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Proactive Primary Management. Set rules together:Listen while others are speakingUse inside voicesRespect each other's space and thingsTake care of the learning materials in the schoolPut things away when you are finished with them. Proactive Primary Management. Build a positive classroom culture:Trust your students can and will learnSet a happy, safe, consistent toneExpress your sense of awe and marvel at astute comments or artistic expressionWhenever possible use the child's natural w9444

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classroom management

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1. Classroom Management Proactive and Reactive

3. Proactive Primary Management Build a positive classroom culture: Trust your students can and will learn Set a happy, safe, consistent tone Express your sense of awe and marvel at astute comments or artistic expression Whenever possible use the child’s natural way of learning “observe, try and refine”

4. Proactive Primary Management Set appropriate challenges for children Need to be challenging and involve risk taking but not so challenging that the child is overwhelmed and tunes out Choose age appropriate teaching strategies Match teaching strategies to learning styles

5. Proactive Primary Management Treat all children with courtesy and respect Watch out for your own: poor listening Lack of eye contact Interrupting in mid sentence Impatience with hesitation Brushing off or ignoring explanations Negative statements about work Other?

6. Proactive Primary Management Peacemakers Program: Students in Grade 3 and up are trained to be Peacemakers. All students are taught the problem solving approach to issues on the playground. Each acts as a Peacemaker for 1 recess a week. Peacemakers wear a special shirt and have a clipboard with the model on it.

7. Proactive Primary Management Peacemakers Program: All peacemakers are taught to use FELOR. Face Eye contact Lean in Open body stance Relaxed body position

8. Proactive Primary Management Peacemaker Problem Solving Model: Find a quiet place to talk Ask each person to tell what happened. Listen to both sides. Brainstorm ideas on how to solve the problem. (at least 3 or 4) Choose one solution that is agreeable to everyone. Try it!

9. Reactive Primary Management Restate the rule and the reason for the rule as necessary. Example: We need to use our indoor voices because with so many of us talking as we work, it is too distracting for some learners. Take exercise and/or nutrition breaks as needed Use verses and clapping patterns to reorient attention as needed

10. Reactive Primary Management Insure safety at all times. In JK and SK teachers often enforce “no hitting” with a “You hit, you sit” timeout strategy. In grades 1, 2, and 3 you may use the “Red, Yellow, Green Light” strategy with individual students.

11. Positive Reactive Management Strategies Criss Cross Applesauce If you hear my voice clap once Clap pat patterns Actions for being quiet (button, hook, Velcro, zipper) Verses: Roll your hands I have two hands

12. Positive Reactive Management Strategies Red, Yellow, Green Light: Red light- I know I am angry and that when I am angry I often invade others personal space and may hurt them. I need to take some time to think things through and deal with my anger.

13. Positive Reactive Management Strategies Red, Yellow, Green Light: Yellow: I can now think of things that I could do outside that are positive and will not get me into trouble. I have chosen three things I’ll do. Green light: I am going outside and I’m going to try out my solutions. If I am having trouble, I’ll seek out the teacher on duty.

14. Punitive Reactive Management Strategies Time out Sitting a child on a chair outside of the group Losing recess Hobson’s choice

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