between two great streams of cosmic energy, emanating the one from Sagittarius and the other from Gemini. This condition, aided and influenced by Mercury and Venus produces the somewhat unusual situation in our planet.” (Esoteric Astrology, Pg. 362)

The hierarchical ruler is mars l.jpg

The Hierarchical Ruler is Mars

“Mars carries the war into the very depth of circumstance, environment and being, and confers at the same time such devotion to the visioned objective—as seen at any particular point upon the path—that final failure is rendered impossible.” (Esoteric Astrology, Pg. 365)

Ray rulers for sagittarius l.jpg

Ray Rulers for Sagittarius

  • Ray 4 which shows humanity (Who’s Kingdom is alike the Fourth).

  • Ray 5 which knows the Truth which lies concealed within the mind and form of God.

  • Ray 6 which gives the ardor to ascend at any cost until the Great Ideal is reached.

The labours of hercules l.jpg

The Labours of Hercules

The labours of hercules36 l.jpg

The Labours of Hercules

  • The Labours of Hercules is a book by Alice Bailey written in 1936 wherein Hercules needs to complete 12 tasks – one in each sign.

  • Each sign represents a different aspect of man’s development.

  • This the story of the individual Christ, crucified upon the cross of matter, and incarnated in each human being, God, incarnate in matter.

The labour in sagattarius l.jpg

The Labour in Sagattarius

In this labour, Hercules is instructed to find the marsh of Stymphalus and to discover the way to flush out the ferocious, man-eating birds who, with iron beaks, talons sharpened like swords and feathers like steel shafts, wreak havoc among the people of Arcadia.

Hercules completes his task l.jpg

Hercules completes his task

For long Hercules searches, until he comes to the fetid marsh of Stymphalus. On his approach, the birds screech in a raucous chorus, menacing and dissonant. Three of the birds, seeing Hercules, swoop down to attack him, but standing his ground, he wards them off with his heavy club. Standing before the marsh, wondering how he would rid the place of these birds of prey, he remembers the words of his Teacher: “The flame that gleams beyond the mind reveals direction sure.”

Hercules completes his task39 l.jpg

Hercules completes his task

At twilight, when the marsh is dense with countless birds, Hercules strikes repeatedly on two large and brazen cymbals. Bewildered and disturbed by so monstrous a noise, the birds, with wings wildly flapping, never to return again.

The goddess Athena provided the pair of bronze krotala, noisemaking clappers similar to castanets. These were no ordinary noisemakers. They had been made by an immortal craftsman, Hephaistos, the god of the forge.

Interpretation of the myth l.jpg

Interpretation of the myth

The symbol of Sagittarius is sometimes depicted as an archer on a white horse: the white horse denoting the purified and developed personality, whilst the archer represents the one-pointed disciple, moving, straight as an arrow, towards the goal. Hercules, triumphant and freed from illusion in Scorpio, recognised that he still had an emotional nature, and found that the birds of Stymphalus, especially three of them, had to be raised out of the marshes into the clear light of day, before he could move on to a greater vision.

What do the birds represent l.jpg

What do the birds represent?

The three birds represent wrong thought and speech. Hercules realised that the lesson of this labour was the restraint of speech through the control of thought. As long as his thoughts were separative and a reflection of his lower nature, he would not be able to move further on the lighted way. By striking the cymbals Hercules managed to raise the birds into the clear air where they could be seen and conquered.

Further interpretation l.jpg

Further Interpretation

The underlying theme of Sagittarius is that of direction or movement towards an identified goal. It has been observed that there is no direction apart from thought, and that thought is power. In the life of the Sagittarian server, these ideas reflect an awakening of consciousness to the ordered direction of God’s thought and the development of a deeper understanding of the divine Plan unfolding.

The full moon chart l.jpg

The Full Moon Chart

Capricorn Full Moon

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9:22 PM GMT (4:22 PM EST)

Capricorn Full Moon Meditation

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1:00 PM EST

Sagittarius Full MoonTuesday, December 21, 2010

8:13 AM GMT (3:13 AM EST)

Slide46 l.jpg

We can view this as the energy of fire - enthusiasm and high spirits - (Sagittarius) on the level of the personality and air - logic, thoughtful, intellectual - (Gemini) on the level of the emotions – looking at the elements. Both are mutable signs which are concerned with changing things into something else.

Slide48 l.jpg

Intellectual growth is often the motivation for individuals with Mercury sextile Neptune to also attain spiritual and psychological growth. Many of them possess precognitive abilities that can be developed into remarkable powers. Learning to help themselves is often the way in which they end up helping others. Their jobs are apt to involve working with those who are handicapped, underprivileged, or institutionalized.

Slide50 l.jpg

When it comes to expressing ideas, the thoughts generated by those with Mercury Uranus are either futuristic concepts or center around the past. This does not leave the success of their endeavors in jeopardy, but can cause confusion in trying to get projects off the ground when those around them believe they are too far ahead of the times or too far behind. They are apt to be clever and original thinkers. One of their complaints is having to look after boring details, and one of their problems is keeping track of papers and information no matter how organized they are.

Slide52 l.jpg

Mercury square Jupiter indicates those apt to be highly intelligent but get bogged down in meaningless details. Poor memories or poor attitudes result in being plagued with a great deal of unnecessary work. Their intellectual curiosity can mean remarkable research and scholarship abilities or only a fondness for gossip.

Slide54 l.jpg

Jupiter conjunct Uranus offers individuals (both privately and as part of a generation) a society that is in one stage of rebellion or another; depending on the times, it may affect fashions, religion, politics, or education and philosophy. Their lives may be heavily influenced by war, the status quo turned upside down, and the introduction of a new order and logic in society.

Why are we here tonight l.jpg

Why are we here tonight?

The time of the full moon there is a direct alignment between the energy of the sign the sun is in and the affairs of the sign the moon is in.

Sun – Sagittarius – Exerting towards goal after goal

Moon – Gemini – stimulates companions’ evolution

In our meditation this evening, let us visualize a common goal for humanity. Groups of men and women of goodwill bonding together to support right-human values. Let us use our magical powers of manifestation, and see this happen. Leaders and ordinary people alike, afire with goodwill and humanitarian vision, acting in concert for the good of mankind as a whole.

Seed thought for sagittarius l.jpg

Seed Thought for Sagittarius

I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.

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