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While you are waiting. . . . Do an audio check: Go to TOOLS AUDIO Run the AUDIO SETUP WIZARD *Note* This Blackboard Collaborate session will be recorded. Office of Professional Preparation Webinar. Code, Policy, and Procedure Updates January 28, 2014. Focus.

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While you are waiting

While you are waiting. . .

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      This Blackboard Collaborate session will be recorded.

Office of professional preparation webinar

Office of Professional Preparation Webinar

Code, Policy, and Procedure Updates

January 28, 2014



Code, Policy, and Procedure

Updates and Reminders

Previous Presentations:

June 13 & 27, 2013




Meet the staff

Meet the Staff

Dr. Monica Beane, NBCT

Executive Director

Robert Hagerman

Assistant Director

Meet the staff1

Meet the Staff

Linda Bragg

Teacher Quality Coordinator


  • Liaison to Institutions of Higher Education

  • Alternative Teaching Licensure — Form 25/25T

  • Praxis Fee Reimbursement — Form 34

  • Policy 5901


Meet the staff2

Meet the Staff

Lori Buchanan

Federal Programs and Monitoring Certification Coordinator


  • Additional Endorsements — Form 8

  • Administrative Licensure — Form 19

  • Restricted Content Endorsements — Form 26

  • Coach/AT/LFT Authorization — Form 39

  • Highly Qualified Data Reports

  • Title I Reports

  • OEPA Reports

  • Background Issues

Meet the staff3

Meet the Staff

Doug Cipoletti

Certification Coordinator


  • Professional Student Support and Teaching Licensure — Form 4

  • Career & Technical License CTE — V Forms

  • Paraprofessional Licensure — Form 40 and 60

Meet the staff4

Meet the Staff

Trent Danowski

Teacher Quality Coordinator


  • Initial Teaching Licensure — Form 20T

  • Student Support License — Form 20S

  • Teacher in Residence — Form 3

  • Educator Evaluation

  • Policy 5310

Meet the staff5

Meet the Staff

Teresa Epperley

Teacher Quality Coordinator


  • Advanced Credential — Form 30 and 35

  • Transition to Teaching

  • National Board Certification (NBPTS)

Meet the staff6

Meet the Staff

Brad Fittro

Certification Coordinator


  • First Class/Full Time Permits — Form 1/1A

  • Substitute Permits — Form 2L and Form 2S

  • Initial Professional Teaching Certificate — Form 20T and Form 20A

Meet the staff7

Meet the Staff

Scottie Ford

Certification Coordinator


  • Advanced Salary and NBPTS Salary Supplement — Form 12

  • NBPTS Fee Reimbursement – Form 37

  • Student Support Salary Supplement – Forms 43 & 44

  • Student Support Fee Reimbursement – Form 33

  • Tuition Reimbursement – Form 36

  • Moving Expenses Reimbursement – Form 32

  • Community Programs – Form 50

  • Temporary and Permanent Authorizations – Forms 38 and 42

  • First Class/Full –Time Permits – Form 1/1A

  • Policy 5202

Meet the staff8

Meet the Staff

Robert Mellace

Teacher Quality Coordinator


  • Initial Teaching Licensure (out-of-state) — Form 20A

  • Substitute Permits — Form 2L and 2S

  • Student Field Experience (out-of-state) — Form 23

  • Student Teaching — Form 24

  • Teach WV Website

  • Transition to Teaching

  • Troops to Teachers

Meet the staff9

Meet the Staff

Associate Staff

Mona Bowe Tina Ward

Sherri Hudnall Mary Wilkins

Diana Staley

Background review update

Background Review Update

Lori Buchanan

Background disclosures

Background Disclosures

Emphasize to all applicants that they must accurately answer ALL background disclosure questions

Background disclosures1

Background Disclosures

If they answer “YES” to any question, they must provide:

1—a detailed narrative which describes the circumstances which led to the incident/arrest

2—court documentation and/or personnel documentation

The background review process

The Background Review Process

For applications with a background disclosure:

Once the narrative and court and/or personnel documentation is received it is review by John Morrison, our investigator, and myself.

