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PIKA Technologies’ fully customizable PBX Platform. Agenda. PIKA Corporate Overview PIKA WARP Appliance - primer Introducing WARP Enterprise PBX Platform “PC + Boards” vs. Appliance Getting More Information and who to contact. First, some questions ….

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Agenda l.jpg

PIKA Corporate Overview

PIKA WARP Appliance - primer

Introducing WARP Enterprise PBX Platform

“PC + Boards” vs. Appliance

Getting More Information and who to contact

Slide3 l.jpg

First, some questions …..

  • How many people here are familiar with PIKA Technologies?

  • How many people here are familiar with the Warp Appliance?

  • How many people have actually used the Warp?

    • Are any of you struggling with our PADS SDK?

  • How many of you are using FreePBX as your GUI?

  • Any Trixbox CE users?

Pika overview l.jpg
PIKA Overview

22+ years in telephony hardware

Primary business is CT Cards

Head Office: Ottawa, Canada

WARP product was designed with input from our Customers

120+ developers worldwide working with WARP appliance today including:

IP PBX developers

IVR developers

Gateway developers

Logging developers

Cable Companies

Service providers

STRONG focus on quality and customer service

Slide5 l.jpg

PIKA WARP Appliance - Primer

  • “Purpose-Built” Telephony Platform

    • Flexible port options – SIP, FXO, ISDN-BRI, FXS

  • Ideal for Asterisk®/FreePBX®; also for Linux Developers

  • Small form factor, low power (1/18th), greener

  • Targeted for SMB deployments

  • Reliable with Solid State components

  • True Alternative to PC + Voice Cards

Pika Technologies, Inc. - Confidential

Slide6 l.jpg

2 x BRI (4 channels)

2 x GSM Port

(in development)

Analog stn module

4 port FXS + PFT

Analog trunk 4 port FX0 + PFT

Intelligent Fan

FXS Port

Power Cable

SD Card




Out In




Connectors and Ports

Slide7 l.jpg

  • What is WARP Enterprise & why did we introduce it?

  • or

  • = + Asterisk + FreePBX

  • + Market Leading FAX Support

  • + VoIP LCM + other add-ons + ..

  • Simply: A Higher Level of Enablement

  • Benefits new and existing WARP customers

    • Eliminates routine development

    • Get to market quicker

    • Offers you a road-map of add-on functionality

    • Lets you focus on your differentiation

  • Offers PC Developers a true alternative H/W Platform!

Slide8 l.jpg

Start /



Base product





PC + Voice Card

Integrate, deal with churn*, add Asterisk + GUI











Warp for Asterisk / Linux (SDK)

Add Asterisk + GUI






Hardware Alternatives

Slide9 l.jpg

What type of Developer are you?

  • Low Level Developer

  • High Level Developer


  • Integrate (H/W & S/W) systems for your customers

  • Technical capability and knowledge of Asterisk but perhaps not C code

  • Likey have capabilities in Web development and PHP coding

  • Have a higher expectations of support

  • Technical capability at the configuration and programming level

C Programmer

  • Engineering focused - very technical

  • Comfortable to write in C or other

  • Comfortable with Linux environment

  • Possible Embedded experience

  • Comfortable with SDKs (eg. PADS)

  • Contribute to open source s/w

  • Comfortable with forum-type support


Slide10 l.jpg

Asterisk and FreePBX pre-loaded on the PIKA WARP appliance

  • Reduces overall product cost

    • Minimized hardware/component lifecycle churn when compared to PC + boards

    • Simplified procurement and minimized inventory

    • System integration done for you (PC + cards/drivers + software pre-loaded)

    • Single H/W vendor eliminates finger pointing

  • Increased reliability with solid state components (no hard drive)

Slide11 l.jpg

  • Customization to promote your company/ product name/image

  • Unique programmable LCD user interface

    • facilitates quick installation (IP address)

