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Phonation Physiology Chapter 5. Perry C. Hanavan. Review. Review of laryngeal anatomy. Nonspeech Laryngeal Function. Cough Reflex Visceral afferent branch of Vagus Nerve Response to irritant of tissue of respiratory passageway to irritant or foreign object

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Phonation Physiology Chapter 5

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Phonation physiology chapter 5 l.jpg

Phonation PhysiologyChapter 5

Perry C. Hanavan

Review l.jpg


  • Review of laryngeal anatomy

Nonspeech laryngeal function l.jpg

Nonspeech Laryngeal Function

Cough Reflex

  • Visceral afferent branch of Vagus Nerve

  • Response to irritant of tissue of respiratory passageway to irritant or foreign object

  • Widely abducted vocal folds followed by tight adduction of vocal folds and elevation of larynx

  • smokers are less sensitive to cough-inducing irritants, which may have important medical implications.

  • The reflex cough test reliably evaluated the laryngeal cough reflex and the associated risk of developing aspiration pneumonia in stroke patients. Testing the laryngeal cough reflex may significantly reduce morbidity, mortality, and costs in stroke patients.

Nonspeech laryngeal function4 l.jpg

Nonspeech Laryngeal Function

Throat clearing

  • Build subglottal pressure

  • Clamp the vocal folds shut (adduct)

  • Clear respiratory system of mucous

Nonspeech laryngeal function5 l.jpg

Nonspeech Laryngeal Function

  • Abdominal fixation

  • Valsalva maneuver

Laryngeal function for speech l.jpg

Laryngeal Function for Speech

  • Attack – process of adducting folds to begin process of phonating

  • Simultaneous vocal attack – adduction and respiration at same time

  • Breathy vocal attack – initiating significant airflow before adducting folds

  • Glottal attack – adducting vocal folds prior to air flow

    • Hard glottal attack

Speech function l.jpg

Speech Function

  • Termination – abduction of vocal folds

Vocal folds l.jpg

Vocal Folds

  • Phonation

  • Phonation

  • Fundamental

  • Harmonics

  • Habitual pitch

  • Optimal pitch

  • Average fundamental frequency

Vocal register l.jpg

Vocal Register

  • Modal register

  • Vocal fry

  • Falsetto

Modal register l.jpg

Modal Register

  • Modal register or modal phonation refers to the pattern of phonation used in daily conversation

  • Example

Slide11 l.jpg

Vocal Fry

Glottal fry l.jpg

Glottal Fry

  • Also known as pulse register or Strohbass (straw bass)

  • Vocal folds vibrate between 30 and 90 Hz

  • Frying pan sound of eggs frying

  • Low subglottal pressure

  • Tension of the vocalis is significantly reduced relative to modal vibration, so that the vibrating margin is flaccid and thick. The lateral portion of folds is tensed creating thick folds

  • Example

Falsetto l.jpg


  • A singing technique that produces sounds that are pitched higher than the singer's normal range

  • Vocal folds lengthened and become extremely thin

  • expansion and separation of vocal cords, in which case, only the edges of the vocal cord vibrate, not the entire vocal cord

  • used by male countertenors to sing in the alto range, before women sang in choirs.

  • It is a very common technique in soul music, and has also been made popular in heavy metal

  • How to sing falsetto

  • Falsetto Voice Phrases

Whistle register l.jpg

Whistle Register

  • Register above falsetto

  • (flageolet register) is the highest register of the human voice

  • Up to 2500 Hz in females

  • Product of turbulence on the edge of the vocal fold

  • Not considered a mode of vibration as product of turbulence

  • Mariah Carey

  • Mariah Carey

Whispering l.jpg


  • Not a phonatory mode

  • Voicing removed

  • Mariah Carey

Puberphonia l.jpg


  • Maintenance of the childhood pitch despite having passed through puberty

  • Puberphonia

  • Other voice disorders

Gender age l.jpg

Gender & Age

Voice disorders l.jpg

Voice Disorders

  • Voice Doctor

  • Voice Disorders

  • Voice Doctor

  • Voice Disorders

  • Functional Voice Disorder

  • Disorders of the Larynx

  • Cancer of the Larynx

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