Once reviewed, we either clear it to be processed, refer it to our Background Review Team, or deny it.

If the applicant is cleared, the form can be processed by the coordinator.

While you are waiting

The Background Review Process

If referred to the Background Review Team, it stays pending until a meeting is scheduled.

Background Review Team Meetings are typically held on a monthly basis but can take longer.

At the Background Review Team meeting, the application can be cleared to be processed, more information can be requested, or it can be denied.

While you are waiting

The Background Review Process

This process can take from a week up to several months.

If the required narrative and documentation are not submitted with the application and/or the person doesn’t disclose their background, the process can be significantly delayed.

Once an applicant has disclosed something in this section, he/she must continue to disclose on every application made to our office.

Form 23 24

Form 23 & 24

It is extremely important that background disclosures are reported accurately and the supporting documentation is provided at the time of the application to avoid any delays in processing time, especially with Form 23, 24, other permits, and temporary authorizations.

Form updates

Form Updates

OPP Staff

Form 19

Form 19

*Form 19 has been updated on our website for clarification.

-Initial: College recommendation; 3 years of teaching &/or management experience; official transcripts reflecting your degree award date; copy of your Praxis II; copy of your ELI training.

-Renewal: Either an official transcript w/ 6 hours of appropriate renewal credit OR an MA +30 on your certificate.


6 hours of appropriate renewal credit OR MA +30

AND 5 years of experience. Two of those years must be in a combination of your administrative endorsements. One year must be completed in a WV school system.

Form 2s

Form 2S

Short Term Substitute Teacher Permit

  • Same position for 30 days or less

    Form 2L

    Long Term Substitute Teacher Permit

  • Same position for more than 30 days

Form 2l

Form 2L

Reminder about change in WVBE policy 5202:

  • When using an expired teaching certificate to become eligible for a long term substitute permit

    • It must have been valid within 5 years of the application date

    • It may only be used one time for a long term permit

Form 23

Form 23

Out-of-State Institution Field Experience Request


  • Agreement between the school district and IHE (dated signatures from Superintendent and Institution Official)

    Form 23 does not require fingerprints

Form 24

Form 24

Student Teacher Permit

  • Required for anyone completing their student teaching/internship in a WV school district including:

    • Student Teachers

    • Administrative Internship

    • Student Support Internship

      *Memo to personnel directors on 6 January 2014

Form 241

Form 24


  • Agreement between the school district and IHE (dated signatures from superintendent and institution official)

  • If out-of-state IHE, form 23 needed

  • Background check required

Form 242

Form 24

  • Beginning September 1st 2014, anyone completing student teaching/internship in a West Virginia school district after this date must have held a student teacher/internship permit in order to be approved for an initial certification.

    Forms 23 &24

  • Form 4B cannot be accepted. Superintendent’s signature is required.

Form 3 teacher in residence

Form 3Teacher-in-Residence

  • Policy 5100, Section 10.

  • In order for Districts to place TIR candidates, agreement between District and IHE with an approved TIR program must be submitted to and approved by WVDE.

Form 3 teacher in residence1

Form 3Teacher-in-Residence

  • Current TIR Programs and District Agreements:

    • WV State University: Boone, Clay, Mingo, Roane

    • Concord University: Fayette, McDowell, Mercer, Raleigh, Summers, Wyoming

    • Fairmont State: Berkeley

    • Bluefield State: McDowell

Form 3 teacher in residence2

Form 3Teacher-in-Residence

  • Perspective TIR Candidates must:

    • Have completed content preparation with a minimum 3.0 GPA

    • Have met state proficiency scores on Praxis 1 Pre-professional Skills exams & Praxis 2 Content exams.

