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Fit Active Buddies Project Our Aim: Is to Have a Positive Impact on Your Health and Wellbeing Mandy finch Sports mentor How Was Fab Formed? Sports action zone consultation in the community 2002 “How can we get you into sport?” “We want someone to exercise with”

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How was fab formed l.jpg
How Was Fab Formed? Wellbeing

  • Sports action zone consultation in the community 2002

  • “How can we get you into sport?”

  • “We want someone to exercise with”

  • “I don’t want to exercise alone”

Barriers l.jpg
Barriers Wellbeing

  • Identify barriers that may stop people participating in sport

  • Why are our participants different?

Slide5 l.jpg

Fit Active Buddies Wellbeing

One to OneMentoring



TeenageLifestyle Group

Gym Drop

in sessions


New Parks





New Parks

Fit active buddies fab project fab objectives l.jpg
Fit Active Buddies (Fab Project) WellbeingFAB Objectives

  • Encouragement: offer one to one support

  • Opportunity: everyone welcome

  • Support: identify and remove barriers

  • Recognition: celebration & accreditation

  • Influence: changing service provision

  • Continuation: participant, volunteer, sessional

  • Evaluation: does this work?

What is one to one mentoring l.jpg
What Is One to One Mentoring? Wellbeing

  • Referrals

  • Grow session

  • Research

  • 12 x 1 hour weekly sessions

  • Review sessions

  • No shows

  • Evaluate at end of 12 weeks

  • Certificate!

Who we work with l.jpg
Who We Work With? Wellbeing

  • People who would not normally access physical activity

Lady exercising on a treadmill in the fitness gym

Calorie killers l.jpg
Calorie Killers Wellbeing

  • 45 minutes group chosen exercise

  • 45 minutes Balance of Good Health

  • Men cook and prepare food

  • Weigh in / group discussion

  • Evaluation / feedback through session

  • A Constituted group

Group shot of the Calorie Killers

Caution men at work l.jpg
Caution Men at Work! Wellbeing

Two slides - one of the men planning their programme and the second showing exercises in progress

Fit chicks l.jpg
Fit Chicks Wellbeing

  • 3 groups

  • Constitution and committee set up

  • Group dynamics.

  • Friendships formed

The ladies fitness group in a team shot

Slide12 l.jpg

Ladies exercising on the all weather area Wellbeing

Ladies taking part in boxing exercises in the sports hall

Teenage lifestyle club l.jpg
Teenage Lifestyle Club only and male only groups?

  • 45 minutes nutritional advice

  • 30 minutes lifestyle issues/changes

  • 45 minutes of physical activity

Group shot of the Club members

Knock on effects l.jpg

Friends only and male only groups?


Knock On Effects





Peak District




Cousin and Son

Son and daughters




Martial Arts

Girlfriend joined

Brother Joined


Badminton with dad

Son joined

Applied and subsequently employed as a Sessional Mentor for FAB Project

Enrolled and passed: Get Fit For Life, YMCA Gym Instructor, Community Sport Leader Award, Nutrition and Weight Management

Son joined

Became Secretary

Member of Fit Chicks

Lost 4 stone

Joined Calorie Killers

10 week cooking course

Indoor Climbing

Peak District

Markfield Quarry




Line Dancing


Wife encouraged to enrol with the project

Gym x 3 per week

Sister on Waiting List

Friendtold them about it

Training and volunteering l.jpg
Training and Volunteering only and male only groups?

  • Coach Education Courses in Partnership with Braunstone Working:

  • Rock Climbing Courses

  • 3 Peak Challenge

  • Volunteering at Events

Who have we helped so far l.jpg
Who have we helped so far? only and male only groups?

  • Over 400 participants so far

  • 329 of which have medical conditions

  • 10,500 exercise sessions

  • 95 Volunteers

  • 70 Qualifications

  • 6 People into Employment

Quotes and recognition l.jpg
Quotes and Recognition only and male only groups?

  • “Dear Calorie Killers, You are doing a brilliant job and I keep quoting you as a great example” Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt, MP for Leicester West and Minister for Health

  • “Sport is having an impact on peoples lives out of all proportion to its size in the New Deal for Communities programme – it is having more impact on Braunstone than any other theme…FAB is a truly stunning project. What a difference it has made and is continuing to make. I have seen the physique and wellbeing of numerous ‘couch potatoes’ change beyond belief. FAB is increasing resident involvement in sport; improving health; gaining and giving a greater sense of wellbeing that is bound to impact on illness and mortality rates. But the real success of FAB, the one which gives me immense delight and joy, is the increasing number of individual stories I hear from residents who have gained a new confidence, pride and raised aspirations”Keith Beaumont, Chief Executive of Braunstone Community Association.

  • “The FAB project is totally inspirational and demands a national role out”The Deputy Prime Ministers Award for Sustainable Communities 2005

  • FAB has been short listed for Leadership and Innovation wards for the Leicestershire, Northants, and Rutland Strategic Health Authority.

  • Calorie Killers where short listed for the Alliance and Leicester Community impact Award 2005 at the Leicester Mercury Sports Award.

Costs 2003 2008 l.jpg
Costs 2003 - 2008 only and male only groups?

  • European Social Fund - £250,000

  • Sport England - £130,447

  • Braunstone Community Association - £473,929

  • Leicester City Council - Free membership, free induction and a discount of 25 – 75 % discount on gym fees

The future l.jpg

The Future? only and male only groups?

Project is costly but benefits speak for themselves.