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Overview of Databases operated by UNCTAD-World Bank World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) and its main functionalities. Virtual Institute, TDA Workshop 11-14 September, 2006. WITS vs Databases.

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Overview of Databasesoperated byUNCTAD-World Bank World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) and its main functionalities

Virtual Institute, TDA Workshop

11-14 September, 2006

Wits vs databases
WITS vs Databases

WITSis a software which is designed to integrate several trade-related databases and provide easy access

Five databases are currently accessible throughWITS

Databases of wits


COMTRADE (UN Statistics Division)

Integrated Database (IDB-WTO)

Consolidated Tariff Schedule (CTS-WTO)

Agricultural Market Access Database (AMAD)

Databases of WITS

Data accessibility

COMTRADE: Free access to International Organizations, others against a fee

TRAINS: Access to governments and international and regional organizations and donors to TRAINS Trust Fund

WTO: Access to WTO member governments and selected international organizations

AMAD: Free for all

Data Accessibility

Data contents of trains as of 15 april 2006
Data contents of TRAINS(as of 15 April 2006)

  • Tariff measures at national tariff line level for 161 countries (889 country/years since 1988), including preferential rates such as RTA and GSP in many cases

    Primary data are drawn from


    UN Tariff and Market Access Database

    A joint effort with the

    International Trade Centre (ITC)

Data contents of trains continued
Data contents of TRAINS(continued)

  • Import statistics by origin at Harmonized System (HS) 6-digit level for every country-year by constructing mirror imports where necessary

  • Non-Tariff Measures classified according to UNCTAD Coding System of Trade Control Measures (97 countries, 150 country/years)

Wits functionality
WITS Functionality

  • Data retrieval and analysis

    • Quick query

    • Advanced query

    • Tariff Change Simulations

    • Other options

Quick query
Quick Query

Direct access to the Database

  • By country and/or by product

  • Export raw data

  • Extraction by criteria

Advanced query
Advanced Query

Users construct queries comprising of:

  • Reporter countries

  • Products

  • Partner countries

  • Years

Custom query parameters
Custom Query – Parameters

Reporter Countries

  • Individual countries or user-defined groups of countries


  • Individual products or user-defined aggregates of products in various product classifications (HS, SITC,ISIC, etc)

Custom query parameters1
Custom Query – Parameters

Partner Countries

  • Same as Reporter Countries. “World” is treated as an individual country


  • From 1988

Custom query submission
Custom Query – submission

Further options before submitting

  • MFN rates (default) , Bound Rates and/or Effectively Applied (preferential) rates

  • Latest available year for each reporter country

  • Substitution of unavailable year with the nearest available year

  • Breakdown of country groups

Custom query results
Custom Query – results

Main indicators

  • Simple and trade weighted tariff averages

  • Value of imports

    • Duty free

    • Dutiable

    • Non-ad valorem rates

  • Distribution of tariff rates

Tariff change simulation single market simulation model
Tariff Change Simulation(Single market simulation model)

  • Trade Creation and Diversion effects

  • Tariff revenue effect

  • Welfare effect

  • Importer and Exporter Views

Tariff change simulation single market simulation model1
Tariff Change Simulation(Single market simulation model)


  • Each product is independent

  • A same product from different supplier is an imperfect substitute

  • Three sets of elasticties (Demand, Supply and Substitution between two suppliers)

Tariff change simulation
Tariff Change Simulation

Results of Simulation

  • First round effect of tariff reduction

  • No time horizon

  • No cost of structural adjustment

Doha proposals in wits
Doha Proposals in WITS

  • WTO Doha Proposals” simulates the tariff reduction proposals submitted to the WTO’s Negotiating Group on Market Access.

    More flexible, user-defined tariff change formula option is under development

Advance tariff change simulation atcs
Advance Tariff Change Simulation(ATCS)

Apply tariff change formula to tariff schedules and assess impact

  • Pre-defined or user-defined formula

  • Multiple formula in terms of affected countries and products

Atcs two parts

Simulation query

Defines a specific simulation by selecting countries, products and scenarios

Scenario Definition

Defines a scope of tariff changes in terms of group of countries, product categories, bound and unbound tariff lines, etc.

ATCS: Two Parts

Improvement for immediate future
Improvement for immediate future

  • Ad Valorem Equivalents:

    • Estimation of % equivalents of non ad-valorem rates

  • Multi-market Simulation Model

    • Incorporation of GSIM model in WITS/TRAINS

Computer requirement
Computer Requirement

  • PC of reasonable speed (minimum 200MHZ)

  • Windows 98, 2000 or XP

  • Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher

  • Internet Access with 50mb of disk space

How to install wits
How to Install WITS

Register athttp://wits.worldbank.org/witsweb

Receive userid and passwordvia e-mail

Downloadinstallation file from




Trade Information Section


Palais des Nations

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: +41 22 917 0044