    • Be eligible to serve in posted position where no other fully certified teacher is employed

    • Meet all requirements outlined in Policy 5202, Section 11.5

Form 20 t

Form 20-T

  • Candidates seeking the following endorsements are required to have taken Praxis II Content Exam #5203 (The Teaching of Reading: Elementary Education):

    • Elementary Education (K-6)

    • Early Childhood Education (K-4)

Form 20 t continued

Form 20-T (Continued)

  • WVDE is offering Temporary Certification to December 2013 Graduates who have not taken the Praxis Exam #5203.

    • Temporary Certification valid through June 30, 2014.

    • New 20T and Processing Fee required to convert from Temporary Certification to standard 3-year Initial Certification.

Form 20 t continued1

Form 20-T(Continued)

  • Beginning September 1, 2014: A copy of an applicant’s WV Student Teacher Permit must be included as part of the application materials for Initial Teacher Certification (Form 20-T).

Professional certificate renewal conversion or permanent for teachers and student support

Professional Certificate Renewal, Conversion, or Permanent for Teachers and Student Support

Form 4

Policy 5202 instructional technology

Policy 5202Instructional Technology

According to Policy 5202, Section 10.1.4. B “Three of the six semester hours must be a course related to the improvement of instruction through the use of instructional technologies”

Instructional technology

Instructional Technology

This coursework should address:

  • instructional technology operations/concepts

  • the plan and design of effective instruction supported by technology

  • the implementation of curriculum plans that include instructional technologies

  • application of technology to assess and evaluate student learning

Forms 30 35 advanced credentials

Forms 30 & 35Advanced Credentials

Documentation for each Advanced Credential is very specific to each credential

Validity periods will differ

Form 30

Form 30

  • Technology Integration Specialist (TIS)/Renewal

  • Mentor Teacher

  • Master Mentor Teacher/Renewal

  • Advanced Placement Teacher/Renewal

Form 301

Form 30

Advanced Credential


URL Link to Online portfolio

320 clock hours PD

Approval of WVDE Director of Instructional Technology

5 days or 40 clock hours of PD

CPD training 2 Days (Certificate)

CPD Days 3 & 4 (Certificate)

Additional 2 days (total 6)

  • Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) Initial

  • Renewal of TIS

  • Mentor Teacher

  • Master Mentor

  • Renewal Master Mentor

Advanced placement teacher

Advanced Placement Teacher

  • Complete College Board AP Course Audit (must submit evidence) AND

  • Attend 30-clock hour Summer AP Institute OR

    • Serve as exam reader for at least one College Board AP Exam Reading OR

    • Deliver at least one course-specific workshop through College Board OR

    • Successfully mentor a new AP teacher OR

    • Complete 3 semester hours of coursework related to AP course for which licensure is sought

Renewal advanced placement teacher

RENEWALAdvanced Placement Teacher

  • Requirements are the same as for the initial Advanced Credential for Advanced Placement Teacher

Form 35 advanced credential

Form 35 Advanced Credential

Personal Finance Specialist

Teacher Leadership for Building School and Community Culture

Teacher Leadership for Professional Learning

Teacher Leadership for Student Learning

Business Education Specialist

Marketing Education Specialist

Personal finance specialist

Personal Finance Specialist

  • Successfully complete professional development on personal finance approved by WVDE AND

  • Successfully document the integration of personal finance education into the core curriculum utilizing the Teach 21 framework and approved by WVDE

Personal finance specialist permanent credential

Personal Finance SpecialistPermanent Credential

  • A permanent Advanced Credential for Personal Finance Specialist may be obtained after receiving the initial credential and one renewal of the credential at the appropriate renewal period and successfully completing the following:

  • Completion of an additional 5 days professional development related to personal finance education knowledge, skills, and pedagogy and offered/approved by the WVDE; AND

  • Successfully complete at least three semester hours of coursework from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or its equivalent from West Virginia eLearning, and directly related to the field of Personal Finance Education.

