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Alternatives to Locks

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1. Welcome RMAT-2010 1

2. On-Line Couselling & Reporting System for RMAT 2010 2 Updated on: 29/07/2010

3. Post Registration Activities To login goto RMAT-2010 website. Your ADMIN user name and PASSWORD have been mailed to you on your registered e-mail address. Please get the details from your registered e-mail. Keep Checking your email accounts regularly –ADMIN User Name will remain same throughout the RMAT admission process. Password change would be required at first login – while changing the password follow the complexity rules (Combination of alphabets and numerals should be used – min 8 characters) DO NOT SHARE PASSWORD AND KEEP CHANGING IT.

4. Post Login Activities 4 Institute can login only through ADMIN Login account. Create required number of user accounts for “Reporting Officer” and “Admission Authentication Officer”. Maximum of 2 users in each category can be created. To use the system, the ADMIN user will have to login first. Through the ADMIN screen only the other users will be able to login by clicking on corresponding link. Details of Reporting & authentication officer can be changed only if they have not reported/authenticated any candidate. However, they can change their Password any number of times.

5. Activities of Reporting Officer 5 The allotted candidate IN PERSON will first approach the Reporting Officer and will present for verification his original documents alongwith the allotment letter downloaded from the website. (The Institute may also extend the facility of downloading the allotment letter to the candidates) The Reporting Officer will verify the personal data of the candidate and will ensure that the candidate fulfills the eligibility criteria as laid down in the RMAT-2010 Booklet. The Institute/Reporting Officer will be solely responsible for correctness of admission of the candidate. The Reporting officer shall also accept the the consent letter for Upward-movement.

6. Following documents are to be verified/Accepted : Bank stamped challan of Rs. 10,000/- in original. Certificate of Domicile Caste/Category Certificate (for SC/ST/OBC). For OBC Category, certificates dated before 01/04/2009 are invalid. Ensure that the certificate mentions belongingness to creamy/non-creamy layer CLEARLY. Certificate for belongingness to Category-II as claimed by the candidate. In case of Ward of Ex-Servicemen, ensure that the discharge diary/certificate contains the permanent address belonging to Rajasthan State. Certificate of having passed Graduation Examination with 50% marks (45% for candidates eligible for Reservation). In case the result is awaited, the same shall be recorded with the roll number of the final examination. Secondary School certificate for ensuring the correctness of Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name & Date of Birth. 10+2 or equivalent certificate (for ensuring 10+2+3 Years of initial Training) Please verify Candidate’s Photo with the RMAT-2010’s Original Admit Card (Do not Accept any other proof of identity). Consent form for Upward movement.

7. Accepting Balance Fee The reporting candidate has to deposit balance fee (in excess of Rs. 10,000/-) to the Reporting Officer of Institute. The Institute shall issue proper receipt of fee to the candidate and advise him/her to keep it safely as the same may be required at later stage. Details of fee accepted and receipt issued shall be entered in the reporting form at appropriate place.

8. Authenticating Officer Authenticating Officer will be responsible for correctness of information and ensuring that admission is given to the eligible candidate only – as per RMAT-2010 eligibility criteria. (Refer RMAT-2010 information Booklet) Admission process will not be treated as complete until the Authentication is done for the candidate. If more than 10 cases are pending for Authentication or more than one hour has elapsed after last reporting, further reporting will be BLOCKED by the website. Once the Authentication is accorded to a candidate’s admission no change will be allowed.

9. Printing of Admission Letter Once a candidate’s admission is Authenticated, the admission letter printing option will be enabled. The Authenticating Officer should print the admission letter in duplicate. One copy shall be stamped & signed by Authenticating Officer and should be handed over to the candidate. The second copy should be got signed by the candidate and kept in institute records. Ensure that the duly signed consent letter for upward movement has been collected from the such candidates who have exercised this option. (The Information will be available on admission letter).

10. DAY CLOSURE PROCESS 10 After all the admissions are Authenticated at the End of Day, the ADMIN user must declare “DAY CLOSURE” using the menu option. DAY CLOSURE will generate a day-end report containing the following : Total candidates Allotted to the Institute Total candidates Reported Total Candidates Pending for reporting Next Day Beginning will not happen if the previous day’s Closure is not done.

11. Menu Options Available To Institutes 11 Change Profile : Institute can change or update registered details (like address, phone etc.). Institute wont be able to modify some details like name of institute, AICTE approval letter number, date & AICTE approved address etc. Create Users : Only ADMIN user has this priviledge. ADMIN can create two types of user viz. Reporting Officer & Authentication Officer. Any number of designated users may be created of each type by an institute. Change Password : Every user can change his/her password after providing old password

12. Reports Generation Options (Under Construction) 12 Reports (for a given period – default is current date) List of Allotted Candidates in 1st counselling List of Reported Candidates after 1st counselling List of inward Candidates into my Institute due to Upward Movement List of outward Candidates from my Institute due to Upward Movement List of Non-Reported Candidates after 1st Counselling/Upward Movement

13. Reports Generation Options 13 List of Reported Candidates after 2nd counselling List of Allotted Candidates in 2nd counselling List of Reported Candidates after 2nd counselling List of inward Candidates into my Institute due to Upward Movement after 2nd counselling List of outward Candidates from my Institute due to Upward Movement after 2nd counselling List of Non-Reported Candidates after 2nd counselling List of Candidates Finally admitted in the Institute Fee Accounting Statement – Inward/Outward, from RMAT Office etc. This option will be enabled after completion of admission process.

14. Activity Dead Lines The Reporting/Authentication Process will be OPENED and CLOSED as per the counselling schedule on the website. Admissions can be done ONLY through website – no other mode of communication will be followed by the RMAT office. ALL INSTRUCTIONS will be issued by the RMAT office through the website/email/SMS only. No postal communication should be expected.

15. Govt. Women Engineering College, Ajmer Thanks

16. Institute ADMIN Login Form 16

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