Towards a knowledge society
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towards a knowledge society. Measuring and Evaluating E-Government 12-13 t March 2007, Dubai. Agenda . Introducing eOman eOman Approach Achievements Infrastructure Projects eServices Projects Awareness and Training Discussion. eOman. National Committee was established 1998

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towards a knowledge society

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towards a knowledge society

Measuring and Evaluating E-Government

12-13t March 2007, Dubai


  • Introducing eOman

  • eOman Approach

  • Achievements

    • Infrastructure Projects

    • eServices Projects

    • Awareness and Training

  • Discussion


  • National Committee was established 1998

  • Taskforce was created

  • Gartner was selected 2001

  • Digital Oman Strategy was approved by the Cabinet 2003


Our Vision

“To transform the Sultanate of Oman into a sustainable knowledge-based society by leveraging ICT to enhance government services, enrich businesses and empower individuals.”

eOman Objectives

  • Complementing Vision of the Omani Economy 2020

  • Enabling knowledge-based industries

  • Providing employment for Omani youth

  • Streamlining Government services to citizens and business

  • Enabling better healthcare

  • Improving educational opportunities

  • Enhancing social development

  • Making Oman a more attractive destination for foreign investment

eOman Approach

  • Digital Society Strategy rather than eGovernment Strategy

eOman Approach

Integration of

  • eGovernment strategies & integration plans

  • Unified technical standards

  • Centrally managed core shared architecture components

  • Policies and regulatory frameworks

  • e-Legislation governing electronic transactions

  • Governance and auditing activities

  • Capacity building initiatives

    to develop and govern a Digital Society

Governance Bodies


eGovernment Infrastructure

Shared Services

Shared Databases


UbarPortal & Channel Management




مجتمعات المصالح المشتركة





Communities of Interest applications

الجهاز العصبي للحكومة

Government Nervous System (GNS)

Integration Platform

Transport Network + Security layer

Government Network


  • Adopting a ‘life event’ strategy (birth, marriage…) for delivering services.

    • easier to track the needed service and locate it on the Portal and other Government sites.

    • The supporting e-government systems would be closely integrated around these life events to ensure that the service to the citizen is optimised

    • Grouping of services by age groups


  • Communities of Interest (CoI) Approach

    • Groups Governments business applications into Communities of Interest (CoI)

    • Breaks away from organization application ‘silos’

    • Sharing & reuse of applications components in a CoI

    • Efficient use of applications to best meet the needs of citizens and businesses

    • Composition of end services on CoI boundaries


    • Reduces application development costs

    • Optimizes application code

    • Enhances the management of IT infrastructure

    • Enables customer-centric service delivery within the realm of the COI

Infrastructure Projects

  • Government Network

  • Security Architecture

  • UbarPortal eServices Gateway

  • e-Payment Gateway

  • e-Legislation

  • Government DR Center


  • National Registry System & smart ID card

  • One Stop Shop

  • Government Statistics Online

  • Education Portal

  • e-Tendering

  • Student Admission System

  • Will be integrated through government portal

Training and Awareness

  • Delivered through

    • IT literacy certification for all the public sector employees

      • IT Certification for teachers started 2004

      • Public Sector employees started (pilot 400 employees to evaluate IT literacy -ICDL, IC3 , Cambridge)

    • Include IT in basic and general education curriculums

    • Specialized training and certification of public sector IT staff

    • Society training in regions using school labs

    • Targeted marketing and awareness campaigns

  • Availing low cost PCs and internet connectivity

Training and awareness

Training and Awareness

Training and awareness

As Planned the First Phase of the Road show is accomplished







صلا له


  • Government involvement at highest levels

  • Start by strategy & foundation first

  • eOman Strategy covering all aspects of initiative

  • Create the Governance bodies

  • Highly integrated implementation Master Plan

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