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Spiritual writings. Continued Discernment. Spiritual Integration ... Five day retreat. Year 4. Preordination Canonical retreat. Year 2 4 (cont.) Evaluations ...

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A Call to the

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:A Call to the Diaconate

Slide 2:Who ……

a man at least 35 years of age having a proven record of service has Completed PMFP, plus Specialization CMFP. Plus Specialization has at least a high school diploma or GED

Slide 3:Who …. (cont.)

Has completed Safe Environment Training Has had the required fingerprint background check Has completed State Mandate Reporter Training

Slide 4:Who has ……

a natural inclination of service to the Christian community and all in need; psychological integrity a capacity for dialogue the ability to share his faith yet listen respectfully to other points of view; the capacity to listen carefully and without prejudices –

Slide 5:Who has ……(cont.)

respect for others in the context of their religion, race, gender, ethnicity, and culture; good communications skills; a sense of responsibility that includes the fulfilling of one’s word and completing one’s work; self-direction and collaborative accountability;

Slide 6:Who has ……(cont.)

balanced and prudent judgment; generosity in service; the ability to lead, motivate, facilitate, and animate others into appropriate action and service.”

Slide 7:Who possess…

certain spiritual and evangelical qualities including sound faith; good Christian reputation; active involvement in the Church’s apostolate; personal integrity, maturity, and holiness; regular participation in the Church’s sacramental life

Slide 8:Who possess ……(cont.)

evidence of recognized, ongoing commitment to the Church’s life and service; participation in faith enrichment opportunities…; a positive and stable marriage, if married or a mature celibate state of life, if single; an active membership in a parish community;

Slide 9:Who possess ……(cont.)

capacity for obedience and fraternal communion; a deep spirituality and prayer life.

Slide 10:Who seeks ….

to be a servant leader in the diakonia of the Church’s Ministry of the Word, Ministry of the Liturgy, and Ministry of Charity and Justice

Slide 11:Who is able to…..

proclaim the word in a varied contexts of ministerial service: kerygma (proclaiming the truth), catechesis, preparation for the sacraments,

Slide 12:Who is able to.…(cont.)

assist in the celebration of the sacraments and sacramental service at the altar … preach educate the Christian community on the social dimension of the Gospel

Slide 13:Who is able to….(cont.)

foster by facilitation, motivation, and organization the Church’s ministry of charity and justice, and the preferential option for the poor.

Slide 14:Who ……

is already living a life of mature Christian spirituality through a simplicity of heart total giving of self humble and helpful love

Slide 15:Who …. (cont.)

brings a greater and more direct presence of Church ministers in the various spheres family, work, school, etc. … serves God’s people by their witness to the gospel value of sacrificial love is a man of good reputation, filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. is firmly rooted and grounded in faith

Slide 16:And

If married Has his wife’s wholehearted support she will journey with him and complete the formation work, including but not limited to PMFP and CMFP courses.

Slide 17:And (cont.)

If he has children They support his decision They are old enough to be left alone

Slide 18:What Is A Deacon

An Ordained Minister in service to the Bishop In a parish In charity In a hospital In a detention facility In other service to the Bishop In the market place

Slide 19:Parish Service

Assist at Mass Deacon of the Word Proclaiming the Gospel At times preaching Leading the Prayers of the Faithful Deacon of the Altar Instructing the people Preparing the gifts Mission the people at the end of Mass

Slide 20:Parish Service (cont.)

Weddings Baptisms Funerals Catechesis Ministry of Charity Advocate to the Tribunal

Slide 21:Charity

Working to fulfill the Church’s Charitable works Food pantries Out reach to the homeless Advocacy for the social needs of the community

Slide 22:Hospital

Visiting the Sick Hospital Chaplaincy

Slide 23:Detention Facility

Visiting detainees Conducting liturgical services Prison Chaplaincy

Slide 24:Other Services

Liaison to different Ecclesial groups Work on Diocesan committees Other specific assignments

Slide 25:In the Market Place

An Ordained Catholic presence In the world of work In the places of commerce In the community

Slide 26:How to Begin

Recommendation to Inquirer Phase Three or more years active service to the Church Dialogue with pastor or pastoral coordinator Pastor or pastoral coordinator recommendation

Slide 27:How to Begin (cont.)

After recommendation received by Office of Formation Inquirer form Reflection statement If prerequisites met: Application Process

Slide 28:How to Begin (cont.)

Application Process Application Wife’s Statement Autobiographies (husband and wife) Baptismal record If these meet the minimum standards ….

Slide 29:How to Begin (cont.)

Deacon Perceiver Interview Possible Home Interview Reference Checks And Then …..

Slide 30:How to Begin (cont.)

Screening Workshop Admissions Committee Review And then ……

Slide 31:How to Begin (cont.)

If acceptable – psychological evaluation Back to the Admissions Committee If accepted ……

Slide 32:How to Begin (cont.)

Recommended to the Bishop to begin an Aspirant Phase …..

Slide 33:Aspirant Phase – Year 1

Opening weekend retreat One to two weekends per month Saturday and Sunday Human Personal characteristics Spiritual Personal and couple spirituality

Slide 34:Year 1 (cont.)

Intellectual Diaconal History/Charism Scripture Theology Pastoral Directed practicum Detention Ministry

Slide 35:Year 1 (cont.)

Discernment (personal and diocesan) Evaluation Self Spousal Peer Pastor Parish Formation Staff Admissions Committee

Slide 36:Year 1 (cont.)

End of the year retreat For those selected by the Bishop Rite of Candidacy

Slide 37:Candidate Phase: Year 2 – 4 One to two weekends per month

Human Develop human qualities Relational and collaborative skills Giftedness Strengths and limitations Self-criticism Balance Personal, family, business, Church

Slide 38:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Spiritual Spiritual direction Pattern of prayer Increased holiness Spiritual writings Continued Discernment Spiritual Integration Personal, family, business, Church

Slide 39:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Intellectual Christian doctrine and practice Theology Ecclesiology Morality History Canon Law Liturgy

Slide 40:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Intellectual (cont.) Scripture Christology Pneumaology Evangelization

Slide 41:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Pastoral Theological reflection Homiletics Pastoral Practicum Social Justice Hospital Parish

Slide 42:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Installation in Orders (Bishop’s selection) Lector (year 2) Acolyte (year 3) Weekend retreats Year 2 and 3 Five day retreat Year 4 Preordination Canonical retreat

Slide 43:Year 2 – 4 (cont.)

Evaluations (annually) Personal Spousal Peer Pastor Parish Formation Staff Admissions Committee

Slide 44:Ordination

For those selected by the Bishop Sacrament of Holy Orders Vow of obedience Laying on of Hands Book of Gospels Believe what you read, preach what you believe, practice what you preach

Slide 45:Ordination (cont.)

Assignment (1-3 year, renewable) By Bishop Parish Other needs Covenant Agreement

Slide 46:Ordination (cont.)

Faculties (1-3 year, renewable) Baptize Preach Witness to Matrimony Conduct Funeral Services Take Viaticum to the dying

Slide 47:And Now

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