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Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets. Classical QD PulleysHigh-quality cast iron heavy duty pulleys for classical (A,B,C,D) V-belts. Standardized QD bushings.. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets. QD BushingsStandardized for interchangeability. Tapered and fully split through bore length for equivalent of interference fit..

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Training Module 7

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3. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

4. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

5. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

6. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

7. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

8. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

9. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

10. Types of Pulleys/Sheaves/Sprockets

11. Three Major Sheave/Pulley Types QD (Quick Detachable) Available from Carlisle, Browning, Maurey, Martin Sprocket, Reliance-Dodge, Woods Taper Lok Available from Reliance-Dodge, Gates, TB Woods, Carlisle (Woods and Carlisle on Synchronous sprockets only) Split Taper Available only from Browning

12. Classical QD Pulleys

13. Power-Wedge QD Pulleys

14. RPP Panther Sprockets

15. RPP Sprockets

16. Synchro-Cog Timing Pulleys

17. Minimum Plain Bore (MPB) MPB Sprockets or Sheaves do not require a bushing. They are stocked in a specific bore size such as 3/8 or They can be drilled or bored out to whatever diameter the customer requires (Maximum size is defined in catalog). Customer can do on his own or we can have it done. Example: M17H150 is stocked with a bore but can be bored out to a maximum of 1-1/4

18. QD Bushing

19. QD Bushing

20. QD Bushing

21. Durapower FHP Pulleys Bushed Type

22. Durapower FHP Pulley Bored to Size

23. Durapower FHP Pulley Adjustable

24. Belt/Sheave or Sprocket Combinations Which Belts Run in Which Type? Classical QD Pulleys: Gold Ribbon Cog-Belts, Super II V-Belts, Super Blue Ribbon V-Belts, Double Angle V-Belts, Super Vee-Bands, Gold Ribbon Cog-Bands, Connector Belting, Thoro-Twist V-Belting, Dry Can Belting. Note: FHP Durapower, Durapower II and XDV, (4L and 5L) will also run in Classical Pulleys since they are similar to A and B profile Classicals, but generally run in Durapower FHP type Pulleys. Durapower Pulleys (bushed, fixed bore and adjustable): Durapower FHP, XDV and GPL

25. Belt/Sheave or Sprocket Combinations Which Belts Run in Which Type? Power-Wedge QD Pulleys: Power-Wedge Cog-Belts, Super Power-Wedge V-Belts, Wedge-Band Raw Edge Cog-Bands, Wedge-Band Wrap Type Banded V-Belts, Wedge-Band Chipper Drive V-Belts. Note: Specific Sheaves/Pulleys exist for Variable Speed V-Belts and for V-Ribbed Belts, but they are made-to-order, non-catalogued, non-stock parts.

26. Belt/Sheave or Sprocket Combinations Which Belts Run in Which Type? Synchro-Cog Timing Pulleys: Synchro-Cog Timing Belts (XL, L, H, XH, XXH), Synchro-Cog Dual Timing Belts, Synchro-Cog Long Length Timing Belting (XL, L, H). RPP Sprockets: RPP Plus (3M,5M,8M,14M,20M), Dual RPP (8M,14M), Long Length RPP Belts (8M), Fin-Fan Belts (14M). RPP Panther Sprockets: RPP Panther Belts ONLY. Note: Cotton Cleaner Belts require a special size sprocket.

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