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Guinea Bissau and D.R. Congo Mr. Claude Kakule Mukanda, former Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for UN WFP Guinea Bissau and D.R. Congo as a

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Emerging Good Practice in

Managing for Development Results


Third Edition

A unique opportunity

to experience MfDR in action!

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Leadership and MfDR

  • The Sourcebook is a product of the OECD/DAC Joint Venture on MfDR & the World Bank

  • First edition: illustrates how countries and donor agencies are managing for results at different levels: national, sector and agency

  • Second edition: highlights how MfDR works for various audiences: political decision makers, technical practitioners, the private sector and NGOs

  • Third edition: focuses on the nexus between leadership and results

  • Cases are nominated that:

    “Provide examples of an action or chain of actions that ignited a change process within and possibly beyond an organization that is sustainable and easily replicable, and that leads to a focus on Results”

Selected cases l.jpg
Selected Cases

  • Agence Francaise de Developpement - The challenge of Accountability for a bilateral donor

  • Afghanistan - Minister Ehsan Zia for his role with the National Solidarity Programme

  • Brazil Ceara - The Practice of MfDr at the Subnational Level

  • Cambodia - Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority

  • Chile - Management for Results Leader

  • Colombia - Case Study for Results by President Alvaro Uribe Velez

  • Development Gateway Foundation – The role of improved aid management in strengthening country systems Government of Ethiopia and Tanzania

  • Guinea Bissau and D.R. Congo – Mr. Claude Kakule Mukanda, former Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for UN WFP Guinea Bissau and D.R. Congo as a “Results Leader”

  • International Fund for Agricultural Development – MfDR at Corporate, Country and Project level

  • Kenya – Rapid Results Initiatives in Kenya

  • Morocco – Morocco’s strategy to strengthen basic health care services via regional empowerment

  • Mozambique – Aga Khan Foundation Canada

  • Niger - Results chain of the Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program

  • Pakistan – National Highways and Motorway Police

  • Sri Lanka – Mrs Dhara Wijayatilake as a Results Leader

  • Honduras* - Leadership of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales in MfDR

  • Madagascar* - Mr. Marc Ravalomanana President of the Republic of Madagascar

  • Moldova* - Hope for Life, Coping with HIV/AIDS

  • Yemen* - Ministry of Health and Population: RRA

Distribution of cases l.jpg
Distribution of Cases

Format and planning l.jpg
Format and Planning

  • Executive Summary

  • Introduction and Definition of MfDR

  • Leadership Principles and Literature Review

  • Case studies

  • Conclusions

    June 20: Deadline for receipt of supplemental case information

    July 8: Draft executive summary, introduction, leadership chapter and conclusion

    August 3: Finalize draft for printing

    September 1: First draft of the Third Sourcebook circulated at Accra HLF

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Information and Contact


Elizabeth Ashbourne: [email protected]

Ingwell Kuil: [email protected]

Daphne Leger: [email protected]