Teacher leadership advanced credentials

Teacher Leadership Advanced Credentials

Teacher Leadership for Building School and Community Culture

Teacher Leadership for Student Learning

Teacher Leadership for Professional Learning

Each credential requires the following:

a valid WV Professional Certificate

Evidence of successful completion of Coursework/PD approved by WVDE and directly related to the credential

a recommendation of the county superintendent

Career and technical forms

Career and Technical Forms

Doug Cipoletti

Processing delays

Processing Delays

  • The endorsement/s being requested MUST be listed – including endorsement Code (#)

  • Updated/current copy of Industry credentials MUST be included

  • NOCTI scores (if industry credential does not provide exemption)

  • Industry credentials now accepted in lieu of nocti exam in many cases see appendix c for details

    Industry Credentials now accepted in lieu of NOCTI exam in many cases. See Appendix C for details.

    Processing delays1

    Processing Delays

    • Official employment date MUST be listed

    • The endorsement/s being requested MUST be listed – including endorsement Code (#)

    • Copy of valid industry credential MUST be submitted

    • V10’s - documentation of work experience must meet requirements outlined in Appendix C

    • Passing Basic Skills Test Scores

    All available endorsements and requirements listed in first section of appendix c

    All available endorsements and requirements listed in first section of Appendix C

    Processing delays2

    Processing Delays

    • Applicant Information page MUST be signed by County Superintendent/RESA Director

      • Form 4B not applicable to V15

  • Employment date MUST be listed

  • V17 permanent adult part time permit

    V17 – Permanent Adult Part-Time Permit

    Key updates

    Key Updates

    • V 17 now includes just 8 available options - all of which are listed in Appendix C 135.

    • V 10 must accompany all V17’s.

    • V16 has been discontinued - no longer available

    Processing delays3

    Processing Delays

    • Valid CPR, EMT, etc. cards MUST be submitted with both initial AND renewal applications.

    New form v35

    NEW FORM - V35

    Tuition reimbursement advanced salary and new authorizations

    Tuition Reimbursement, Advanced Salary and New Authorizations

    Scottie Ford

    Tuition reimbursement

    Tuition Reimbursement

    • Form 36 Application

    • All coursework submitted for state tuition reimbursement must be current Fiscal Year coursework.

    • Applications submitted for prior Fiscal Year coursework are rejected for OPP login, and are returned to the applicant.

    Tuition reimbursement1

    Tuition Reimbursement

    • Eligibility

    • The guidelines for state tuition reimbursement eligibility are located in WV Board of Education Policy 5202, section 126-136-23.

    • Form 36 applications must be complete upon receipt by the WVDE. Incomplete applications are denied, and the applicant must submit a new Form 36 application to re-apply.

    Advanced salary

    Advanced Salary

    • Form 12 Application

    • All new coursework hours completed, as required for the requested advanced salary level, should be listed on the Form 12 application. Official transcripts must be submitted for the coursework hours.

    New authorizations

    New Authorizations

    • Math I Permanent Authorization – Form 42

    • Option Pathway Authorization – Form 38

    • Community Program Authorization – Form 50

    • This is for Lead Teachers only. A Bachelor’s degree is required.

    Hqt data report

    HQT Data Report

    Lori Buchanan

    Hqt data report1

    HQT Data Report

    The HQT Data Report will be available for “view only” access starting February 3, 2014.

    Please use the PowerPoint presentations that were provided in the Superintendent’s Update during the month of February to make any changes/corrections to your Master Schedule so that HQT is reported accurately.

    Once the window opens in March, no changes can be made to the Master Schedule.

    If you have any questions, please contact Lori Buchanan at llbuchan@access.k12.wv.us.

    Hqt data report2

    HQT Data Report

    During the month of March, I will be working onsite with your local RESAs to train and assist principals and other support personnel to complete this report.

    Your RESA should be in touch with you to schedule your meeting date and time.

