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Internet Connection Sharing Hugh Taylor Support Professional Platforms Support Microsoft Corporation. Overview. Benefits of home networking Topology of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) How ICS works

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Internet Connection SharingHugh TaylorSupport ProfessionalPlatforms SupportMicrosoft Corporation

Overview l.jpg

  • Benefits of home networking

  • Topology of Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

  • How ICS works

  • How to set up and configure ICS in Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows 2000

  • Issues to be aware of

  • Phone line networking caveats

Benefits of home networking l.jpg
Benefits of Home Networking

  • File sharing – optimizes available hard disk free space

  • Use of peripheral devices from any computer – scanners, printers, tape drives

  • Collaboration, cooperation

  • Multiplayer games

  • Wired household

Anatomy of a home lan l.jpg
Anatomy of a Home LAN





  • Internet

  • Universal Plug and Play

Benefits of ics l.jpg
Benefits of ICS

  • Multiple computers use a single Internet connection

  • Private IP addressing masks IP addresses to prevent attacks

    • ICS host forwards requests from ICS clients to Internet, and forwards replies from Internet to ICS clients, only computer visible

  • Cost versus multiple connections

General topology l.jpg
General Topology

  • Home network with all computers connected by Ethernet, phone line, or wireless

  • One computer set up as the ICS host and which has the connection to the Internet

  • ICS host shares its Internet connection, and assigns private IP addresses to clients

  • Remaining computers set up as ICS clients

  • ICS host routes traffic from clients to Internet

General topology7 l.jpg
General Topology

ICS Client 1


ICS Host



ICS Client 2

How network address translation works l.jpg
How Network Address Translation Works

  • ICS host assigns clients addresses from the Private IP class C address pool

  • ICS host maps IP addresses of clients to dynamic port numbers

  • ICS host forwards requests from clients to Internet

  • ICS host forwards replies from Internet to client

How port mapping works l.jpg
How Port Mapping Works

Port Map:

X = 2958

Y = 3256

Z = 4223

ICS Host



ICS Client 1



by ISP

ICS Client 2



How host forwarding works l.jpg
How Host Forwarding Works

Port Map:

X = 2958

Y = 3256

Z = 4223

to from port 3256

  • Host forwards packets to port 3256 to 192.168.0.Y which is Client 1

  • Host forwards packets to port 4223 to 192.168.0.Z which is Client 2

from to port 3256

to from port 4223


from to port 4223

ICS Host

Setup caveats tips and issues l.jpg
Setup Caveats, Tips, and Issues

  • Ensure that your ISP supports ICS

  • Finish the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard, or uninstall ICS to prevent upgrade issues

  • Only one ICS host needed

  • Virtual LAN drivers common with Windows 2000 and PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)

  • Get the latest version of PPPoE software for your DSL or cable modem connection

Networking caveats tips and issues l.jpg
Networking Caveats, Tips, and Issues

  • NetBIOS naming conventions for machine and workgroup names

  • Browsing issues

  • Protocol and binding issues

  • Static IP addresses

  • Did I mention, use the wizards when possible?

Networking vpn and ics l.jpg
Networking: VPN and ICS


ICS Client



ICS Host

If a client establishes the tunnel

ICS Client

Networking vpn and ics 2 l.jpg
Networking: VPN and ICS (2)



ICS Client


ICS Host


If the host establishes the tunnel

ICS Client

Phone line networking l.jpg
Phone Line Networking

  • Cabling

  • Utilities using the phone line for meters

  • Extensions versus separate lines for voice

Other caveats l.jpg
Other Caveats

  • Multiplayer games

  • Secure sites

  • Customized sites

Basic troubleshooting l.jpg
Basic Troubleshooting

  • Host only on one computer?

  • Do any computers have connectivity?

  • PING – to what can and can’t you PING?

  • If a client can’t connect to a server, can the host connect to that server?

  • To resolve many problems either reconfigure the host, or uninstall and reinstall ICS on the host