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(Shakespeare´s) Sonnets PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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(Shakespeare´s) Sonnets. by Jürgen Lätte. Little song 14. Lines strict rhyme scheme specific structure Sonneteers.

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(Shakespeare´s) Sonnets

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(Shakespeare´s) Sonnets

by Jürgen Lätte

Little song

14. Lines

strict rhyme scheme

specific structure


A Shakespearean, or English, sonnet consists of 14 lines, each line containing ten syllables and written in iambic pentameter, in which a pattern of an unimpaired syllable followed by an emphasized syllable is repeated five times.

What is a sonnet?

Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

  • translated Italian sonnets into English

  • wrote sonnets of their own

  • Surrey introduced blank verse into the English language in his translation of the Aeneid of Virgil

  • They replaced Petrarch's scheme of an eight-line verse and six-lineverse with three four-line verse and added a two-line conclusion known as a couplet.

simply The Sonnets

Themes:time, love, beauty and mutability

He wrote 154 poems


Thomas Thorpe - an authorized manuscript or an unauthorized copy.

a mysterious dedication

the ongoing Shakespeare authorship question

Shakespeare's sonnets

The first 17 sonnets are written to a young man.

Most of the sonnets are addressed to a young man expressing the poet's love for him.

Sonnets 127-152 are written to the poet's mistress expressing his strong love for her.

The final two sonnets, 153-154, are allegorical.

Infidelity, self-resolution, criticism

Shakespeare's sonnets

Petrarh and Shakespeare

  • Petrarch’s sonnets focused mainly on one theme, Shakespeare developed many subjects within his themes.

  • Petrarch’s sonnets were dedicated only to Laura

  • Shakespeare on the other hand shared a reciprocal love with both his lovers; the objects of his love were “articulate, active partners.”

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