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iSeries GUI Debugger. Chris Adair Information Systems Director - National Envelope Treasurer – Metro Midrange Systems Association Supported Releases. V5R3 – SI18710 (Latest Server PTF) V5R2 PTF’s Server PTF SI09834, SI08512

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iSeries GUI Debugger

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Iseries gui debugger l.jpg

iSeries GUI Debugger

Chris Adair

Information Systems Director - National Envelope

Treasurer – Metro Midrange Systems Association

Supported releases l.jpg

Supported Releases

  • V5R3 – SI18710 (Latest Server PTF)

  • V5R2 PTF’s

    • Server PTF SI09834, SI08512

    • Client PTF SI09844

  • V5R1 PTF’s

    • Server PTF SI09825

    • Client PTF SI06031

Supported languages l.jpg

Supported Languages

  • ILE C/C++



  • ILE CL

  • JAVA



  • OPM CL

Supported debug scenarios l.jpg

Supported Debug Scenarios

  • Submit and Debug Program in Batch Job

    • Job name is same name as program

    • Job owner is current User

    • Submitted to QUSRWRK subsystem

  • Debug existing job on system

    • Browse option for locating job

    • Cut and paste job information

  • STRDBG command from emulation session

    • Debug manager must be active and ready

    • Must be same user as registered in Debug Manager

    • Emulation session must be running on same ip address as Debug Manager

    • If criteria is not satisfied; traditional green screen debugger is launched

Advantages l.jpg


  • Run to Cursor

  • Monitor/Watch several fields at a time

  • Multiple Breakpoint Groups in 1 program

  • Automatically Saves Previous Debug Session

  • Save the current session to local drive

Qtesdbghub l.jpg


  • Starting the Debug Hub



  • Runs in QSYSWRK subsystem

  • Single point of contact for user interface

    • Registered in TCP/IP service table (port 4026)

    • User interface uses port mapper to locate server

  • Submits Debug Server jobs (QTESDBGSVR)

  • Registration facility for iSeries Debug Manager

    • STRDBG command from an emulator will perform graphical debug instead of traditional green screen debug

Qtesdbgsvr l.jpg


  • Submitted by QTESDBGHUB

  • Runs in QUSRWRK subsystem

    • Make sure QUSRWRK subsystem is started

    • Make sure QUSRNOMAX job queue is not held

  • Issues STRSRVJOB and STRDBG against job to be debugged

  • One QTESSBGSVR job per user interface window

Client setup l.jpg

Client Setup

  • Install Java 1.3 run-time environment (JRE)

  • Copy JavaHelp (

    • Jhall.jar contains java classes necessary to display help

  • Copy jt400.jar to client

    • /QIBM/PRODDATA/HTTP/public/jt400/lib/jt400.jar

  • Copy iSeries System Debugger tes.jar to client

    • /QIBM/PRODDATA/HTTP/public/jt400/lib/tes.jar

  • Modify Classpath

    • Right click “My Computer”

    • select “Properties”

    • Select “ADVANCED” tab


    • Highlight “CLASSPATH” and select EDIT

    • i.e. CLASSPATH=C:\debugger\tes.jar;C:\debugger\jt400.jar;C:\debugger\jhall.jar

Start the debug manager l.jpg

Start the Debug Manager

Add system to manager l.jpg

Add System to Manager

Submit and debug in batch l.jpg

Submit and Debug in Batch

Alternative submit and debug batch job l.jpg

AlternativeSubmit and Debug Batch Job

Debug interactive job on system l.jpg

Debug Interactive Jobon System

Start debug from emulation l.jpg

Start Debug from Emulation

Debug batch job with a msgw l.jpg

Debug Batch JobWith a “MSGW”

Rpg cgi job running on an apache http l.jpg

RPG/CGI JobRunning on an Apache HTTP

Debugger toolbar and window panes l.jpg

Debugger Toolbarand Window Panes

Main options on toolbar l.jpg

Main Options on Toolbar

Condition a breakpoint l.jpg

Condition a Breakpoint

Setup monitors l.jpg

Setup Monitors

Monitor pane displays values l.jpg

Monitor Pane – Displays Values

Monitor watch l.jpg


Locals tab displays local variables l.jpg

Locals Tab – Displays Local Variables

Breakpoint groups l.jpg

Breakpoint Groups

Saving the environment l.jpg

Saving the Environment

References l.jpg


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  • Cary Bates – IBM Rochester, MN

  • Steve Halverson – IBM Rochester, MN

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