  • Purpose built telephony hardware

    • Power Fail Transfer ports

    • MOH/Paging ports

    • 1 standard FXS port

Slide12 l.jpg

Common Features

  • Automated Attendant

  • Conference Bridging

  • Call Monitoring

  • Call Parking

  • Call Queuing

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Transfer

  • Database Integration

  • Dial by Name

  • Music on Hold

  • Time Conditions and Grouping

  • 911 Calling

  • Voice Mail to Email

  • Day/Night Control

  • CDR Reports

Group Features

  • Custom Inbound Routing

  • Call Groups

  • Call Queues

  • Announcements

  • System Recordings

  • Music on Hold Groups

  • Device Inventory

  • PIN Codes

  • Incoming Fax Detection

  • Conference Calling

  • Remote Office

User Features

  • Call Fwd Busy, N/A, Always

  • Call Hold/Transfer

  • Call Join, Conference

  • Call Parking Control

  • Last Number Redial

  • Online Voice Mail Retrieval

  • Voice Mail to Email

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Speed Dial

  • Black List (Call Screening)

  • Call Recording

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Presence

Features and Applications

  • Standard Asterisk 1.4 features

  • Optional VoIP Lifecycle Management (QOS) Broadsoft/Packet Island

    • Tested and integrated on WARP Enterprise (license required)

  • Other add-on’s in development:

    • Microsoft Outlook Integration

    • Presence client (Flash Operator Panel - FOP2)

    • Phone auto provisioning (Aastra)

    • ….

Slide13 l.jpg

Warp Enterprise Components

Software is LAMPA Based

  • (L) WARP Linux Distro (based on std core kernel

  • (A) Lighttpd (Apache light)

  • (M) Mysql

  • (P) Php, Perl

  • (A) Asterisk, FreePBX 2.5.1

Slide14 l.jpg

Have a WARP already?

  • Get Up and running in < 30 minutes!

  • Simply download the image, install & configure

    • Download 6 files onto USB stick

    • Insert the USB into Warp

    • Power up the unit and wait ~20 minutes

    • Warp is now running Asterisk + the FreePBX GUI

    • Connect to local network

    • Tap once on screen button to get IP address (benefit of LCD)

    • Enter IP address in web browser to access FreePBX log-in screen

Slide16 l.jpg


Customization: Promote YOUR Brand

Front panel

- paper template



Slide17 l.jpg

Customization: Promote YOUR Brand

  • Configuration GUI

  • Customize your GUI using PHP and Stylesheets (CSS)

  • Add your company/product name/images

  • Modify the look and feel

  • Add functionality (eg. “Live Person”

Slide18 l.jpg

  • Recapping the benefits:

  • Quick time to market with Asterisk and FreePBX pre-installed

    • Software integration done for you

    • Benefit from the flexibility and customization of the traditional Warp platform

    • For existing WARP users, less routine development required

  • Eliminate PC churn costs when compared to PC + cards

    • Purpose-built, stable, solid state telephony appliance

      • MOH / Paging (audio in/out ports)

      • Power Fail Transfer

Slide19 l.jpg

  • Recapping the benefits:

  • Minimize hardware and driver integration costs when compared to PC + boards

  • Increased Reliability – solid state memory, no hard drives

  • Easily brandable – promote your business

  • Flexibility: multiple connectivity options SIP/FXO/FXS/BRI and GSM (future)

Slide20 l.jpg

Need more information?

PIKA Corporate - Web Site

PIKA Corporate - Forum

Warp Xtra – Community Site

Warp Xtra - Forum


Slide21 l.jpg

General Description, Technical Details and Getting Started Guide:


Forum Discussion and support: http://forum.pikatechnologies.com/index.php

If you wish to brand the GUI, follow the instructions at http://pikawarp.org/?p=269

Training video “How to build FreePBX for the WARP” at http://pikawarp.org/?p=350

There are also an ever growing source of how-to videos and blogs on compiling, flashing, using this image on WARP Xtra: www.pikawarp.org

Dedicated thread on the forum where discussion topics are regularly addressed: http://forum.pikawarp.org

If you need technical support, please email Shawn Karow at [email protected] .

If you like to Twitter, you can follow Shawn on skar_pikawarp

Need more information? Some Examples.

Green friendly l.jpg
Green Friendly Guide:

Uses 18 times less energy than a PC with boards

power supply – low power usage

20 w = 175 kwh per year versus 350 w / 3000 kwh per year for PC with boards

10 times less end-of-life disposal space

100% lead free

enviro-safe paint

outer packaging is 100% recycled materials