Whose S ope is it Anyway?
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Whose S ope is it Anyway?. Created by Brian Domroes. Which Animal is Faster?. Give reasons to support your answer. Rate: Definition and Examples. A rate is a ratio comparing two different units Examples: Dollars/week Miles/hour Beats/second. Cat and Mouse Simulation.

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Whose S ope is it Anyway?

Created by Brian Domroes

Which animal is faster l.jpg
Which Animal is Faster?

Give reasons to support your answer.

Rate definition and examples l.jpg
Rate: Definition and Examples

  • A rate is a ratio comparing two different units

  • Examples:

    • Dollars/week

    • Miles/hour

    • Beats/second

Cat and mouse simulation l.jpg
Cat and Mouse Simulation

What do graph lines really mean?

Go to www explorelearning com l.jpg
Go to www.explorelearning.com

Type in “Cat and Mouse”

Cat and Mouse

Exploration activity reviewed l.jpg
Exploration Activity Reviewed

  • The line moves up the y axis 3 spaces.

  • Make the cat go as fast as possible.

  • Yes, if it has enough of a head start.

  • Parallel lines = same slope = same speed.

Exploration activity reviewed9 l.jpg

1 second

7 feet

Exploration Activity Reviewed


Exploration activity reviewed10 l.jpg
Exploration Activity Reviewed

6. The intersecting lines shows where the cat catches the mouse.

  • 20 feet

    8. The more vertical the line, the faster the animal.

Exploration activity reviewed11 l.jpg
Exploration Activity Reviewed


What are your observations?

Exploration activity reviewed12 l.jpg



Exploration Activity Reviewed


Align the triangles appropriately l.jpg



Align the triangles appropriately

130 feet in l.jpg



130 feet in

2 seconds

360 feet in l.jpg



360 feet in

8 seconds

180 feet in l.jpg



180 feet in

2 seconds

420 feet in l.jpg



420 feet in

4 seconds

200 feet in l.jpg



200 feet in

4 seconds

Answers reviewed30 l.jpg
Answers Reviewed

  • The change in y compared to change in x.

  • The Impala is 2nd fastest.

  • The Sable and the Warthog.