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Remote Operated Audio/Video Switcher. Team Members. Jordan Goulder, Leader Joe Laszczak Kian-Wah Chee Dr. Harden, Advisor. Problems With Current A/V Devices. Low Cost Switchers Little crosstalk prevention Manually switched High-End Receivers High cost Large size. Solution.

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Presentation Transcript

Team members l.jpg
Team Members

  • Jordan Goulder, Leader

  • Joe Laszczak

  • Kian-Wah Chee

  • Dr. Harden, Advisor

Problems with current a v devices l.jpg
Problems With Current A/V Devices

  • Low Cost Switchers

    • Little crosstalk prevention

    • Manually switched

  • High-End Receivers

    • High cost

    • Large size

Solution l.jpg

  • Remote Controlled With Current Remote

  • Quality Output

  • Relatively Small

  • Reasonable Price

Objectives design l.jpg
Objectives - Design

  • IR FrequenciesRC5 and RECS 80

  • Signal Loss<10 dB at 10 MHz

  • Min. Input Voltage.667 mV (40 dB)

  • Input Frequency20 Hz to 890 MHz

  • Crosstalk56 dB at 10MHz

Objectives real world l.jpg
Objectives - Real World

  • Device Size3in x 4in x 1in

  • Cost $60

  • Learning AbilityUser Programmable Remote Button

  • Reliability1 error per 1000 switches

  • FCC ComplianceFCC Code Part 15

Recent redesign issues l.jpg
Recent Redesign Issues

  • Added Functionality

    a. Option to assign random input assignments

    b. Increment or Decrement

  • Decrease Device Size

User interface l.jpg

Infrared Receiver

Status LED’s

Learn/Reset Button

Input Selector Buttons

Remote Switcher

User Interface

Internal design l.jpg







4:1 Audio/Video Multiplexer


RI 1-4




Internal Design

Major design issues l.jpg
Major Design Issues

  • Correctly identifying RECS 80 and RC 5 infrared data transmission schemes

  • Effectively implement the functionality of the switching device through the controller

  • Minimize interference while maintaining small device dimensions

Controller functionality l.jpg
Controller Functionality



Wait for Input


Program Button1



Read IR


Program Button2


Valid IR

Program Button3

Evaluate IR

Program Button4


Program Button++

Output <= Input1

Output <= Input2

Output <= Input3

Output <= Input4

Output <= Input++

Output <= Input--

Program Button--

End of semester achievements l.jpg
End of Semester Achievements

  • Successful programming of functionality

  • Successful infrared detection and decoding

  • Successful interaction of controller with RF components

Design problems l.jpg
Design Problems

  • Undesired RF penetration through multiplexer

  • Breadboard capacitance severely increase crosstalk potential

  • Undesired loss at low RF frequencies

Design solutions l.jpg
Design Solutions

  • Change the switching method from 4 input mulitplexer to independent path feeding

  • Use PCB to eliminate board capacitance

  • Use high speed low noise op-amps to amplify low frequency broadcast channels

References l.jpg


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