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Mediated Entertainment. Chapter 14. Movie Audience Segments. Gender Ethnic Age Special circumstances Genre Special interest. Selling Films. Roles of marketing strategies of: Trailers Tie-ins and merchandising Stars Screenings, sneaks, reviews Ratings The Internet Oscars.

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Movie audience segments l.jpg
Movie Audience Segments

  • Gender

  • Ethnic

  • Age

  • Special circumstances

  • Genre

  • Special interest

Selling films l.jpg
Selling Films

Roles of marketing strategies of:

  • Trailers

  • Tie-ins and merchandising

  • Stars

  • Screenings, sneaks, reviews

  • Ratings

  • The Internet

  • Oscars

Geisha licensing surpassed movie revenues l.jpg
Geisha licensing surpassed movie revenues

More strategy roles l.jpg
More Strategy Roles

  • Niche audiences

  • Venues

  • Aftermarket sales

  • Film festivals

  • Global film market

Creating a promotion budget l.jpg
Creating a Promotion Budget

  • Potential gross

  • Audience makeup

  • Gross of similar genres

  • Anticipated revenues from foreign or video sales

  • Number of screens used for release

  • Number of markets included in release

Movie economics l.jpg
Movie Economics

  • Seasonal demand patterns

  • Local cost of movie tickets

  • Market share application insignificant

  • Cultural discounts low

  • Licensing fees overshadow theatrical releases

Revenue generators l.jpg
Revenue Generators

  • Conventions

  • Financial foundations

  • Labor unions

  • Distributors

  • Revenue recognition factors

  • Big picture accounting

Movie industry threats l.jpg
Movie Industry Threats

  • Piracy

  • Pricing

Marketing tv programs l.jpg
Marketing TV Programs

Audience segments:

Ethnic groups

Age and lifestyle cohorts

- Teens

- Boomers

- Kids

- Gays

Seinfeld and friends receive awards l.jpg
Seinfeld and friends receive awards

What do audiences watch l.jpg
What do audiences watch?

  • Reality TV

    • Docu-soaps

    • Celeb-reality

    • Game shows

    • Sports shows

    • Multiple combinations

Survivor success factors l.jpg
Survivor Success Factors

  • Co-branding with travel destinations

  • Creating hype during auditions

  • Maintaining seasonal secrecy

  • Promoting by ousted members

  • Spot commercials for previews

  • Active Web presence

  • Finales and reunions

Other genres l.jpg
Other Genres

  • Sitcoms - gaming used to promote and retain audiences

  • Miniseries - Sci-fi hits with 18 to 49 group

Tv show promotion l.jpg
TV Show Promotion

  • Placement positioning strategies




Threats to the tv industry l.jpg
Threats to the TV Industry

  • Podcasting

  • Audience-generated content

Product placement l.jpg
Product Placement

  • Branded entertainment

  • Products placed in films

  • Products placed on TV

  • Plot placement

  • Product promotions for TV

  • Placement evaluation methods

Evaluation criteria l.jpg
Evaluation Criteria

  • How will show generate high ratings?

  • How likely is show to be purchased by another network?

  • How will show increase sales?

  • How will brand integration work into the story line?

  • How will the network marketing extensions increase brand sales and show ratings?

Ratings soar for desperate housewives l.jpg
Ratings soar for Desperate Housewives

Advertising strategies l.jpg
Advertising Strategies

  • Product films

  • Engagement-on-demand video

  • Experiential marketing

  • Experiential movie trailers

  • Immersive advertising

  • Cell phone entertainment and promotion

Questions l.jpg

  • When marketing a film that has no top star billing, what strategies would you use to position and promote the movie to a national audience? Global audience?

  • What are the various ways marketers use the Internet to promote a TV show or movie? Which medium is most reliant on the Internet? Why?