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Motherboard. Computer Peripherals First Semester Second year Faculty of computers and information. Peripheral devices. Main devices VGA card, CPU, Power supply, RAM, … Secondary devices Mouse, Speakers, CD drive, …. Motherboard.

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Motherboard l.jpg


Computer Peripherals

First Semester

Second year

Faculty of computers and information

Peripheral devices l.jpg

Peripheral devices

  • Main devices VGA card, CPU, Power supply, RAM, …

  • Secondary devices

    Mouse, Speakers, CD drive, …

Motherboard3 l.jpg


  • Also called mainboard

  • Logical concept:

    • The infrastructure of power and data of the computer.

  • Physical concept:

    • A multilayer printed circuit.

Motherboard4 l.jpg


  • Connections to motherboard:

    • Direct connections

      - Cards connections

    • Indirect connections

      - Hard disk connections

Slide5 l.jpg

Motherboard Components

PS/2 Mouse& Ps/2 Keyboard Connector

LPT 1 Printer Port

AGP Expansion Slot

CMOS Battery

USB Port


ATX Power Connector

PCI Expansion Slots

CPU Socket 370

DIMM Memory Sockets

Floppy Drive Controller



Motherboard components l.jpg

Motherboard components

1. Buses

Data bus

Address bus

Control bus





Motherboard components7 l.jpg

Motherboard components

2. RAM banks (Ram slots)

Motherboard components8 l.jpg

Motherboard components

3. Processor socket

Motherboard components9 l.jpg

Motherboard components

4. IDE Controllers ( ATA or PATA cable)

Sata vs pata l.jpg



Motherboard with sata l.jpg

Motherboard with SATA


Motherboard components12 l.jpg

Motherboard components

5. BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

- considered a ROM

- perform POST (Power On Self Test).

- responsible for operating the computer until loading OS.

- responsible for recognizing any new hardware.

- responsible for the basic input and output operations.


Motherboard components13 l.jpg

Motherboard components


- A small memory with a battery.

- responsible for saving some important information such as date, time and password.

Motherboard components14 l.jpg

Motherboard components

7. PCI slots and AGP slot

- AGP :Accelerated Graphics Port

- PCI :Peripheral Component Interconnect

- for connecting various cards

( sound, fax and VGA cards ).

- Sound and VGA cards may be built-in

Adv:- Sheep


- sound card : no problem

- VGA card : needs its own memory, it will be from main memory

Motherboard components15 l.jpg

Motherboard components

8. ATX Power Connector

Motherboard components16 l.jpg

Motherboard components

9. ChipSet

A set of chips that provides the interfaces between all of the PC's subsystems. It provides the buses and electronics to allow the CPU, memory and input/output devices to interact.

Motherboard components17 l.jpg

Motherboard components

10. PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Connector

Motherboard components18 l.jpg

Motherboard components

11. parallel port

( LPT 1 Printer Port )

Motherboard components19 l.jpg

Motherboard components

12. Serial Ports

( Com1 and Com2 Ports )

Motherboard components20 l.jpg

Motherboard components

13. USB Ports

( Universal Serial Bus )

- USB 1.0 , USB 1.1

12 Mbps

- USB 2.0

480 Mbps

Motherboard components21 l.jpg

Motherboard components

14. North Bridge and South Bridge

Motherboard components22 l.jpg

Motherboard components

VGA card



North Bridge

South Bridge

Hard disk




Motherboard components23 l.jpg

Motherboard components

Motherboard components24 l.jpg

Motherboard components

Slide25 l.jpg

That’s it!

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