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The managament plan for the large carnivores - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Petra Nová 1 , Jaroslav Červený 2 , Petr Koubek 2 , Luděk Bufka 3 , Dana Bartošová 4 , Jaromír Bláha 5 a Pavel Marhoul 1. The managament plan for the large carnivores in the Czech Republic.

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Petra Nová1, Jaroslav Červený2, Petr Koubek2, Luděk Bufka3, Dana Bartošová4, Jaromír Bláha5 a Pavel Marhoul1

The managament plan for the large carnivores in the Czech Republic

1Agentura ochrany přírody a krajiny ČR Praha, 2Ústav biologie obratlovců AV ČR Brno, 3Správa NP a CHKO Šumava Kašperské Hory, 4Správa CHKO Beskydy Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, 5Hnutí DUHA Brno

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  • Actual state of the project

  • processing the document suggestions from the Ministry of Environment and project opponents

  • prepairing for resubmitting to a Ministry of Environment

  • Project duration: 10 years (expected dates: 2008/9-2017/8)‏

  • Project partners: AOPK ČR, UBO AV ČR Brno, DUHA

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Project content

  • taxonomy, distribution, biology, legal status

  • conservation measures taken recently

  • major threats

  • targets of the management plan

  • plan of actions

  • success criteria and plan of the realisation

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Impact of threat

Brown bear


Eurasian lynx






caused by traffic




Negative public opinion




Genetic isolation




Fragmentation of biotopes








Environmental changes



very low



meduim - low


Decrease of prey number

very low

very low

very low





  • Major threats

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To ensure long-term occurence of wolf, brown bear and Eurasian lynx as wild-living animals in the Czech Republic together with minimalization of damages and conflicts caused by these large carnivores.

  • To achieve at least the area of distribution and population abundance of Eurasian lynx, that would correspond to a recent maximum held in years 1995 – 1996.

  • To preserve the actual area of distribution and population abundance of wolf and brown bear in the ČR and, in case of their further expansion, to ensure the protection of these animals in newly occupied areas.

  • To lower negative impact of poaching on large carnivores populations.

  • To change negative public attitude to large carnivores and involve public in the protection of large carnivores.

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Plan of actions

1. Public educational campaign

2 maintaining the transmittance of corridors l.jpg

Plan of actions

2. Maintaining the transmittance of corridors

Plan of actions8 l.jpg
Plan of actions

3. Protection of large carnivores via Natura 2000 sites

Lynx lynx, Canis lupus, Ursus arctos

pSCI Beskydy

Lynx lynx

pSCI Šumava, Blanský les, Boletice, Beskydy

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Plan of actions

4. Cross-border cooperation

  • 4.1 Creation of common program of large carnivores monitoring and research

4.2 Initiation of the discussion about enlargement of the area with continual protection of wolf in the Slovakia

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Plan of actions

5. Detailed monitoring of the populations state

  • 5.1 Detailed monitoring in selected areas

  • 5.2 Mapping the carnivores' area of distribution in the whole Czech Republic using questionnaires

  • 5.3Collecting the data about dead individuals

6 increasing the effectiveness of the compensation system l.jpg

Plan of actions

6. Increasing the effectiveness of the compensation system

6.1 Modification of legislature concerning compensations

6.2 Education of employees of state administration, veterinaries and authorized experts

6.3 Edition of the methodology of damage assessment

6.4 Creation of the system for monitoring damages and its central database

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Plan of actions

  • 7. Cooperation with police of the CR on the procedure of poaching investigation.

  • 8. Elimination of the problematic individuals

  • 9. Research

  • 9.1 Effect of large carnivores on forest ecosystems

  • 9.2 Research of the genetic structure of populations

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Miloš Anděra (NM Praha), Pavel Benda (NP ČŠ), Ota Buršík (LČR-LS Rumburk), Alena Červená (MŽP ČR), Marek Drha, Ladislav Kašík, Libor Pena, Milan Suk (NPŠ- LS Křemelná), Thomas Engleder (Önj. Haslach), Petra Fejklová (PFřUK Praha), Werner Hentschel (CHKO Labské pískovce), Marco Heurich (NP Bayer.Wald), František Jaskula (CHKO Beskydy), Michaela Kocurová (PřF UK Praha), Ludvík Kunc (Ostrava), František Šulgan (Rožnov p. R.), František Shrbený (VLS Praha), Radek Střeleček (NP Šumava), Ondřej Volf (AOPK ČR), Manfred Wölfl (Naturpark Bayer.Wald)

Creation of the management plan for the large carnivores in the CR was financially supported by grant MŽP ČR VaV 620/1/03.