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The Czech Republic. Basic information Maps and neighbours History Parliament Historical monuments Important cities Nature. Basic information o n the Czech Republic.  This is the Czech national emblem. Area: 78 866 km² Population: 10,4 mil. Capital city : Prague

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The Czech Republic

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The czech republic l.jpg

The Czech Republic

Basic information

Maps and neighbours



Historical monuments

Important cities


Basic information o n the czech republic l.jpg

Basic information on theCzech Republic

 This is theCzech national emblem

Slide3 l.jpg

Area: 78 866 km²

Population: 10,4 mil.

Capital city: Prague

Official language: Czech

It was established: 1.1.1993

 Click here for more information

This part is about the map of the czech republic l.jpg

This part is about the map of the Czech Republic

This will be about maps of the Czech Republic

Map of the parts of the czech republic l.jpg

Map of the parts of the Czech Republic

Our neighbours l.jpg

Our neighbours:

  • Our neighbours are: Germany, Poland,Slovakia and Austria

Our first neighbour l.jpg

Our first neighbour:

  • Berlin is the capital of Germany

Our second neighbour l.jpg

Our second neighbour:

  • Warsaw is the capital of Poland

Our third neighbour l.jpg

Our third neighbour:

  • Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia.

  • This state was from 1918 to 1993 part of Czechoslovakia.

And our the last neighbour l.jpg

And our the last neighbour:

  • Wien is the capital of Austria

The capital prague l.jpg

Here is the capital of the Czech Republic

The capital - Prague

Waters of the czech republic l.jpg

Waters of the Czech Republic

  • The longest river in the Czech Republic is Vltava. Its length is 430 km and it springs in Šumava and discharges itself to Labe.

  • Labe is the most aqueous river in the Czech Republic. This river is 1154 km long, but in our country it has only 358 km. In Germany the river discharges itself to German ocean.

The map l.jpg

The map

Here is Labe

Here is Vltava

Geography of the czech republic l.jpg

Geography of the Czech Republic

  • Area: 78866km2

  • Surface of the Czech Republic is largely hilly.

  • The highest place is the mountain Sněžka ( 1602 above sea level) and the lowest place is Hřensko (115 above sea level).

Slide15 l.jpg



Further information l.jpg


  • The Northernmost point: Lobendava

  • The Southernmost point: Vyšší Brod the distance is 278 km

  • The Westernmost point: Krásná

  • The Easternmost point: Bukovec the distance is 493 km

Slide17 l.jpg




Vyšší Brod

History of the czech republic l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

Here you can read about the history of the Czech Republic.

From the Samo‘s empire to the present

History of the czech republic19 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

The first historically documented establishment was Samo’s Empire. After Samo’s death his empire broke up.

History of the czech republic20 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

Then the Principality of Nitra and the Moravian Principality were united by Mojmír I.

- the Great Moravian Empire was established.

History of the czech republic21 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

The Czech state appeared in 9 th century when it was ruled by the Přemyslid dynasty.

In 11 th century the Czech state became The Czech Kingdom. Ottokar Přemyslid I. was one of the famous Czech kings.

The Přemyslid dynasty ruled here for over 400 years.

History of the czech republic22 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

After the Přemyslid dynasty ruled here the Luxembourg dynasty.

In that dynasty was the famous king Charles IV.

History of the czech republic23 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

After the Luxembourg dynasty ruled here the Habsburg dynasty for over 300 years. The Czech state was joined to the Austro-Hungarian empire.

History of the czech republic24 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

After World War I on 28.10.1918 the Czech state with Slovakia created Czechoslovakia.

(Czechoslovakia were two states united into one)

The first president of Czechoslovakia was Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

History of the czech republic25 l.jpg

History of the Czech Republic

On 1.1.1993 Czechoslovakia broke up into the independent Czech and Slovak republics.

The first president of the Czech Republic was Václav Havel.

The first president of the Slovak Republic was Michal Kováč.

Parliament l.jpg


Our parliament consists of two chambers: The Chamber of Deputies,which has got 200 members (they are voted for 4 years) and the Senate, which has got 81 senators (they are voted for 6 years).

Every citizen, who is 18 years old may vote.

Into the Chamber of Deputies can be voted every citizen, who is at least 21 years old. And into the Senate can be voted every citizen, who is at least 40 years old.

This is our president


Slide27 l.jpg

This is Václav Klaus:

On 28 February 2003 he was elected the president of the Czech Republic.

This is Jiří Paroubek. He was born on 21 August 1952 in Olomouc. He is a Czech social-democratic

politician. On 13 May 2006 he was elected the chairman of ČSSD.


Slide28 l.jpg

This is Mirek Topolánek. He became the chief of ODS in November 2002.

In June 2006 he became the Prime Minister.

On the left there is Václav Klaus, in the middle there is Jiří Paroubek and on the right there is Mirek Tolpolánek

Historical monuments of the czech republic l.jpg

Historical monuments of the Czech Republic

This is the St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. It is very famous. This photo was taken at Christmas……

Karl tejn l.jpg


  • Karlštejn was built in the year 1348. Charles IV. built it. The film-The Night at Karlštejn was filmed there. It is a very good film.