    Embassy of spain

    Embassy of Spain

    Robert Crawford

    Embassy of spain visiting teacher program

    Embassy of Spain Visiting Teacher Program

    • 5 teachers currently serving in WV

    • Certified teachers in Spain with a minimum of three years experience

    • Work up to a maximum of three years

    • Certification

    • Candidates

    • Contact Robert Crawford rcrawford@access.k12.wv.us for more information

    Alternative certification

    Alternative Certification

    Linda Bragg

    Teacher Quality Coordinator

    Liaison to Institutions of Higher Education

    Teresa Epperley

    Teacher Quality and

    Transition to Teaching Coordinator

    National Board Network Liaison

    Robert P. Mellace III,

    Teacher Quality and

    Transition to Teaching Coordinator

    What is alternative certification

    What is Alternative Certification?

    Programs that are an alternative to the traditional college or university programs for the education of teachers AND may only be offered by approved education providers

    What is the alternative route to teacher certification

    What is the Alternative Route to Teacher Certification?

    • No certified applicant for position

      • Position considered area of critical shortage

    • Certificate may be renewed twice

      • The position held is not subject to posting provided the educator meets the annually scheduled programmatic requirements and completes the state approved certification program within three years.

    Alternative certification general education

    Alternative CertificationGeneral Education

    • Applicant meets general requirements for candidacy for teacher education

    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher reflects coursework that is relevant

    • IHE determines transcript to reveal enough coursework in subject area of certification being sought

    • IHE determines coursework exhibits proper rigor in subject area of certification being sought

    • IHE determines applicant’s education (and experience) has prepared him/her to pass the state-required subject area proficiency exams

    Alternative certification general education1

    Alternative CertificationGeneral Education

    • Applicant produces passing scores on basic skills exam Core Academic Skills for Educators

    • Applicant produces passing scores on state-required proficiency exam in content area of sought certification

    • Candidate has been offered employment in critical shortage area

    • Alternative Certification Program provider has approved plan that provides intensive induction support for candidate

    Alternative certification special education

    Alternative CertificationSpecial Education

    • Applicant meets general requirements for candidacy for teacher education

    • Applicant produces passing scores on basic skills exam –Core Academic Skills for Educators

    • Alternative Certification Program provider has approved plan that provides intensive induction support for candidate

    Why alternative certification

    Why Alternative Certification?

    Alternative Certification Route meets the requirements for highly qualified status

    Position not subject annual reposting during three-year time period

    Alternative Certification Program provider has approved plan that provides intensive induction support for candidates and partners with a district or RESA

    Who qualifies for alternative certification west virginia policy 5100

    Who qualifies for Alternative Certification? West Virginia Policy 5100

    • 9.2.a – Instruction: 21 semester hours total content including 6 hours in reading and 3 hours in math

    • 9.2.b – Certified special education teachers who lack content in which they are currently teaching

    • 9.2.c – Teachers not currently certified in special education

    • 9.2.d – Unlicensed individuals (i.e. Transition to Teaching)

    Transition to teaching

    Transition to Teaching

    Induction support through WVDE per WVSIPP plan

    Online coursework through Marshall and WVU

    Participants achieve licensure in one or two years, depending on teaching path

    All counties qualify

    How does one apply for alternative certification or transition to teaching

    How does one apply for Alternative Certification or Transition to Teaching?

    Form 25 –Alternative Certification

    Form 25T – Transition to Teaching

    Troops to teachers

    Troops to Teachers

    Current or former members of US armed forces whose last period of service was honorable:

    • Career Counseling

    • Job Placement Assistance

      Regional Program Director: Vanessa Barron

      WVDE Contact: Robert Mellace

    Troops to teachers financial assistance

    Troops to Teachers &Financial Assistance

    Up to $10,000 may be made available to members who meet qualifications for financial assistance.

    To review complete requirements for the program visit:

    • http://wvde.state.wv.us/troopstoteachers/

    Mentor reimbursement

    Mentor Reimbursement

    Robert Hagerman

    Thank you for joining us

    Thank You for Joining Us!

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