atlas silicon strip tracking detector
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アトラスシリコン半導体飛跡検出器: ATLAS Silicon-strip Tracking Detector

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:ATLAS Silicon-strip Tracking Detector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SCT-v1, ATLAS SCT Collaboration: Australia, Czech, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US, CERN. Specifications (Barrel part only)

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atlas silicon strip tracking detector


ATLAS SCT Collaboration: Australia, Czech, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US, CERN

Specifications (Barrel part only)

Sensor: 8448 Sensors, 63.56 x 63.96x 0.285 mm3, p-in-n single sided

strip pitch 80 mm, implant width 16-20 mm, total area = 34.4 m2

full depletion < 150V (initial), <350V (after 3x1014p/cm2)

Module: 2112 modules, Stereo angle: 40 mrad

TPG thermal conductor (UK), Flexible hybrid circuit (Japan)

12 ABCD chips (BiCMOS ASIC)/module, 1536 ch, 5000 bondings

assembly accuracy < 5-1 mm control

Cylinder: 4 cylinders, r = 30-52cm , |η|<1.4

Radiation: 3×1014 n/cm2 (10 years), Operating Temperature: -7C

Fabrications: 2600 modules by 980 Japan, UK, US and Scandinavia

アトラスシリコン半導体飛跡検出器:ATLAS Silicon-strip Tracking Detector

1996-2000 Testing of radiation hardness using KEK PS beams

1996-1998 Cooling test at KEK

Radiation damage estimation

Instrumentations at KEK clean room

2001 Final sensor design

Japan provided 6000 sensors

Module assembly (2001-2004)

Design and fabrication of the readout hybrid

High precision assembly fixtures by KEK

KEK designed the flexible Cu/Polyimide circuit with Nippon Mektron LTD

Hybrid assembly in Seiko Precision LTd.

Automatic wire bonding, about 5000 bonding/module at Hamamatsu/Seiko

3D measurement station for alignment at Hamamatsu/Seiko.

Pattern of glue points on the VHCPG base-board

3-axis dispensing workstation

Assembly microscope unit for sensor alignment developed by KEK

Alignment accuracy between front and back sensor planes versus module number. Best achievement among 4 regions !!

Leakage current distribution after module assembly at 350 V.

>95% yield, the best among 4 regions !!

Japan made 980 modules

Module production took full 3 years

System assembly and commissioning (2004-2006)

2000.12 Module mounting robots tested by KEK

2004-05 Modules mounted on 4 cylinders at Oxford University using KEK robots

2006.5 cosmic-ray track observed at SR1 !

2006.2 SCT-TRT docking successfully done at CERN SR1using assembly tools designed and fabricated by KEK