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November 2010 overview and update on the UT Arlington in Second Life project

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UT Arlington in Second Life

Past, Present, and Future

University Library Committee-November 9, 2010

Sarah Jones, UT Arlington Library

Uta in second life the backstory l.jpg
UTA in Second Life: The Backstory

  • University of Texas System grant: "Transforming Undergraduate Education“ -- http://tuelearningcommunity.com/ (July 2009-July 2010) pioneered by Dr. Leslie Jarmon, UT Austin

  • One year's funding for land for all campuses and health science centers

  • The first university system-wide initiative

  • Goal: Virtual Learning Community

    • Researchers, instructors, students, administrators, staff

    • Cost savings for travel

    • Environmental sustainability: travel, brick & mortar overhead

    • Addition to DE toolkit

    • Exploration of immersive environment for education

Accomplishments l.jpg

  • Facilities for meetings, classes, study groups, conferences, and exhibitions – see the UTA Island Directory

  • Interest meetings, Information Fair, Focus on Technology, New Maverick Orientation, Welcome Week Open House

  • Press coverage: The Shorthorn, The 33 News

  • Class activities: Nursing, English

  • FLOC exhibit on food sustainability

  • Website with info, tutorials, and resources / Facebook page & Twitter feed

  • College of Nursing Genomics Journal Club

  • Undergraduate advising for the Department of Sociology & Anthropology

  • UT System Undergraduate Conference

  • “The Value of Second Life to Nursing” continuing education workshop

Challenges l.jpg

  • Challenges:

    • Technology – graphics card, processor speed, broadband internet

    • Acculturation – being represented as an avatar in a 3D, synchronous, shared online environment

    • Translation – pedagogy and research in a virtual world

  • But.. A view to the past…

A view of the past l.jpg
A View of the Past

  • Evolution of the UTA web presence over 15 years

  • Adoption of WebCT 10 years ago

  • UTA hosted blogs as a response to faculty using Blogger

  • The challenges of getting syllabi posted online

  • Even email until relatively recently

    • Student MavMail

    • Library paper overdue notices

  • Virtual Worlds – revisiting the web of the mid 1990s

So why second life l.jpg
So, why Second Life?

  • Sense of Self

  • Sense of Place

  • Sense of Presence

  • Immersive, sensory experience

  • Synchronous, collaborative environment – more engaging than a web or video conference

  • Cost-effective alternative to travel, commuting, parking

The future l.jpg
The Future

  • Year One: funded by the UT System, with support from the Library (1/2 of my time)

  • Year Two: funded jointly by the Office of the Provost, the Library, the College of Nursing and the College of Liberal Arts

  • Beyond?

    • Closer collaboration with other UT System schools to share space and resources

    • Exploration of companion platforms (rapid growth among educators, less expensive, but technical challenges behind the scenes)

    • Research into locally hosted compatible spaces

The future19 l.jpg
The Future

  • Millions of kids, tweens and teens are currently using online social spaces and games

    • Already accustomed to being represented as an avatar

    • Already accustomed to the style of interacting, moving, and using an online 3D environment

  • Will we be ready when they get to college?

Ut arlington in second life20 l.jpg
UT Arlington in Second Life

UTA SL website - www.uta.edu/secondlife

  • Follow on Facebook or Twitter or read postings on the site

  • Log in directly to UTA land

    Contact me: Sarah Jones - [email protected]

    University of Texas Arlington, Digital Library Services

    In SL: RazitraArtizar (Raz)