  • Women were not allowed to go there, earlier.

K ivokl t l.jpg


  • This castle is in the middle of the Czech Republic. It is called Křivoklát. It was built in the 12. century. It is built in Gothic-style. In Křivoklát reigned Przemysl II.Otakar , Wenceslas IV. And Vladislav II. Jagellon.

Lednice l.jpg


  • This is castle Lednice near Brno in Moravia. It was built in English Gothic Revival style. It is a very big and famous castle. It is being rebuilt now. By the castle there is a big French and British garden with a glasshouse.

Park in lednice l.jpg

Park in Lednice

Hunting lodge l.jpg


  • It was built in 1806. This castle is near Lednice. It is placed in a park called The ponds of Lednice.There is a hotel with a restaurant. There is a cycling track-it is a nice trip.

Jind ich v hradec l.jpg

Jindřichův Hradec

  • This is a castle in Jindřichův Hradec. It is placed in Southern Bohemia. There are about 320 rooms and this castle has got about 500 keys! That‘s interesting!

Mikulov l.jpg


  • Mikulov is a beautiful castle in the town called Mikulov in Moravia. Below the castle there are nice small houses and an amazing square. People grow grapes there.

Nelahozeves l.jpg


  • This is the castle Nelahozeves. It is placed upon the river Vltava. It was built in Renaissance style. There are typical Renaissance paintings on the walls of the castle Nelahozeves.

Trosky l.jpg


  • This is the ruin of a castle called Trosky. It is placed on a hill in Czech Paradise. In Czech paradise there is a magic scenery. This is a very favourite place for weddings. How romantic!

Ka perk l.jpg


  • It is a castle in Šumava. There live ghosts and some scary beings such as a hant, a headless cavalier and a ghost of the king Charles IV. Beware!

Czech republic l.jpg

Czech Republic

Important cities

By Filip F. and Lukáš J.

Some of our important cities l.jpg

Some of our important cities

Prague (capital)

Karlovy Vary

Český Krumlov


Prague l.jpg


  • Founded more than 1000 years ago, Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It counts as one of the 14 Czech Republic's regions. It is frequent destination of tourists, thanks to many historical monuments. Vltava river runs through it with steamships sailing on it. Prague has three underground tracks, with one more being built.



Slide43 l.jpg


If you want more pictures try Google

Esk krumlov l.jpg

Český Krumlov

  • Český Krumlov was founded in 1253. It is also a frequent tourist destination, mainly because of the Krumlov castle. Also, Vltava river runs through this city, so it is also frequent watermen destination. Noticeable is also the graphite mine. It is not used for mining graphite today, but sight-seeings take place here instead.



Slide45 l.jpg


If you want more pictures try Google

Karlovy vary l.jpg

Karlovy Vary

  • The town Karlovy Vary was founded in 1358 by one of the most important Czech kings Charles IV. This city is known as probably the most important spa city of the Czech Republic. Many tourists visit this city mainly because of spas and, during its duration, also because of International Film Fest. Karlovy Vary is also the place of origin of some famous Czech products such as Lázeňské oplatky (waddles) . In 1604 the city was burnt with only 3 buildings left standing. Reconstruction of the city took a long time.



Slide47 l.jpg

If you want more pictures try Google


The czech nature l.jpg

The Czech Nature

The spring l.jpg

The Spring

  • In spring, nature wakes up from winter sleep. Flowers bloom and animals have new babies.

The summer l.jpg

The Summer

In the summer….you can see that in Prague fun is the priority...

We haven‘t got a sea,but we‘ve got Prague beach at our second biggest river Vltava.

We hope that you will visit the Czech Republic

The autumn l.jpg

The Autumn

  • Czech nature in autumn is full of colours. Leaves fall down in brown, red, yellow or orange shade.

But in the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding to our mountains l.jpg

-The Winter-

But in the winter you can go skiing and snowboarding to our mountains!

Our most popular mountains are Krkonoše and Šumava.

National parks l.jpg

National Parks


  • This is our most popular national park called Šumava

Czech people love mushrooms and they pick them up in every forest. They know lots of kinds, but unfortunately they sometimes pick some toadstools:P

Esk r j czech paradise l.jpg

Český ráj (Czech Paradise)

  • Iť s real paradise…it is one of the most beautiful areas in the Czech Republic. There is virgin nature, and it's an ideal place for walks and spending free time.You can go to some wonderful castles such as Kost.There are many rocks for climbing.

Krkono e l.jpg


Krkonoše are the most visited mountains in the Czech Republic, because there is the highest mountain called Sněžka. It´s 1603 metres high. There are beautiful places for skiing and snowboarding. There are many hotels so you shouldn´t have problems with accommodation. It´s a special place, and treasure of our country.

Lipno l.jpg


This is our most popular national park called Šumava.In this picture you can see our biggest water tank Lipno. We go there every summer because there is very beautiful nature and our family friend has got horses there. There are super beachsides with nice people and you can go by boat, ride a bike or go fishing.

Tourism l.jpg


  • Cycling is very popular, because we have lots of hills and hillocks. But it´s a sap:P

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