Development of journey to work flows
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Development of Journey to Work Flows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Miami Dade. Miami Dade. 55,480. 60,096. Broward. Miami Dade. 49,573. 52,712. Palm Beach. Broward ... CTPP Data provided at same geography as Travel Demand models ...

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Development of Journey to Work Flows

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Development of Journey to Work Flows

Transportation leadership you can trust.

Data and Visualization Tool

presented toSoutheast Florida FSUTMS Users Group

presented byKrishnan Viswanathan and Capton SiluvairajanCambridge Systematics, Inc.

February 8, 2008


  • CTPP Description

  • Project Objective

  • Data Development

  • Dynamic Visualization of Journey to Work (JTW) Flows

  • Summary and Future Work

The Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP) provides tabulations of households, persons and workers

CTPP is a set of special tabulations from the decennial census designed for transportation planners

The data are tabulated from answers to the Census 2000 long form questionnaire, mailed to one in six U.S. households

CTPP Description

Evaluate existing conditions

Develop or update travel demand models

Analyze demographic and travel trends

CTPP Description

Project Objective

Compile TAZ-to-TAZ Journey-to-Work (JTW) tabulation from Census 2000, using the latest regional TAZ structures for Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

  • CTPP Part 3 flow data good source for validating HBW trip tables

  • Geographic coverage of Part 3 data

    • County

    • Census Tracts

    • TAZs (State and MPOs)

Data DevelopmentModel Area

Data DevelopmentProcess

  • Merge model areas

  • Universe is workers who live and work in the region

  • Area ratio at work end

  • Weighted population ratio at residence end

  • Worker flows that are equal to four are converted to five

  • Ratios less than one percent ignored

Data Development Results

Data Development Results

Dynamic visualization of flows between residence and workplace TAZs

ARCGIS desktop platform

Database is flow data developed for model TAZ structure

Dynamic Visualization of JTW Flows

Dynamic Visualization of JTW Flows

  • Four classes of Scenarios

    • One residence TAZ to One workplace TAZ

    • One residence TAZ to Many workplace TAZs

    • Many residence TAZs to Many workplace TAZs

    • Internal Trips

  • Can aggregate to County or State level

  • Export results to text file

Summary and Future Work

  • CTPP Data provided at same geography as Travel Demand models

    • Helpful to validate HBW trip tables

  • Visualization tool provides richer understanding of the flow between residence and workplace areas

  • Next iteration of tool will include mode shares of JTW flow

    • Drive Alone

    • Shared Ride

    • Transit

  • Migrate to web based GIS platform


  • Min-Tang Li

  • Shi-Chiang Li

  • Nanda Srinivasan

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